18+ Guide To Betting On March Madness

March-Madness IconThe odds to win the NCAA Tournament for Men’s Division I College Basketball come in many forms, but they typically only offer a list of the top teams and their chances to win it all in a given year. While the future odds for college basketball may provide a glimpse of who the eventual NCAAB national champion will be, our 18+ guide to betting on March Madness can provide the assist to predict your bracket winners.

Read on to discover the top 18-and-up college basketball betting sites that offer March Madness odds and learn who made the cut to earn a spot in our elite online sportsbooks. We also explain what types of odds are offered for March Madness and provide information to round out your basketball betting strategy.

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What Is The March Madness Tournament?

Once the conference tournaments have been completed, 68 college basketball teams are selected to compete in March Madness to try and earn a National Title.

There are 32 automatic bids to the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament via conference titles or tourney wins, and there are another 36 at-large bids that are based on overall record, quality wins, and historical performance.

Once selections are complete, the tournament field is then set, with the opening round featuring the first four games in a fight to earn a spot among the final 64. Women’s college basketball and their March Madness tournament follows the same structure.

The round of 64 narrows to 32, then the Sweet 16 narrows to the Elite 8. The Final Four consists of the tournament semifinals, and then March Madness concludes with the NCAA Men’s College Basketball National Title Game.

2024 March Madness Schedule

  • Selection Sunday: March 17th
  • First Four: March 19-20
  • First Round: March 21-22
  • Round Of 32: March 23-24
  • Sweet 16: March 28-29
  • Elite 8: March 30-31
  • Final Four: April 6th
  • NCAAB National Championship Game: April 8th

How To Bet On March Madness Online At 18

  1. Browse through each of the online college basketball betting sites listed in this guide and shop the odds to see what each has to offer. Consider joining more than one to exploit variances in the March Madness odds to your advantage.
  2. Click the signup or join icon and fill out your account profile.
  3. Fund your March Madness betting account with cryptocurrency (or USD if you don’t mind wait times).
  4. Locate the college basketball betting section and wager on March Madness futures, props, and game lines.

2024 March Madness Prop Bets

Prop bets for the March Madness Tournament allow wagers to be placed on anything that happens during the game, on the sidelines, in the crowd, or in the broadcast booth. College basketball props mostly involve betting on stats for teams and players, but since the tourney is so popular, fringe wagers are often available for anything imaginable.

Due to the numerous March Madness props that are created, it can be difficult to navigate through them to find the odds you are after. Most 18+ sportsbooks we recommend feature prop builder applications that gather all the March Madness odds into once place. If game lines and futures aren’t maximizing your experience for March Madness, propositions are the perfect ingredient to perfect your NCAAB recipe.

  • Have You Tried A Prop Builder App Yet? If not, you should check out the March Madness prop builder apps at the 18+ sportsbooks we prefer. These apps can be found on the left menu pane or by clicking on the game props link inside each March Madness betting line. These applications gather the basketball props onto the same screen with convenient menus that allow players to toggle through all the options and easily create parlays. There are also nearly limitless ways to customize your prop, with editing abilities included in the app that let you raise and lower the projected totals, altering the corresponding odds. Head over to any of our suggested March Madness sportsbooks and play around with the prop builder app to see how it works. The builder can also be used for most other major sports happening currently.

March Madness Betting Tips For 18 & Up

Our main college basketball betting page has all the info you need for standard game bets, but the following areas point out the strategies and best practices for eighteen-year-olds to lay action on the odds to win the NCAA Tournament in 2024.

Avoid Betting On Your Alma Mater – There are 68 teams in play for the NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball National Championship each year, so temper your expectations when wagering on your favorite team or the college that you graduated from unless they are one of the schools featured in the historical data below for all-time appearances and titles.

Study The Underdogs – 15-seeded teams manage to win their game against the 2-seed quite often, and the money line odds offered on said underdogs have provided massive cash winnings in the past. The question is not if an underdog will win during March Madness, it’s when, so be sure to bet on a longshot from time to time.

Shop The Odds – Belonging to only one NCAA college basketball betting site will limit your options, and worse, minimize your potential earnings. Joining up with multiple online over-18 sportsbooks allows gamblers to seek out the most beneficial money lines odds that pay out the best.

Betting Bankroll Management – Whether you are betting on the Sweet 16 or exploring the Final Four odds, you’ll need some cash to wager on the games. Budgeting your bankroll by setting a 3% maximum bankroll limit per game ensures a full Tournament worth of action.

2024 March Madness Bracket

Bracket for betting on March Madness

Schools With The Most All-Time March Madness Appearances

  • Kentucky – 58
  • North Carolina – 50
  • Kansas – 48
  • UCLA – 47
  • Duke – 43
  • Syracuse – 40

Most All-Time NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championships

  • UCLA – 11
  • Kentucky – 8
  • North Carolina – 6
  • Duke – 5
  • Indiana – 5
  • UConn – 4

March Madness Betting Apps

When March Madness games are on, it’s time to gather and socialize, and if you feel like betting on college basketball, it’s just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. Just visit one of the sites above using your handheld device, and March Madness betting apps appear without even visiting the download store.

That’s because these web-based apps operate using mobile browsers for the quickest access to the world’s top March Madness betting lines. Lay some action on Elite 8 betting odds from courtside or poolside with these sleek NCAA Tournament betting apps.

March Madness Bracket Contests

The odds of predicting all match-ups in the March Madness Tournament are nearly impossible in the realm of probabilities, but it can be done, and 18+ bettors will always keep trying.

Many websites feature Men’s Tournament bracket challenges that can be entered for free or high-stakes contests that award large prize pools to the bettor who finishes with the best bracket.

ESPN and CBS Sports offer some of the most popular free March Madness contests, but there are several dozen to choose from, and we advise filling out as many as you have time for.

While the actual odds of predicting a perfect bracket for March Madness by a knowledgeable 18 & up is nearly a mathematical impossibility, don’t let that stop you! Many contests award the bracket that is the most accurate out of all that were submitted.

What Are The Odds Of A Perfect Bracket?

No evidence suggests a perfect March Madness bracket has ever been submitted, so until it happens, it remains technically “impossible.” The mathematical probability of a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket is 1 in 100+ billion if using educated guesses and is exponentially lower than that if choosing winners randomly.

Sportsbook Banking Options

Offshore sportsbooks cater to 18 and over bettors by offering many deposit and withdrawal options. The following banking methods can be found at the March Madness betting sites we recommend in the table above.



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