Betting On The 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 Series Prices

the NHL Stanley Cup sitting on top of a snowy mountain peak

The 2024 march to the Stanley Cup Finals began on Saturday as all but two series in the first round of the NHL Playoffs have started. That changes tonight as the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers series will begin with their respective Game 1 contests.

Betting lines are available for each individual postseason game, and there are also series prices for betting on the first franchise to win four games in each matchup.

From a game-to-game standpoint, betting on the NHL Playoffs can be tough because contests are low-scoring and typically closely matched. Betting on the series winner often proves an easier wager to win, although gamblers must wait longer to get paid.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins Series Prices

  • Maple Leafs +210
  • Bruins -250

The Boston Bruins had a great season but received a tough draw in the first round against the Toronto Maple Leafs, who finished just 7 points behind them in the Atlantic. 18+ NHL sportsbooks are favoring Boston to beat the Leafs by a 2.5-to-1 ratio.

New York Islanders vs. Carolina Hurricanes Series Prices

  • Islanders +580
  • Hurricanes -800

Futures odds for betting on the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals favor the Carolina Hurricanes above all other NHL franchises. Carolina holds a massive edge over the New York Islanders in their series prices, but the widest margin in the first round belongs to the Capitals and Rangers.

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars Series Prices

  • Golden Knights +122
  • Stars -142

Stanley Cup futures project the Dallas Stars as the winners of the Western Conference, but they’ll need to get beyond the pesky Vegas Golden Knights in round 1. Only 64 points separate these two teams’ odds to win the series, so Dallas has some tough sledding in order to make it to the second round.

Los Angeles Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers Series Prices

  • Kings +175
  • Oilers -205

Edmonton has been atop the NHL futures for most of the season, but now must face a hungry LA Kings team. Game 1 begins tonight.

Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers Series Prices

  • Capitals +660
  • Rangers -1000

The NY Rangers finished the NHL season with the most points at 114, placing them one ahead of the Dallas Stars for 2024. The Washington Capitals were not in the Stanley Cup Playoff picture for much of the season, sneaking in during the final weeks. The odds reflect this reality, as you’ll need to bet $10 just to net a dollar by betting on the Rangers to beat the Caps.

Colorado Avalanche vs. Winnipeg Jets Series Prices

  • Avalanche +135
  • Jets -155

Colorado dropped Game 1 to Winnipeg over the weekend, and now the Avalanche aren’t favored to make it to the second round when they were recently the Stanley Cup odds leaders.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers Series Prices

  • Lightning +325
  • Panthers -405

The Panthers lead this cross-state series 1-0 over the Lightning, but Tampa Bay bets on the series will payout at 3.25-to-1 if they come back and win four games.

Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks Series Prices

  • Predators +250
  • Canucks -300

The Canucks possess a one-game edge in their series against Nashville, and 18-friendly sportsbooks feature Vancouver as a near sure-winner against the Predators. The winner will most likely face the Oilers if the odds are correct.

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