Betting On Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds At 18+ Sportsbooks

Super Bowl 59 LogoOne of the earliest prop bets to conclude during the Super Bowl are coin toss odds that reward gamblers who correctly select head or tails. Betting on Super Bowl coin toss odds is offered at the 18+ online sportsbooks we recommend to our readers, and there’s no better place on the web to place NFL wagers.

The spectrum of Super Bowl prop bets is large, and coin toss bets are just one part of the overall picture. Keep reading to learn what SB coin toss prop bets are, how to wager on them, and which online 18-friendly sportsbook sites have topped our rankings here at SB18.

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What Is The Super Bowl Coin Toss?

Before the Super Bowl begins, captains for each team meet in the middle of the field, and the designated visiting team gets to announce their prediction for whether the coin lands with heads or tails facing up. The home and visiting teams rotate between the AFC and NFC each season, as the game is played at a neutral stadium.

The team that wins the toss gets to decide if they want to receive the ball or defer to the second half, opting to possess the ball first in the third quarter. The team that loses the toss gets to decide the endzone they want to defend, which is mostly based on current wind direction and perceived difficulty in kicking field goals.

Once the coin toss is over, you might want to place more prop bets depending on the outcome of your initial coin toss bet. 18+ sportsbooks offer multiple ways to bet on props surrounding the NFL championship game, including Super Bowl halftime odds, national anthem performance odds, and Super Bowl commercial props.

How To Bet On Coin Toss Odds

Most SB coin toss props will include two outcomes, either heads or tails or yes or no. A majority of NFL bets made on the coin toss will allow placing a wager on an outcome of heads or tails, but there are other gambling options that include which team calls the coin toss correctly and whether or not the coin toss winner will win the game.

These wagers are straightforward and, frankly, involve nothing but guesswork. No research or strategy sessions will aid in your gambling success as the procedure is identical to tossing a coin in real life – there’s an equal chance that it will land on either side.

Current Odds: Coin Toss (Super Bowl)

Super Bowl LIX Coin Toss Odds

  • Heads -101
  • Tails -101

Types Of Coin Toss Super Bowl Bets

  • Will the coin land with heads or tails facing up?
  • Will the team that wins the coin toss also win the Super Bowl?
  • Will the player that calls the coin toss choose correctly?

NFL Betting Apps For Eighteen And Up

There’s no need to hover near a laptop or PC just to wager on the Super Bowl. Take the show on the road with you using 18 and over NFL betting apps to place your coin toss wagers. Any currentiPhone, iPad, or web-ready Android device is capable of connecting to all of our 18 and up NFL sportsbook sites as long as there is a mobile web browser on board.

These betting apps are web-based, do not require a download, and feature touch-button controls that allow for single-fingered navigation. Mobile sports betting across all Super Bowl categories is possible on the go just by clicking the link to any of our top sportsbook sites included on this page.

Live Betting On The Super Bowl Coin Toss

In-game betting options are available for just about any occurrence expected to happen during the big game. The point spread, moneyline odds, and the over/under get most of the in-play attention, but prop bets also count as live wagering because they aren’t removed from the boards until they reach a conclusion.

In the case of the Super Bowl coin toss, live NFL betting is limited to the few seconds that the flip takes to perform. Wagers can be placed until the coin is tossed into the air by the referee, but the entire affair is so brief that live betting is unrealistic.

Depositing And Withdrawing Winnings

Traditional sportsbook banking methods like credit and debit cards and bank wire transfers are common forms of funding your online account with US dollars. There are also options for making cryptocurrency deposits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other popular altcoins.

Depositing with crypto has advantages over using USD, like extra security, higher sportsbook bonus offers, and no extra fees. Withdrawing with cryptocurrency typically takes less than a day to complete, and there’s no chance of your online transaction being disrupted while processing through the blockchain.

Should You Accept A Sportsbook Bonus Offer?

Whether or not a sportsbook promo is accepted is entirely up to each individual, as it is not a prerequisite for becoming a member. All of the 18 and over NFL betting sites that we recommend to our readers offer bonus cash promotions to new signups, but some also extend offers to returning depositors.

These sportsbook bonuses match a percentage of the deposit total and place it back into accounts. Funds can be withdrawn once all conditions have been met, which usually requires rollover, which is the number of times the money must be bet in the sportsbook.

If the terms meet with your Super Bowl bet schedule, then there’s no reason not to accept the free money.

Super Bowl Coin Toss History

  • Coin Toss Result Of Tails – 30 (54%)
  • Coin Toss Result Of Heads – 26 (46%)
  • Coin Toss Winner Also Wins Super Bowl – 26 (46%)

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