Solana Crypto For 18+ Sports Betting

Solana logoCryptocurrency has established itself as the very best online sports betting deposit and payout option for 18 and over bettors, but each crypto is different, and you have lots of choices. Solana cryptocurrency for online 18+ sports betting has recently been added to the banking menus of several top sites, and given its recent status as the “new hotness,” you might consider taking Solana for a spin.

With Solana betting at the best 18-and-up sportsbooks, you’ll get guaranteed deposits, enhanced bonuses, and same-day payouts, all with no added fees. Plus, with Solana transfer times and blockchain efficiency being among the very best of any crypto coin on the market, you can bet more, win more, and earn more with the new groundbreaking altcoin.

Best 18-And-Older Online Sportsbooks For Solana Betting In 2024

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What Is Solana Cryptocurrency?

Solana (ticker symbol SOL) is a so-called “Ethereum killer” crypto coin. In other words, it does everything Ethereum does (i.e., smart contracts, NFTs, De-Fi, etc.), but it does it all far more quickly and cheaply. In this way, Solana’s main “rival” may not be Ethereum but Cardano (though we’ll save the Solana vs. Cardano debate for another time).

18+ Solana betting – like 18+ Cardano betting – allows gamblers to save quite a bit of time and money compared to gambling with older crypto assets. If you’re used to sports betting with Bitcoin, sports betting with TRON, or gambling with Ethereum, Solana is a much cheaper and quicker option.

Is Solana Legal For Online 18+ Sports Betting?

Yes! It is legal and safe to use Solana SOL coins for any lawful purpose, including funding your 18-plus online sportsbook account. Additionally, all the sites we recommend are similarly safe and legal, as they’ve been in operation for years with millions of satisfied members. There are no federal US gambling laws banning online sports betting as long as the site in question is located outside of US borders.

Note: Washington residents are nominally precluded from gambling real money online, though we’ve never heard of any WA gamblers being cited, fined, or arrested for doing so. Still, if you live in Washington, you must bet online with Solana only at your own risk.

How To Use Solana For Online Sports Gambling

Using Solana to fund your online sports betting or to claim online sports betting payouts is simple enough, especially if you’ve sent crypto to your sportsbook (or any other online recipient) before. However, if it’s your first time, the deposit and withdrawal processes can be explained easily enough in the sections below.

Solana 18+ Sportsbook Deposits

Solana deposits are the fastest funding method at offshore sportsbooks that support them (such as BetOnline Sportsbook or SportsBetting AG), as the Solana blockchain processes transactions in just a few minutes. Also, the native Solana blockchain fees are minimal, rivaling Cardano fees and Stellar fees as the lowest in the industry.

For sports bettors, this means you can bet with more of what you deposit and – when withdrawing – keep more of what you win. Here’s how to top up your betting bankroll with soul…er, with SOL:  

  1. Follow any link here to a legal Solana sports betting site for players aged 18 and older.
  2. Click/tap the “Join” or “Sign Up” button and enter in all required information. Every site we recommend is secured by SSL/TLS data encryption, and personal info is never shared or sold.
  3. Select the Solana deposit option from the cryptocurrency menu. You can also activate a sports betting bonus at this time (optional).
  4. Copy down your 18+ sportsbook’s Solana sending address.
  5. Open your Solana wallet or SOL exchange account, choose the “Send” option, and enter the above Solana address into the recipient field.
  6. Enter in the Solana amount you wish to deposit and submit your SOL payment.

Solana 18+ Sportsbook Payouts

SOL payouts are just as fast as deposits (5-10 minutes) once they’re approved. Usually, 18-and-up sportsbook sites will automatically approve your crypto payouts as soon as you request them, but this isn’t always the case (especially if you’ve won a particularly large sum).

Still, even if your betting withdrawal requires manual approval, the process never takes more than 1-2 hours. As such, Solana sports betting withdrawals are rated as same-day payouts like all other crypto banking options.

Here’s how you can claim a SOL withdrawal:

  1. At your site’s cashier page, select the Solana option from the crypto payout menu.
  2. Open your SOL wallet or exchange account, choose the “Receive” option, and copy down your unique Solana receiving address.
  3. Back at your betting site, paste the above SOL address into the appropriate field, specifying the exact SOL amount you’d like to pull out.
  4. Submit your online SOL gambling payout request.

Solana 18+ Sportsbook Bonuses For June, 2024

When you deposit with Solana, one of the biggest perks of doing so is the fact that every major sportsbook rated for US players aged eighteen and older offers members valuable enhanced bonuses for using crypto.

These are usually for 2-3X more sports betting free plays compared to online sportsbook promos offered for conventional or traditional deposit methods.

The most common types of online sports betting bonuses you’ll find at the best 18+ gambling sites are the following:

  • Crypto Sports Betting Welcome Bonuses
  • Crypto Sports Betting Reload Bonuses
  • Crypto Sports Betting Special Bonuses
  • Crypto Sports Betting Referral Bonuses

Please remember to pay attention to your site’s online betting bonus rollover rates. While these are usually the same low rollovers for Solana/crypto deposits as they are for standard deposits, the terms and conditions do come with wagering requirements to be aware of.

These requirements are usually in the 5X-15X range, making them easy to meet and reasonable for the vast majority of players. Every reputable online bookie will have their bonus requirements clearly posted in their website’s “Promotions” section.

