18+ Wresting Betting Sites – Bet On WWE, NCAA Wrestling, & More

Wrestling iconThere are a large variety of wrestling types to bet on in the United States, including pro wrestling, NCAA wrestling, arm wrestling, and even sumo wrestling. There are also a number of 18+ wrestling betting sites that will accept your wager in the USA, but ensuring you’re doing business with a reputable sportsbook is paramount.

If you’d like to learn more about WWE betting, AEW, college wrestling, sumo, and more, this guide has been designed specifically for that purpose. We direct 18 and older readers to finest wrestling betting sites around, and detail how to bet on wrestling and its many different forms.

Best Online Wrestling Betting Sites For 18 & Up

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Where To Bet On Wrestling At 18

While you may find sumo wrestling or arm wrestling odds at a domestic sportsbook, you’ll never find pro wrestling odds being offered there. There is no law against creating pro wrestling props or odds, but domestically operating sportsbooks do not take bets on them.

The top venues listed in our 18+ sports betting site reviews offer wrestling odds on all major promotions, matches, and events. They also occasionally produce sumo odds, NCAA Wrestling betting, lines for arm wrestling matches, as well as other fringe sports that may don the wrestling moniker.

We invite readers to look through each of the over-eighteen sports betting sites linked to on this page and learn more about each one’s exclusive offerings. We find it to be the best practice to join all of the sportsbooks we list here so that you can bet on the wrestling odds that pay out the most.

You can find the pro wrestling odds in either a section labeled “wrestling,” or in the entertainment betting section of the sportsbook.

How To Bet On Wrestling Matches

The most common option for betting on a wrestling match of any type is a game line/betting line/match line. These match lines work just like UFC betting or gambling on boxing and will feature both combatants with moneyline odds created that represent their chances of winning. In the case of professional wrestling, there can be more than two combatants at times.

These odds also reflect the cash payout versus the amount of the bet. For instance, odds of +185 will payout at $2.85 on a one-dollar bet. Moneyline odds of -210 will necessitate a wager of $2.10 to garner a $3.10 payout.

There are also wrestling prop bets that involve outcomes that don’t involve winners and losers. For example, a wrestling prop could involve how many times a combatant is taken down during a match, or if a wrestler will use an illegal move.

Betting on NCAA Wrestling and arm wrestling often involves tournaments. Gambling on the overall winner of a tournament or event before it begins can be done via Wrestling futures. This will be a list of all wrestlers participating, with moneyline odds for each one to win.

Placing a moneyline bet on a wrestler simply requires that wrestler to win for the bet to be successful.

Pro Wrestling Promotions To Bet On

WWE Betting (World Wrestling Entertainment)

WWE logoWWE betting odds dominate the boards at 18-friendly sportsbooks and for good reason – it is easily the biggest and most popular pro wrestling promotion in the world. WWE gambling is offered for Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, NXT, WrestleMania odds, and all of their monthly Premium Live Events.

Our favorite WWE betting sites permit pro wrestling gambling in all 50 states, but wagering in some territories is not permitted by some books. They’ve also got WWE props that covers events across the entire show or broadcast, so check out our favorite sites anytime you want to wager on a match.

AEW Betting (All-Elite Wrestling)

The second most popular wrestling promotion in the USA is AEW. Odds for pretty much any AEW match that has been announced before the event can be found at most of the gambling sites we feature here.

Other Promotions

  • NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
  • TNA (Total Nonstop Action)
  • ROH (Ring Of Honor)
  • Triple A (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide)
  • AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling)
  • MLW (Major League Wrestling)
  • NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)
  • PWG (Pro Wrestling Gorilla)
  • OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)

NCAA Wrestling Betting

Can you bet on NCAA Wrestling? Yes, as long as the sportsbook has created odds for the match or tournament. We say that because NCAA Wrestling odds don’t appear very often, so if you see them, place your bets immediately.

NCAA Wresting betting lines are not against the law, however. They can be offered at domestic sportsbooks, but some states do not allow wagering on in-state programs. There are also some states that have placed a ban on all NCAA-related prop bets.

That’s not the case at offshore sportsbooks, as the only thing holding them back from producing NCAA Wrestling odds is popular demand.

Sumo Wrestling Betting

Sumo wrestling odds are sometimes available at the online sportsbooks we are members with, but usually only for the biggest matches between the most recognized names. Betting on sumo wrestling is incredibly popular in Japan but hasn’t gained the same traction in the United States.

The answer to “can you bet on sumo wrestling” is yes, but you may have to search through most of the sportsbook sites listed here to find odds and props for matches. The focus is mainly on match lines, but there are often sumo prop bets as well.

Arm Wrestling Betting

Lines, props, and arm wrestling odds can be occasionally found at the best 18+ sportsbook sites. You can bet on the arm wrestler that will win a match or futures odds for the winner of the entire tournament.

These arm wrestling betting lines work the same as in other forms of combat sports. Match lines are limited to moneyline odds offered for each arm wrestler to win. Bet on the winner and collect a payout if they slam the other person’s arm to the mat.

18 & Over Wrestling Betting Apps

Mobile SportsMost players in the 18-to-20 market possess either an iPad or an Android smartphone, which is why wrestling betting sites optimize their websites for mobile access. Several states permit domestic sportsbook apps, but you’ll need to download them to your device just to access a single site.

We prefer mobile betting with the 18-frienly sportsbook brands listed on this page because they can be accessed over the web across the USA. Any time we are looking for a wrestling match line to wager on, we surf the sites listed here within a few minutes – all without a download to slow up the process.

Finding wrestling odds at a domestic book is a rarity, but they’re often featured offshore. If you’re reading this on a smartphone or tablet, check out the top wrestling betting apps by clicking any sportsbook link in this guide.

What Are Sportsbook Bonuses?

You’ve most likely seen sportsbook promos that promise to give you free cash. The bonus cash total is usually a percentage of your deposit. For instance, Bovada has long offered new sports betting members $750 on deposits up to $1,000 for a 75% match.

If you are wondering what the catch is, just check out the terms at each sportsbook site. The general idea is, as long as you complete the conditions, you can withdraw the bonus cash. If the terms seem too extensive to complete, you can upload a smaller deposit for conditions that match your wrestling betting frequency.

Banking Options

Plenty of Americans use credit and debit for online transactions, and each of the wrestling betting sites we wager with accept them as a method of deposit. Credit and debit card payouts are not possible, which is why it may be time for you to consider the alternate banking methods offered at 18+ sportsbooks.

Cryptocurrency is our favorite deposit and withdrawal option. There are never any added fees and payouts almost always arrive within the same day. These crypto transactions are also secure and anonymous, keeping your moves off the radar of any governing authorities. Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other popular altcoins are accepted.

Some 18 and over sportsbooks can payout in voucher codes. Sportsbook vouchers can be sold to another member, making it possible to get paid however you want, as long as the buyer shares that same method. Voucher sales are the only way to get paid using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other popular P2P apps.

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