Cash App Deposits For 18+ Sports Betting

Cash App sports bettingA few sports betting sites – most notably Bovada LV – support P2P apps for voucher, player transfer, and MatchPay deposits and withdrawals. However, only one P2P app can be used at all legitimate 18+ betting sites: Cash App. Cash App banking at 18+ online sportsbooks is possible using all the above means plus the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This flexibility is why CashApp is the best P2P sports betting funding method around.

To learn more about how to legally and safely put your cash on the line with Cash App, our short guide to 18-and-over Cash App sports betting is all you need. (Well, that and a Cash App account, of course.) So read our brief overview, download Cash App for your device of choice, sign up with one of the sites listed here, and lay it all on the line!

Best Cash App Sportsbooks for 18-And-Up Online Bettors

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Is Cash App Legal To Use For 18+ Online Sports Betting?

Yes! It is legal and safe to use CashApp for all lawful online transactions, including online 18+ sportsbook deposits and withdrawals. There are no United States 18+ betting laws that prevent adults aged 18-plus from signing up with and betting real money at online sportsbooks accepting Cash App, provided these sites are located outside of USA borders.

Washington residents specifically are precluded from all online gambling, but WA betting laws are historically unenforced. Nevertheless, we must insist that you follow all local gambling mandates and proceed only at your own risk if you live in the Evergreen State.

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is a person-to-person or P2P instant-payment service that competes with similar platforms such as PayPal et al. Launched in 2013 as Square Cash, Cash App has roughly 70 million US and UK members, making it almost as big as PayPal subsidiary Venmo.

However, Cash App is not international beyond the US and UK, meaning that it can’t be used to directly fund offshore 18-and-over sports betting accounts (as these venues are typically located in and around the Caribbean Sea/Central America).

Nevertheless, through a combination of legal workarounds (see below), any online sports gambling fan aged 18 or older can use Cash App to safely make online gambling deposits and withdrawals.

Whereas 18+ PayPal sports betting, 18+ Venmo sports betting, and 18+ Zelle sports betting options are limited to Bovada only, Cash App sports betting works at every reputable 18+ sportsbook site.

That said, the Cash App betting options available to you will vary depending on the site you choose. But don’t worry: Our guide will help grease the tracks to you can grease your palms with some savvy sports wagers ASAP.

How Does Cash App Work?

Cash App works by allowing platform members to make payments to and receive payments from one another in a private, secure setting. As the Cash App name implies, the service treats these transactions like the digital equivalent of cash transactions in the real world.

However, Cash App senders and receivers must both be in the US or UK, which means that no trusted 18+ sportsbook online can actually support Cash App directly.

Fortunately, this is a non-issue because all the best sites have found ways for their members to use Cash App to top off their gambling accounts and claim same-day payouts indirectly!  

How To Use Cash App To Bet Online At 18+ Sportsbooks

There are technically three ways to use Cash App to fund your legal under-21 online betting activities, though only one method works at all sports betting sites: Bitcoin. The other options – vouchers and MatchPay – have more limited 18+ offshore sportsbook support.

Cash App also offers its own branded Cash Card powered by Visa, but this is a debit card which cannot be used internationally. As such, you can use the Cash Card to make Cash App P2P transfers, but you can’t use it to directly deposit into your betting account like you can with standard Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Cash App Bitcoin Deposits And Withdrawals

To buy Bitcoin with Cash App and then deposit that BTC into your 18+ sports betting account is the best way to go about funding your bankroll.

Every reputable online sportsbook accepts Bitcoin, and cryptos like BTC give you the highest limits, have no added fees, come with the biggest sports betting bonuses, and make you eligible to receive guaranteed same-day payouts.

Here’s how to buy BTC with Cash App and use it for 18+ Bitcoin online sports gambling:

  1. Depending on the mobile device you use, open Cash App for iPhone or Cash App for Android and verify your account if you haven’t already. CashApp Bitcoin purchases require accounts to be verified.
  2. Navigate to the Cash App Bitcoin section.
  3. Buy as much BTC as you wish. Cash App BTC purchases show up in your Cash App wallet within 30-60 minutes, and there is no waiting period for off-platform transfers as there is at traditional Bitcoin exchanges.
  4. Follow any link here to legitimate 18-and-up online sports betting site and click/tap the “Join” or “Sign Up” button.
  5. Enter in all required personal information and then select Bitcoin from the deposit menu. You can also choose an optional sport betting bonus at this time (recommended).
  6. Copy down your sportsbook’s Bitcoin sending address.
  7. In your Cash App app, choose the “Send” option and paste in the above Bitcoin address. Enter in the amount of BTC you wish to transfer from CashApp to your sportsbook site.
  8. Submit the form. Your account will be credited within the hour, at which point you’ll be able to bet sports safely and legally online.

Cash App Bitcoin payouts work much the same way as CashApp Bitcoin deposits: Simply select the Bitcoin withdrawal option from your site cashier, paste your Cash App wallet’s Bitcoin receiving address into the appropriate field, enter in the amount of money you’d like to pull out, and submit the request.

Once your payout is approved, you’ll have your money inside your Cash App BTC wallet within 30-60 minutes.

Note: Cash App currently only supports the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you’re more interested in Ethereum sports betting, Litecoin sports betting, Cardano sports betting, Dogecoin sports betting, etc., you’ll have to go through the normal cryptocurrency exchange sites instead.

Cash App Voucher Deposits And Withdrawals

The second easiest way to use Cash App for sports bet funding is to use 18+ sports betting vouchers. Vouchers – also called player transfers at some sites – allow players to buy and sell account balances privately between one another.

This means Cash App – as well as any other P2P or e-Wallet platform (i.e. PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) – can be used to top up your betting account.

