18+ Super Bowl 57 Betting Sites: Odds, Lines, and Props

LVII LogoThe Super Bowl is the pinnacle of NFL Football betting and each year, the championship game receives more action than any other sporting event in the country—and by a large margin. Luckily for gamblers in the US, there are some secure, high-quality, and legal 18+ Super Bowl betting sites to choose from. 

A projected total of $8 billion is expected to be wagered on Super Bowl LVII, and an estimated 63 million American adults will place a bet on the game, meaning 3 out of every 10 people over the age of 18 will have money riding on the biggest professional football game of the year.

If you are an 18+ sports bettor and you want to wager on the Super Bowl 57 point spread, money line, over/under, or any of the hundreds of NFL prop bets, the online sportsbooks we recommend are trusted industry leaders not only because they are the safest and most secure betting sites on the Internet, but also because they offer the best odds on every Super Bowl line.

Best 18+ Super Bowl 57 Betting Sites

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Is It Legal To Bet On The 2023 Super Bowl At 18?

18 Plus Accepted

If you live in the U.S. and are at least eighteen years old, then you can legally sign up and bet at any of our recommended online sportsbooks for Super Bowl 57 or any other sporting event without breaking any of the US sports betting laws. The offshore betting sites we list are licensed or regulated and have provide Superbowl odds all year long.

American adults with safe and secure deposit and withdrawal transactions for decades. For further information about state services see our gambling age by state reference guide.

18+ Super Bowl Betting Guide: How To Bet On SB LVII

If this is your first time betting, then it’s important to have a strategy in mind before placing money on this year’s Super Bowl 2023. Here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of winning when the Lombardi Trophy is presented to this season’s NFL champion.

Who is Going to Win Super Bowl 57?

Once the 2022-23 NFL playoffs conclude, the best teams in the NFL will compete in Super Bowl LVII. The preseason Super Bowl 57 futures suggests that the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams will compete for the next NFL Championship. 

Last year the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams were the final two NFL franchises that competed for the Lombardi Trophy, with LA winning their second title in franchise history.  

Odds To Win Super Bowl 57

SUPER BOWL 57 (2023) - Odds to Win
  • Kansas City Chiefs +425
  • Buffalo Bills +450
  • Philadelphia Eagles +600
  • San Francisco 49ers +600
  • Dallas Cowboys +950
  • Miami Dolphins +1500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1600
  • Minnesota Vikings +1600
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2200
  • Los Angeles Chargers +2800
  • Tennessee Titans +4000
  • Seattle Seahawks +6000
  • New York Jets +8000
  • Washington Commanders +8000
  • New England Patriots +10000
  • Cleveland Browns +12500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +15000
  • New York Giants +15000
  • Atlanta Falcons +20000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +20000
  • Detroit Lions +25000
  • New Orleans Saints +25000
  • Green Bay Packers +30000
  • Indianapolis Colts +30000
  • Los Angeles Rams +50000
  • Arizona Cardinals +80000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +80000
  • Carolina Panthers +100000
  • Chicago Bears +100000
  • Denver Broncos +100000
  • Houston Texans +100000
Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots
  • Spread: -5.0 (-110), +5.0 (-110)
  • Win: -225, +185
  • Total: O43.0 (-110), U43.0 (-110)
Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans
  • Spread: -7.5 (-105), +7.5 (-115)
  • Win: -320, +260
  • Total: O47.0 (-110), U47.0 (-110)
Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Spread: +9.0 (-115), -9.0 (-105)
  • Win: +300, -400
  • Total: O38.5 (-110), U38.5 (-110)
Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
  • Spread: -3.0 (-110), +3.0 (-110)
  • Win: -160, +135
  • Total: O42.5 (-110), U42.5 (-110)
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Detroit Lions
  • Spread: +1.0 (-110), -1.0 (-110)
  • Win: -105, -115
  • Total: O51.5 (-110), U51.5 (-110)
New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Spread: +3.0 (-110), -3.0 (-110)
  • Win: +140, -165
  • Total: O45.5 (-110), U45.5 (-110)
Tennessee Titans vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Spread: +5.5 (-110), -5.5 (-110)
  • Win: +200, -240
  • Total: O44.5 (-110), U44.5 (-110)
Washington Commanders vs. New York Giants
  • Spread: -2.5 (-110), +2.5 (-110)
  • Win: -140, +120
  • Total: O40.5 (-110), U40.5 (-110)
Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Spread: +3.5 (-110), -3.5 (-110)
  • Win: +155, -180
  • Total: O46.5 (-110), U46.5 (-110)
Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Spread: -8.0 (-110), +8.0 (-110)
  • Win: -380, +290
  • Total: O41.5 (-110), U41.5 (-110)
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Spread: -2.5 (-110), +2.5 (-110)
  • Win: -135, +115
  • Total: O52.5 (-110), U52.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders
  • Spread: -2.0 (-110), +2.0 (-110)
  • Win: -125, +105
  • Total: O51.0 (-105), U51.0 (-115)
New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Spread: +3.5 (-110), -3.5 (-110)
  • Win: +165, -195
  • Total: O40.0 (-110), U40.0 (-110)

Where To Bet On Super Bowl 57 At 18

  • Offshore: The Super Bowl betting sites we list above operate internationally and are open to 18 and over NFL gamblers inside the United States. These are our best recommendations for eighteen and over NFL bettors looking for the best place to bet on Super Bowl odds. 
  • Domestic: While state-regulated sports betting is spreading across the USA rapidly, 18-friendly sportsbooks are few and far between. Those located in states that do not provide domestic sports betting to 18 and up patrons can either travel to a nearby region that does, or they can opt for an offshore Super Bowl betting site above. 

