Betting On NHL Playoff Odds At 18

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The months of April and May mean only one thing to pro hockey fans and gamblers – Stanley Cup playoff season. For folks in the United States who are interested in betting on NHL Playoff odds at 18 years old, this guide has been specifically crafted for you.

No matter where you are in the country, there are a host of recommended 18-friendly NHL betting sites that will accept your wager. Learn what NHL Playoff odds are available, how to wager on them online, the sportsbook sites that we recommend, and why these sites are rated the best.

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Best NHL Playoff Betting Sites For 18 And Up

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Popular Types Of NHL Playoff Bets

NHL betting lines will be offered for each game, including the puck spread, moneyline odds to win for each playoff team, and the over/under.

There will also be NHL Playoff prop bets that cover all aspects of each contest not covered by the game line. NHL futures do not only pertain to wagering on Stanley Cup winners, as they also project division and conference champions and wild card qualifiers.

There may also be cross-sports props that combine NHL postseason events with occurrences in other pro and college games.

Where To Bet NHL Playoff Odds At 18

Domestic sports betting in the USA is available in over 30 states, but less than a third of them allow anyone 18 to 20 in on the action. If you are in one of those states or any other part of the US, you can bet on NHL Playoff games using offshore sportsbooks.

Not all offshore sports gambling sites allow 18+ players to join, but the ones featured in our 18-friendly sportsbook reviews do. We’ve been members of these books for years, and they are the only venues we recommend for pro hockey gambling in 2024.

How To Bet On NHL Playoffs Odds Online At Eighteen

In order to place a bet with one of the 18-friendly online hockey sportsbooks that we fancy, gamblers first need to sign up for an account. Luckily for you, this process takes no time at all, but we advise becoming a member well in advance of the NHL Playoff game you want to gamble on.

The reason we say that is because, while creating a sportsbook account doesn’t take long at all, you can’t place a wager on Stanley Cup Playoff odds unless you have money deposited. Most funding options upload fast, but some can take a bit to complete.

We ask that readers click each sportsbook link that we’ve posted above and look around their NHL Playoff betting options. There are numerous benefits to joining more than one site, so think about that too when touring around. Online sportsbook memberships can be created by:

  • Press the join button at the top of any page within the sportsbook site.
  • Submitting your account information and creating a sportsbook login.
  • Depositing money into your online sportsbook account.
  • Find the lines or odds you’re after inside the hockey or NHL section.
  • Clicking on the Stanley Cup Playoff point spread or moneyline odds that you want to risk money on and then enter how much you want to wager in the bet slip.
  • Watching the game and getting paid inside your account profile if you win.

18 & Up Sports Betting Apps Covering NHL Playoffs

Mobile SportsThe best Stanley Cup Playoffs betting apps are listed in this handbook and can be accessed on tablets and smartphones across the USA at 18. All that readers need is a mobile web browser app like Opera or Safari to connect to the top mobile NHL sportsbooks.

Every betting line offered at the desktop sportsbook can be gambled on using Apple and Android devices without downloading an app. By using your mobile phone to click on any link included here, touchscreens will fill with interactive NHL Playoff odds that operate just like a downloadable application. All popular Apple and Android models are supported.

Live NHL Playoff Odds

If the game has already started but you still want to place a bet, in-game wagering is available at any NHL sportsbook in this guide. Live NHL Playoff betting lines can remain active well into the third period, but each site will remove or strike through them randomly.

In-game Stanley Cup Playoffs odds will also include NHL props, but again, they can and will be removed without notice at some point before the final whistle. Holding memberships at multiple sportsbooks lets you look around for other live NHL lines if your favorite site has removed the in-game odds.

Funding Your Hockey Bets

This may sound like a no-brainer to some readers, but you need to be able to upload money online to gamble on Stanley Cup Playoff odds at an offshore book. The sportsbook banking options will be different at every site you visit, but there are some that are consistent across the web.

Most popular credit and debit lending institutions are accepted, but we don’t use this method often due to the fees attached. Cryptocurrency is common, with Bitcoin accepted for deposits at every sportsbook linked to here. What’s cool about crypto is that there are no fees and deposits are as secure as possible.

For players that want to deposit money into their account by any means they choose, consider purchasing a sportsbook voucher from another member. These can be arranged in the user forums, through MatchPay, or in the banking suite at some NHL betting sites via player transfers. The only downside is voucher deposits are not eligible for bonuses.

Getting Paid From An Online Sportsbook

First of all, forget about credit and debit card withdrawals because those are not allowed. Chargebacks are only for refunds. Cashier’s checks can be mailed out to members by the sportsbook, but that takes forever and there are fees that cut into your winnings.

Cryptocurrency payouts are amazing and is how we’ve been collecting our NHL gambling winnings for years. The money arrives within a day securely and without any fees removed. Altcoins vary from book to book, but Bitcoin payouts are offered at every site mentioned here.

Any gambling site that offers payouts in sportsbook vouchers opens a loophole where you can get paid however you choose. By selling that sportsbook voucher code to another member, whatever you two agree upon becomes the payout method.

Sportsbook Bonus Offers

When depositing money into your account, why not add free cash, right? That’s what NHL sportsbooks are offering when you enter a promo code at the time of deposit. These bonuses place bonus cash into your account for use in the sportsbook immediately.

They are based on a percentage of the deposit (ex. 75% bonus on deposits of up to $1,000 worth as much as $750). These offers are detailed in a dedicated section at each NHL Playoff betting site that we include in this guide.

While we do enjoy the free cash that comes with these bonus offers, we must warn gamblers to read the terms before accepting one. If the conditions are not completed in time, all bonus cash and money won will be forfeited.

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