Zelle Deposits For 18+ Sports Betting

Zelle to Bitcoin iconZelle, a popular bank-operated P2P instant-pay service for the US market, is commonly used to make person-to-person payments for goods and services. However, you can also use it – in a roundabout way – to top off your online gambling account. To make Zelle deposits for funding your 18+ sports betting, the process requires you to buy Bitcoin with Zelle via LocalBitcoins.com, with which you can then deposit immediately.

This Zelle-To-Bitcoin process cuts out the long waits associated with most first-time Bitcoin purchases, which is ideal for those who want to bet on sports today. And of course, BTC deposits come with a host of other advantages, too. Our brief guide explains how to use Zelle to get money into your betting account quickly, safely, and legally.

Best 18+ Online Sportsbooks For Zelle Deposits

Zelle can be used with all the best online sportsbooks for 18 and up players, as Zelle deposits are technically Bitcoin sportsbook deposits at these sites. Some operators (i.e. Bovada) even have Zelle portals and walkthroughs right on their Cashier pages!

However, it doesn’t matter whether or not a legal sports betting site actively advertises Zelle support. Regardless of the following reputable books you gamble with, you can use Zelle to acquire Bitcoin right away and then deposit that BTC at your site of choice.

SportsbookBitcoin BonusUSARatingVisit
Bovada75% Up To $7504.3/5Visit SiteReview
Mybookie100% Up To $1,0004.6/5Visit SiteReview
Betonline100% Up To $1,0004.6/5Visit SiteReview
Xbet100% Up To $5004.4/5Visit SiteReview
SportsBetting100% Up To $1,0004.2/5Visit SiteReview
Bookmaker100% Up To $3004.1/5Visit Site

What Is Zelle?

Zelle, aka Zelle Pay (and sometimes misspelled as “Zell”), is a P2P or person-to-person payment platform developed and deployed by a consortium of US banks, including Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, and Wells Fargo.

With more than 400 large and small banks and credit unions signed on with the service, chances are that if you’ve got a bank account in the United States, you already have access to Zelle. Additionally, Zelle works with major card issuers like Visa and Mastercard, making it even more ubiquitous.

If you don’t have a Zelle account through your bank or CU, of course, you can use the standalone Zelle app, instead. While there are lower limits on how much money you can send at any given time through the app itself, it still works just like PayPal, Venmo, and other popular services, and Zelle transfers are treated like cash.

That said, since Zelle is US-only, you cannot use it to deposit directly into your online 18+ sports betting site. Instead, Zelle facilitates the rapid acquisition of Bitcoin, which you can then use to top off your betting bankroll in just a few minutes.

How Does Zelle Work?

Zelle works like any P2P payment service (PayPal et al.), in that it facilitates transactions between private parties: Just log into your mobile banking app or Zelle app, select an amount of money you wish to transfer, enter the recipient’s email address, and send them the cash.

If the email you entered is associated with a Zelle account, the recipient will get that money within just a few minutes. If the recipient’s email is not associated with a Zelle account, they’ll receive a link to sign up with the service to claim their payment. Should they fail to do this, of course, your money will be refunded.

Important: Zelle transfers are treated like cash by your bank. They take a completely hands-off approach and do not monitor your transactions in any way, so you must trust your Zelle recipient, as Zelle payments are all final. The only time your bank will reverse a Zelle transfer is when it is deemed to have been initiated fraudulently.

So while you’re protected from fraud with Zelle, you aren’t protected from random bad actors. This is why, when using Zelle to bet on sports, you must be sure to go through a respectable exchange like LocalBitcoins, which uses a sophisticated escrow system to guarantee that the private Zelle-Bitcoin process is honored by both parties.

How To Use Zelle At 18+ Online Sports Betting Sites

Now that you know how Zelle works in general, you’ve got to understand how it works for online sports betting in particular. Otherwise, how are you going to bet on the Super Bowl, bet on the MLB, make eSports bets, and so on?

For the purposes of funding your 18+ online sports betting account, Zelle works by allowing you to quickly buy Bitcoin without having to jump through any of the hoops or submit to the multi-day wait times that traditional cryptocurrency exchanges require. Since those valuable betting lines won’t wait, neither should you!

Therefore, you can use Zelle to buy BTC from private parties via LocalBitcoins.com, which you can then freely deposit at your online sportsbook of choice. For first-time Bitcoin bettors, this reduces the deposit timeline from days or weeks to about 30 minutes, and it lets you take advantage of all the enhanced sports betting bonuses that Bitcoin has to offer.

The Zelle-To-Bitcoin Process

Using Zelle to buy Bitcoin for depositing into your 18 and up online sportsbook of choice is very easy, and crypto n00bz don’t have to feel intimated by the process. In fact, some sites have Zelle-To-BTC walkthroughs right on their deposit pages. For these, simply follow the provided instructions.

However, you don’t need any site plugins or pop-ups to buy BTC with Zelle, and your betting site doesn’t have to “support” Zelle (or even mention it in any way) for you to still use the service and make your Bitcoin deposits as normal.