Super Bowl Betting Limits For 18 & Up

There is a common saying among professional handicappers and investors on Wall Street, and it’s essentially reframing the question to “How much are you willing to lose?”

Basically, this is to ensure that should the absolute worst happen, you’d still be able to eat tomorrow or pay rent on time. Betting on the Super Bowl is fun and exciting, especially if you win, but you should always “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” That’s how to wager responsibly.

Experienced gamblers recommend setting a bet limit of 3% of your total bankroll. This allows for extended betting activity and provides room for rookie bettors to learn the ropes without blowing all their chips too early in the game. 

Super Bowl Prop Builder Apps

The enormous amount of SB props on the board each February makes it difficult for gamblers to look through them all and find the best option. Many of the top online sportsbooks that we recommend here at SB18 now offer prop builder apps that pull all player and team odds into one location. 

No more scrolling through endless screens of Super Bowl prop bets – just head to the SB prop builder and all the odds are just a click or two away. Parlays are also calculated within the NFL betting apps for higher odds and resulting Super Bowl payouts.  

Super Bowl Bet Types

There are hundreds of betting options for the Super Bowl each year and it essentially can be broken down into four different NFL bet types. These sports gambling types are also used for 18+ National Championship betting and other College football odds as well.

  • Point Spread: A set number where the favorite (-) is expected to win by a certain margin over the underdog (+). A bet on the favorite wins if they win by more than the set number, and a bet on the underdog wins if they lose by less than the set number or win the game outright.
  • Money Line: A set of odds where only the winner of the game must be picked correctly to win a bet. An NFL moneyline bet on the favorite pays out less due to being more likely to win, and a bet on the underdog pays out more due to being less likely to win.
  • Over/Under: A set number of total points scored by both teams where a bet must be placed on whether the combined final score will fall over or under the set number.
  • Super Bowl Prop Bets: A type of bet not directly related to the outcome of the game. Super Bowl LVII prop bets feature hundreds of different types including odds on all player and team stats as well as novelty type options on commercials, the halftime show, national anthem, color of the Gatorade shower, and many others.
  • Super Bowl Live Betting Odds: The elements of the Super Bowl betting line, SB props, and futures will remain live at most online sportsbooks throughout the entire duration of the game. In-play Super Bowl betting is the perfect cure for tardy gamblers who couldn’t place a pregame wager. 

The best Super Bowl bets are the ones that are researched and made carefully. We know how exciting betting on the Super Bowl can be, so be mindful of rushing in and making a foolish wager. 

Banking Options

USD and cryptocurrency deposits are accepted at the online Super Bowl sportsbooks we endorse, a major advantage over state-side betting sites. Crypto deposits upload faster and more securely than traditional US dollar options and are able to be withdrawn within 24 hours of their request. 

Each NFL sportsbook features a different banking portfolio, so look through each of them to learn more about the transaction timelines, fees, and deposit and withdrawal minimums and maximums. 

Super Bowl Sportsbook Promo Codes

New and sometimes existing members at offshore NFL betting sites can take advantage of sportsbook bonus cash offers. These promos add extra funds to accounts that are based on a percentage of the initial or follow-up deposit. Each Super Bowl sportsbook features different completion terms and matching percentages that need to be read through before accepting. 

Once the conditions are complete, bonus cash can be withdrawn any time. These bonus offers can greatly enhance the Super Bowl betting experience of new members, but there is no requirement to sign up for one to join. 

Super Bowl Betting Tips for 18+

If you’ve read this far into our guide, then you are well on your way to making an informed Super Bowl 2023 bet at one of our recommended sportsbooks. Here are a couple of more tips we can offer that can help new sports bettors get started.

  • 18+ bettors should only wager with disposable funds, meaning the income that is left over after all essential bills are paid. Coming up with a monthly sports betting budget is a great start to responsible gaming.  
  • One final piece of advice we can offer is to shop the 2023 Super Bowl odds. Each over 18 online sportsbook will feature different odds, so if you’ve decided which team you want to bet on, shop the Super Bowl betting lines across the sites we recommend to find the one that will provide the highest payout. If you don’t see the lines you like you can always bet a little on the underdog and hope for a big win, if that doesn’t work, try taking a crack at betting on the NFL Draft

Everything you need to know about Superbowl 57

Matchup: TBD
Date: February 12, 2023
Kickoff: 6:30 p.m. EST
Venue: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ
Broadcast: FOX

Super Bowl Point Spread: TBD
Super Bowl Money Line: TBD
Super Bowl Over/Under: TBD

National Anthem: TBA
Halftime Show: Rihanna

Other NFL Betting Options: