Sports Betting For 18 Years Old And Over

18 Plus Accepted

Interest in 18 and over sports betting has gained considerable momentum across the United States. Multiple professional sports leagues and commercial gambling investors are eyeballing the opportunities and possibilities legalized sports gambling can provide. Nevertheless, a division stands between the two interested parties on how to exactly regulate and tax sports wagering operations, which we discuss in further detail within our sports betting laws and legality resources.

Approximately twelve to fifteen million hard-core American bettors over the age of eighteen illegally wager on sports events and contests. This information becomes even more impressive considering that in 2017, it was estimated that 97% of bets on sports made in America were either illegal or placed at a licensed offshore sportsbook and only 3% were legally made through Nevada sportsbooks. Clearly, there is a desire for sports gambling

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Legalities of Sports Gambling in the US

Law GavelSports wagering faced two periods of difficulty, once during the Great Depression were nearly all gambling in the U.S. went underground and again in the 1990’s after the creation of PASPA, a US law which prevented domestic brick and mortar sports wagering operations. Recently, PASPA was thrown out by the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court, and ruled unconstitutional for violating state’s rights to equal access and offers.

The official repeal of PASPA by SCOTUS has facilitated a new expansion of interest in sports gambling. Cash-strapped stated are eyeing the potential tax revenue legal sports wagering can provide while private interest groups are looking to seize partnership opportunities with casino chains and states offering 18+ sports betting. Currently, several states are drafting and proposing sports betting legislation with varying restrictions concerning betting locations, methods to bet, and minimum ages.

States with 18+ Access to Sports Betting

Domestic sports betting statesA handful of states have passed state-regulated sports gambling legislation but only one so far has permitted wagering access to eighteen-year-olds. Rhode Island is currently the only state in the U.S. with legal sports gambling available for gamblers as young as 18, while the other nine states with passed sports betting restrict access to those who are at least 21 or older.

Outside of the New England state, several states have introduced bills concerning the legalization and regulation of sports betting some of which already offer eighteen-year-olds access to their other gambling offers such as table games, lotteries, and card rooms.

States that passed laws to allow 18+ sports betting:

States with pending 18 and over sports gambling legislation:

States that currently allow sports betting options to those 21 years of age and over:

* New Mexico‘s Tamaya tribe has recently begun offering sports gambling to those 21+ through their Class III license and gaming compact, the state has yet to consider state-operated sports betting.

States About To Launch Domestic Sports Betting Services:

States allowing 18+ sports betting are considered the minority of the group as most regions are leaning toward 21 and up age requirements in their pending legislation:

In addition, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah are choosing to outlaw sports wagering entirely. Regardless, young bettors within those states are can legally gamble online at licensed offshore sportsbooks as an alternative.

Online Sportsbooks For 18 And Over Bettors

Offshore online sportsbooks are legally acceptable for Americans to participate on if they are licensed and regulated by an external host not located in the United States. Certain online sportsbooks specialize in serving 18+ bettors while others exclusively cater to those 21 and over. Legitimate online sportsbooks will often be more advantageous than a physically-located domestic sportsbook by offering bonus benefits, mobile betting capabilities, high-roller rewards, more extensive betting lines, odds and wagering options, and referral programs.

Available Sports Events to Bet On NowNFL Betting

18+ NFL Betting

Offshore sportsbooks allow players over the age of 18 to sign up and bet on NFL games. While some state-based operations might require players to be 21+, the online sportsbooks listed in our 18+ NFL betting guide will accept players from the United States over the age of 18. New account holders can also take advantage of lucrative bonus funds, reward programs, other services including casino games and poker, and more.

18+ Betting On NFL Thanksgiving Games

There is no better tradition than eating turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and betting on NFL Thanksgiving games. With the help of online sportsbooks that cater to 18-year-olds, betting on thanksgiving games has never been easier and more convenient than right now. New accounts can take advantage of numerous bonus options, and the sites listed in our guide typically offer additional platforms, including online casinos, racebooks, and poker gambling. Just don’t fall asleep after you stuff your belly with juicy turkey meat. 

18+ Betting On Super Bowl 55

Can 18-year-olds bet on the Super Bowl?  Yes, they absolutely can!  A major sports event like the NFL Super Bowl is a prime sporting event 18+ bettors can wager on. The Super Bowl provides a variety of betting lines and wagering options from futures, money lines, over and unders, prop bets, and novelty bets that even first-time bettors can wager for or against. 18+ Super Bowl betting may just be one of the easiest ways for casual bettors to try out their skills. Learn more about where you can bet on the Super Bowl if you are 18 and over.