Benefits Of 18-Plus Online Sports Betting With Solana

There are numerous benefits to betting online with crypto in general, and when you use Solana to handle all your 18+ sportsbook banking, you’ll be able to take full advantage of those.

However, there are other Solana benefits to be aware of, so we’ve put together a master list of all the reasons why you should pick Solana for your next round of online bet funding:

  • The most popular new crypto for online betting, trading, and investing
  • SOL deposits and withdrawals can never be disrupted or intercepted – No UIGEA delays or interruptions
  • SOL blockchain transaction times are among the shortest in the industry – 5-10 minutes max
  • SOL blockchain fees are absolutely tiny – Transfer $100+ for less than a penny
  • SOL sports betting bonuses are 2-3X bigger than standard deposit bonuses at the top 18+ betting sites online
  • No added fees by your 18-and-up sportsbook site for Solana deposits or payouts
  • SOL withdrawals arrive in your crypto wallet the same day you request them
  • Lowest minimums and highest maximums of any online bet funding method
  • Significant investment potential – SOL price predictions are $1000+ by end of the decade
  • Solana network supports smart contracts, NFTs, De-FI, and more
  • Solana staking earns free SOL for all delegators – Maximize your winnings

How To Buy Solana For Online Bet Funding

If you’ve never used crypto for online sports gambling before – or if you’ve simply never purchased crypto before – there’s really nothing to it. Crypto currency can seem daunting to beginners, but once you get started, everything just clicks.

The easiest way to buy Solana is to make a USD-SOL transfer at any commercial exchange. All the top sites offer this service, and the fees are generally minimal.

No matter which Solana exchange you choose (see below for a few good providers), the process for joining and buying SOL is identical: Just create your account, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’ll be all set in about 15-20 minutes.

Now, the best Solana tip we can offer is this: Never buy in when the Solana value is trending higher than its weekly or monthly average. Crypto is volatile, and you should try to buy in when the Solana price is comparatively low.

This gives you more Solana for your money, and it means that whenever the Solana price goes up, you’ll have that much more to show for it. Also, make sure you stake any Solana you don’t use specifically for online 18+ sports betting or active crypto trading.

Where To Buy Solana Crypto Coins

You can buy SOL cryptocurrency at any major USA-based or international crypto exchange. As a top 10 crypto coin, Solana is supported by all the biggest sites in the industry, making it extremely simple to find a buy-in point. Our favorites are the biggest exchanges, including the following:

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken

There are other Solana exchanges out there, but these have the best reputations, and they all have convenient mobile apps that allow you to buy SOL and countless other cryptocurrencies on the same device(s) with which you enjoy mobile 18+ sports betting.

Please note that first-time crypto buyers using any commercial exchange will have to create an account, link their bank accounts, and verify their identities with their service provider. After that, most exchanges implement a 5-10-day restriction on off-platform sending for any new crypto purchased.

If you can’t afford to wait up to 10 days to bet on a pressing sporting event, you can buy SOL using the Atomic Wallet app. Atomic Wallet for iPhone and Atomic Wallet for Android are both free, and the service allows you to buy Solana with a credit card – and then send it to any external wallet – in just minutes.

How To Stake Solana To Earn Free SOL

Solana is proof-of-stake crypto, which means it supports staking. This allows you to delegate any SOL you have stored in a Solana staking wallet to SOL stake pools.

These pools crunch the numbers to verify new Solana transactions, and every time your pool verifies a Solana block, you get rewarded with free Solana. This is otherwise known as Solana passive income.

In other words, with the Solana staking model, you can claim your online 18+ sportsbook payouts in SOL, have your money sent to your SOL wallet, and then delegate your SOL coins to stake pools to earn Solana rewards (aka free SOL).

The only other common crypto coin that allows for this kind of staking is Cardano, though Ethereum 2.0 should also support staking once it launches.

Best Solana Wallets For 18+ Online Sports Betting

There are basically four kinds of standard crypto wallets: exchange-based, software-based (or app-based), hardware-based, and paper wallets. Of these, we recommend only SOL software wallets and SOL hardware wallets for 18+ online sports gambling.

Exchange wallets are fine if you intend to do lots of trading, but it’s not advised to store Solana – or any other crypto – on the exchange where you bought it.

Software and hardware wallets allow Solana hodlers to have custody of their Solana keys, which is the safer option. SOL paper wallets – while available – are not recommended for sports betting. You should only use crypto paper wallets for long-term offline cold storage.

Note: If you want to participate in Solana staking to earn SOL rewards, not every wallet supports stake pool delegation. Please keep this in mind when you choose your preferred Solana crypto wallet.

Solana Exchange Wallets – Fastest Transfers, Least Secure

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • + More

Solana Software Wallets – Fast Transfers, More Secure

  • Atomic
  • Coin98
  • Exodus
  • Trust
  • Zelcore

Solana Hardware Wallets – Slow Transfers, Very Secure

  • Ledger Nano S
  • Ledger Nano X
  • Trezor wallets are not supported

Solana Paper Wallets – Slowest Transfers, Most Secure

  • Multiple (not recommended)

Warning: Please never download or buy crypto wallets from third-party sources, online resellers, or big box stores. Use only official developer or manufacturer websites/apps.