There are a few extra hoops to jump through to use Cash App gambling vouchers for deposits and withdrawals, and the process works this way:

  1. Follow any link here to sign up at a top-rated sports betting site for players aged 18 and up.
  2. Choose the voucher or player transfer option from your online sportsbook deposit menu.
  3. If you want to deposit with a gambling voucher using Cash App, head over to your site’s community page (i.e. the Bovada Community, etc.) and find a voucher code for sale. Contact the buyer, make sure they accept Cash App, and send them your Cash App Payment. They will release the voucher code to you, which you’ll then paste into the requisite field at your sportsbook deposit page. Funds will be credited instantly.
  4. To get a Cash App betting voucher payout, choose the voucher withdrawal option from your site’s cashier. Your voucher code will be emailed to your address on file. Post this code for sale in your site’s member forum, and when a buyer comes calling, complete the sale. Once you receive your Cash App payment, release the voucher code to your buyer ASAP.

Note: Because vouchers/player transfers are dependent on member demand, these won’t always be the fastest sportsbook deposit and withdrawal options. Same-day transfers are not always guaranteed.

Cash App MatchPay Deposits And Withdrawals

Bovada members – and only Bovada members (as of 2022) – can also use Cash App to fund their gambling accounts with the third-party MatchPay service. MatchPay is effectively identical to the voucher/player transfer model above, but it streamlines the process.

Instead of having to seek out betting voucher codes for sale or post these codes to get payouts, MatchPay automatically matches members looking to make deposits and withdrawals with Cash App.

To use MatchPay with Cash App, just select the MatchPay option from your site’s banking menu, create your free MatchPay Trader ID, link your Cash App account to your MatchPay account, and then deposit or withdraw as normal. MatchPay will alert you whenever your Cash App transaction goes through, and that’s all there is to it.

The only downsides to using the MatchPay Cash App betting option is that only Bovada Sportsbook currently supports the service, and the transfer maximums are much lower than those for vouchers/player transfers. However, the sheer convenience of MatchPay makes up for these shortcomings.

Note: Because MatchPay transfers are dependent on member demand, these won’t always be the fastest sportsbook deposit and withdrawal options. Same-day transfers are not always guaranteed.

Cash App Sports Betting Bonuses For 18+ Players

The kinds of online sports betting bonuses available to Cash App users depend on the manner in which Cash App is used.

For example, if you use Cash App to buy Bitcoin with which to deposit, you can get the best possible bonuses. Whenever you deposit with crypto, the top 18+ sportsbook websites give you extra sports betting free plays compared to their standard bonus offers.

On the other hand, if you choose to deposit with Cash App using vouchers, player transfers, or MatchPay at participating sites, you’ll only be eligible for these sites’ regular promotions.

In any case, of course, we always recommend that bettors accept these optional sportsbook promos whenever they can. The most trusted sportsbooks keep their bonus rollover requirements low and player-friendly regardless of the deposit method chosen.

Cash App Fees And Limits

Cash App has different fee structures depending on how the service is used. Generally speaking, there are four types of Cash App fees:

  • Cash App P2P Credit Transfers – 3% fees
  • Cash App P2P Debit/Bank Instant Transfers – 1.5% fees
  • Cash App P2P Debit/Bank Standard Transfers – No fees
  • Cash App Bitcoin Purchasing – Variable fees

Cash App transfer limits are also in play. Depending on the deposit or payout method you choose in tandem with Cash App, these can be higher or lower than the transfer limits employed by your sports betting site of choice:

  • Cash App Unverified Accounts – $250/week (send), $1000/week (receive)
  • Cash App Verified Accounts – $7500/week (send), $7500/week (receive)
  • Cash App Bitcoin Accounts – $10,000/week (send), $10,000/week (receive)

Most online 18+ sportsbooks have the following limits for vouchers, player transfers, and MatchPay deposits and withdrawals:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – $20 min, $10,000+ max
  • Betting Vouchers – $10 min, $3000 max
  • Player Transfers – $10 min, $15,000 max
  • MatchPay – $20 min, $1000 max

Your 18+ online sportsbook never charges any extra fees for using Cash App voucher, player transfer, MatchPay, or Bitcoin transactions.

However, Bitcoin transfers always carry nominal blockchain fees that are built into the BTC platform. These will always be clearly displayed whenever you make a BTC deposit or BTC withdrawal with Cash App.

Benefits Of Online Sports Betting With Cash App

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to legal online sports betting with Cash App at all the top gambling sites for 18+ players. All in all, CashApp is the best P2P app for online gamblers who bet real money on sports at offshore venues, as it allows for the widest variety of deposit and payout options.

To recap, the following reasons are why Cash App has become a permanent fixture in our online betting banking portfolio:

  • 70M Cash App users in the US and UK – Extremely popular P2P app with large userbase
  • Accepted at every 18+ online sportsbook site via Cash App Bitcoin transfers
  • Accepted at select 18+ sportsbooks via online betting vouchers, player transfers
  • Accepted at Bovada Sportsbook via third-party MatchPay service
  • 100% legal private money transfer app – No UIGEA interference
  • Use Cash App just like cash for all legal online transactions
  • Works seamlessly on iPhone and Android – streamline your 18+ mobile sports betting
  • Friendly transfer limits and fees for all bettors aged 18+
  • Get enhanced crypto betting bonuses with Cash App Bitcoin deposits
  • Same-day payouts guaranteed with Bitcoin-to-Cash App withdrawals
  • Same-day payouts sometimes available via vouchers, player transfers, MatchPay
  • Convert Cash App payouts to cash instantly using Cash App ATMs, linked debit cards, or linked bank accounts