18+ College Football Betting

There is nothing like the sport of college football, and with 18 + online sportsbooks, account holders can wager on props, futures, winners, and more. 18+ Betting on college football is one of the most popular wager games of modern times, and our betting guide is here to help you navigate through the defense.

18+ Boxing Betting

Professional fighting has grown in popularity with 18+ bettors over the past decade, and with mega-fights rumored to happen in 2021, there is no better time than now to get set up and get ready to bet on professional boxing. Boxing has long been one of the most bet on sports since superstars like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, and others stepped into the ring.

18+ NBA Betting

The NBA season is now underway and bettors can take advantage of the multiple game lines listed online. With 82 games and 30 teams, there is something for every fan of the game. Our guide to 18+ betting on NBA games takes a closer look at how game lines work, what sportsbooks are available to 18+ bettors, and how sports bettors should prepare for the betting season.

18+ NCAA Basketball Betting

18+ Betting on College basketball has never been so easy. Now that multiple states have passed domestic sports betting laws, there are multiple ways 18+ sports bettors can get in on the action and place bets on their favorites. Our guide to betting on College Basketball explores the various ways you can place a bet on regular-season games or on the March Madness tournament.

18+ Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting for 18 and up sports fans is not completely new but was made widely popular by quarantine circumstances during the Covid19 pandemic.  Virtual sports have brought us an option when traditional sports have been absent for us, and it certainly has become a betting platform that is here to stay.  At any given time there are multiple virtual sports to bet on, including football, basketball, soccer, horse racing, auto racing, camel racing, and more.

18+ Betting On Other Sports
In addition to football betting sports fans have plenty of other options to wager on as a number of events are underway or are about to start:



September- NFL Season, NCAAF Season
October- NHL Season, NBA Season, MLB Playoffs
November- College Basketball
December- College Football Playoffs, NFL Playoffs
January- CFP Championship
February- Super Bowl 54, Daytona 500
March- NCAA March Madness

What Sports Can I Bet On?

Sportsbooks offer a wide range of sports events and categories that bettors can hand-select from. Sports categories include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, MMA, UFC, Darts, Cricket, Bicycle Racing, Horse Racing, E-sports, NASCAR, Formula 1, and Volleyball. Online sportsbooks tend to have more niche or obscure sports to wager on than physical bookmakers.

How Do I Register To Bet On Sports?

Registration is required whether online or in-person before placing a bet on any particular sport. A brick and mortar sportsbook will often ask a bettor to first register for an account and provide a valid form of identification similar to how online sportsbooks register users. However, online bettors simply need to create an account and fund their sportsbook account balance to begin betting.

Are There Sports Betting Apps Available To Use?

A number of sportsbook brands have created downloadable apps which allow bettors the same online betting and navigation capabilities as a PC would but for any mobile device, regardless of brand or operating system. These apps take up little storage in devices but for those wary of downloads, most sportsbooks can be played and operated through a mobile browser using WiFi. Our recommended offshore mobile sports betting portals are perfectly legal for American bettors to participate on.

What States Are Thinking About Legalizing Sports Gambling Next?

A vast majority of US states are considering sports betting legalization, most of whom have introduced bills with language which would regulate and allow the operation of sports gambling within their state borders. Of these states, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Indiana seem to be next in line for passing legal sports wagering while the rest may pass their bills in the following session or year.

Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Kansas must await on legalization due to varying factors affecting each state and their respective legislative processing.

Can I Bet On Sports With Crypto Currencies?

Yes, a variety of sportsbooks are now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for account funding. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, applications for crypto betting and gambling have begun their integration with sportsbook brands. Physical sportsbooks have yet to begin accepting crypto, however, online sportsbooks are more than delighted to provide crypto-deposit bonuses and accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and more.

What Will Happen to Fantasy Sports If Sports Wagering Becomes Legal Nationwide?

While fantasy sports companies have fought tooth and nail to justify their existence as legal outside of sports gambling, and if considered so, requiring more skill than the former, the legalization of sports gambling may cannibalize their business model.

Fantasy sports companies allow players to create fictional athletic teams and compete against friends; with sports wagering, fans can directly bet on the outcome of the exact games and events they watch. However, several major fantasy sports companies have thought ahead and switched gears to serve both fantasy and sports gambling fans.