Assuming you’re starting from scratch across the board, here is the Zelle-To-Bitcoin process from start to finish:

  1. Follow any link here to the online 18 and up sportsbook of your choice, and create an account. Be sure to use your real information, because all reputable betting sites use industry-standard KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols when paying out your winnings. Please also disable any VPN services when using online sportsbooks.
  2. Ensure that your bank supports Zelle by logging into your mobile banking app and looking for the money-transfer menu. If your bank already supports Zelle, you’re already enrolled. If it doesn’t, you can download the free Zelle app and sign up, linking your checking account or credit card to that app.
  3. Create a LocalBitcoins account. This is 100% free and takes about five minutes.
  4. On LocalBitcoins, find a Bitcoin seller that accepts USD via Zelle, and follow the provided instructions for initiating the purchase. Once a deal is agreed to, LocalBitcoins will receive your Zelle payment and your seller’s BTC in an escrow account, disbursing them at the same time. This is a safe, trusted system that has made LocalBitcoins one of the most popular crypto exchanges online.
  5. With your Bitcoin in hand, return to your 18+ sports betting site, navigate to the Cashier tab, and choose the Bitcoin deposit option. Copy the site’s BTC address, and plug it into the recipient field of your Bitcoin sending wallet. (Bitcoin wallets are free and widely available. You can see our top picks at our dedicated Bitcoin betting deposits page.)
  6. Submit your form, and in about 10-15 minutes, your Bitcoin will be credited to your sportsbook account. Now, you’re ready to bet real money on your favorite players, teams, and leagues!

Zelle Sports Betting Payouts

Because Zelle is US-only, and because the best online sportsbooks accepting 18-year-old players are located outside of the United States, you cannot actually receive your winnings via Zelle.

That said, remember: Zelle deposits are actually Bitcoin deposits. This means you can be paid out in BTC or any other common mode of withdrawal offered by these sites, such as courier checks, money orders, bank wires, etc.

Of course, we recommend sticking with Bitcoin payouts, as crypto withdrawals are the only same-day payout options at legal sportsbook sites and come with zero added transfer fees of any kind, so you can keep more of what you win!

Zelle Limits And Fees

Zelle transfers from your linked bank (or via the Zelle app) are currently free. That is, there are no processing fees associated with these transactions.

While this policy could change in the future, it has historically been a major advantage for all parties involved, including your bank. Thus, Zelle payments will likely continue to be supported in a fee-free manner. Similarly, BTC betting deposits also have no added fees.

Still, there are limits to be aware of. Your bank has daily Zelle limits on how much you can send, usually between $1500 and $2500. And even if you’re using the Zelle app by itself where your Zelle sending limit is just $500 per week, that’s still more than enough for 99% of avid sports bettors.

Once you’ve used Zelle to buy BTC at LocalBitcoins.com, of course, you have much higher deposit and withdrawal limits. Most 18 and up mobile sportsbooks support the following BTC limits:

  • BTC Deposits – $10-20 min, $5000-$500,000 max
  • BTC Withdrawals – $10-20 min, $10,000-Unlimited max

Zelle Sportsbook Bonus Options For 18+ Players

Because Zelle deposits are Bitcoin deposits, you’re eligible for all the enhanced BTC bonus options offered by your site of choice. Most 18+ legal sports betting sites give players increased promos when they deposit with Bitcoin, as this is by far their preferred payment method.

To learn more about Bitcoin bonuses specifically, our BTC deposit page outlines these. However, here’s what you can expect from most sites:

  • Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus – 100%-125% Deposit Match Up To $1000
  • Bitcoin Sports Reload Bonus – 100%-125% Deposit Match Up To $1000
  • Bitcoin Refer-A-Friend Bonus – $125 Per Referral
  • Bitcoin Perks – Extra Rewards Points For Using BTC

Zelle Benefits For Online Bet Funding

While we’ve covered the benefits of using Zelle throughout this page, we want to summarize exactly what this unique and popular P2P platform brings to the betting boards.

Naturally, you’ll get all of the benefits of betting with crypto, but there are some unique Zelle pros to also take into consideration. The following reasons are why we think Zelle is an excellent option for first-time crypto users looking to legally bet on sports online at 18 and up:

  • Use Zelle with LocalBitcoins to bypass lengthy BTC purchases that can take 7-10 days at typical exchanges (i.e. Coinbase, Kraken, etc.)
  • First-time BTC bettors can make same-day deposits with no waiting
  • Get access to the best possible sports betting bonus options
  • Receive same-day payouts via Bitcoin
  • Full mobile compatibility means you can buy BTC with Zelle and deposit into your favorite betting site from anywhere in the USA
  • BTC transfers have no added fees so you can bet more and keep more of your winnings
  • Legal for all players aged 18 and up

LocalBitcoins Review

No Zelle betting deposit overview would be complete without reviewing the LocalBitcoins exchange. We’ve explained how this site works, but for first-time users, the major question is how legitimate the service actually is.

The good news, of course, is that LocalBitcoins is totally legit, and it’s one of the most respected crypto exchanges in the world. Also, this isn’t some fly-by-night startup, either. LocalBitcoins was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2012, to facilitate private, secure Bitcoin trades for buyers and sellers.

The site uses a sophisticated escrow system that ensures no seller can abscond with your funds before releasing their BTC into your possession, which eliminates the potential for bad actors to take advantage of the platform. Further, LocalBitcoins uses KYC standards to ensure the legitimate identities of all participants, though this information is encrypted and never shared with or sold to any third parties.

LocalBitcoins is registered as a Virtual Currency Provider by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, and the service is available in over 200 countries worldwide.

When you buy BTC at LocalBitcoins.com, you’re also buying peace of mind, as there simply isn’t a more reputable crypto exchange anywhere in the world. If you want Bitcoin right now, LocalBitcoins is the best bet you could ever make.