Sports Betting Vouchers For 18+ Gamblers

Voucher IconFunding your 18-and-up sportsbook account is easy if you know the best banking methods to use, but many first-time players struggle with choosing the right track. And because different sites have different 18-plus sportsbook banking options, it’s often a chore to pick the most valuable one. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, as there are numerous efficient and safe ways to top off your betting account.

The newest of these are sports betting vouchers for 18+ gamblers, which allow site members to use popular P2P apps and e-Wallets to buy and sell portions of one another’s bankrolls. Because the best international sports betting sites can’t directly accept services like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc., voucher sales between private site members give everyone more options. To learn how to bet with gambling vouchers, our short guide for 18 and up players breaks it down so you’ll never break the bank!

Best 18 and Up Online Betting Sites Accepting Sportsbook Vouchers In 2024

As of 2024, there are only a handful of top-quality online sportsbooks that take sports betting vouchers. Bovada was the first to introduce the concept (what else is new?), and Bovada Vouchers are setting a new standard in convenience for bettors who want to deposit and withdraw with the P2P apps they use every day.

We anticipate that most other top-quality 18+ betting sites will start introducing their own voucher systems in the near future, as Bovada’s implantation has been extremely popular since its launch in 2020.

Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Bonus
Up To $1,000
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What Is A Sports Betting Voucher?

In the simplest terms, a sports betting voucher (aka player transfer) is a code that members at a given sportsbook can sell to other members. This code takes money out of the seller’s bankroll, which they can then sell to other site members on the site’s community forums.

The voucher buyer then deposits the code with their sportsbook cashier, and the funds are credited to their account immediately, with no added fees. Vouchers and transfers of this type allow bettors to effectively deposit with person-to-person platforms (i.e. P2P apps like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc.) and popular eWallets that can’t be used with the sportsbooks directly.

Vouchers allow for fee-free deposits and fee-free withdrawals via these services, however they are not eligible for the sign up bonuses offered at Bovada.

Are Betting Vouchers Legal For 18+ Bettors?

Yes! As long as you’re at least 18 or older – and are a member at a betting site that supports vouchers or player transfers – you can legally and safely buy and sell voucher codes for sportsbook deposits and payouts, respectively.

There are no federal US sports betting laws that prevent players from joining the best online sportsbooks, and there are similarly no US banking laws that impact your ability to legally use P2P and eWallet services to fund your account with vouchers/transfers.

While the UIGEA banking regulation can sometimes block overseas gambling credit and debit card deposits, vouchers get around this because they are actually private sales between individuals.

How Do Sports Betting Vouchers Work?

The way sports gambling vouchers work is simple, although there are a few extra steps involved compared to some other methods.

But this added legwork – which is straightforward and takes just a few minutes – is well worth the tradeoff, as there is no other way to deposit into (or withdraw funds from) an international online sports betting site using popular P2P apps and eWallet person-to-person payments.

To explain how to use sports betting vouchers, the following sections provide step-by-step instructions for new 18-and-up bettors.

How To Buy Sports Betting Vouchers

Before you can use a sports betting voucher or player transfer to fund your account, you have to purchase a voucher code from a fellow player at your site of choice. This can be done through your site’s self-hosted community forum, where voucher sellers regularly post gambling voucher codes for sale. We always recommend buying vouchers only through official community channels.

That said, you can also buy betting vouchers from anyone, anywhere. There are off-site gambling communities on platforms like Reddit that often have players posting ads to sell their voucher codes, and you can even find such listings on smaller Internet gambling forums. We only suggest using these non-official options if you know or otherwise trust the seller.

 How To Deposit With Sports Betting Vouchers

To make an 18+ sportsbook voucher deposit at participating sites, the process works as follows. Please note that we’re currently using Bovada Sportsbook for our example, but any other online betting sites that employ similar models will work the same way.

  1. Follow any link on this page to Bovada LV, and click or tap the “Join” button.
  2. Enter in all the required information to create your Bovada login and Bovada account profile. Be sure to use your real, verifiable information, as Bovada uses Know Your Customer (KYC) industry best practices to verify that you are who you say you are. Reputable 18+ sportsbooks will never sell or share your personal or financial info, and everything is SSL and TLS encrypted.
  3. Skip the deposit option for now.
  4. Complete your account creation and then head over to the Bovada Community message board.
  5. At the Bovada Community forum, search for a voucher code for sale. These ads will list the number of vouchers as well as the P2P service or services the seller accepts.
  6. Contact the seller and arrange to buy their Bovada Voucher code using an agreed-upon P2P or eWallet service. Send your payment, and the seller will release the code to you.
  7. Return to the Bovada Cashier page and select the Voucher deposit option. Put the voucher code in the provided field and the funds will be credited immediately.

That’s all there is to it, but one word of caution: It is critical that you trust your voucher seller and that you only buy your voucher code from official site forums.

While you can find Bovada Vouchers for sale on Reddit and other off-site boards, it is more difficult for Bovada to guarantee those transactions. When you buy vouchers directly from your 18+ sportsbook site, there is no opportunity for a seller to abscond with your funds.

Of course, as long as you keep records of the deal if a site member does attempt to short you, your sportsbook’s customer service team will remedy the situation. Vouchers are safe and secure, and they work very well when you follow the above steps.

How To Sell Sports Betting Vouchers For Same-Day Payouts

To sell a sports betting voucher in order to cash out your winnings using P2P apps and eWallets, the process is easy and convenient, and you can often get same-day payouts this way. Before, only Bitcoin betting deposits and other cryptocurrency gambling options such as Bitcoin Cash sportsbooks and Litecoin sportsbooks, allow for same-day withdrawals.

That said, because selling vouchers requires that a buyer contacts you first (and then requires a variable wait time as both parties coordinate the sale), you won’t always get same-day payouts. For guaranteed same-day payouts, crypto is the only viable method.

To demonstrate the voucher payout process, we’ll again use Bovada Sportsbook for our example:

  1. Visit the Bovada Cashier and select the Voucher withdrawal option.
  2. Enter the amount of your eligible account balance you’d like to withdraw as a betting voucher.
  3. Bovada will send you the corresponding voucher code to your email address on file.
  4. Once you have your code, make an ad on the Bovada Community page. Be sure to include the amount of the voucher as well as the P2P apps or eWallet P2P options you accept.
  5. When a fellow site member contacts you to buy your voucher, you’ll decide together which P2P/eWallet service to use, and the buyer will send you the money for your voucher code.
  6. As soon as the payment clears, simply release your voucher code to the seller via email, chat, text, etc.

After that, you’ll immediately have your money in your P2P app or eWallet platform, which you can then deposit into your bank account, pull out as cash from a local ATM, etc.

Unlike crypto payouts, you don’t have to convert these withdrawals into fiat money before spending them IRL, since you’ve received fiat money from your buyer. This is a major advantage over the Bitcoin/crypto payout process.

Note: Please always send your buyer the voucher code as soon as their payment clears. Vouchers have expiration dates (usually six months), and you don’t want to violate your sportsbook’s terms of service by failing to transfer your voucher code in a reasonable amount of time. This can cause your 18+ online betting account to be suspended or terminated.

18+ Sportsbook Voucher Bonuses For May, 2024

Every time a new member makes a deposit at an 18-and-over online sportsbook, they can pick from a selection of valuable bonuses that add free plays to their betting accounts. Many sites also allow existing members to receive bonuses when making new deposits. Unfortunately, voucher sportsbook deposits made at Bovada do not qualify for their bonus options unless specifically mentioned in the bonus terms and conditions. We recommend that you opt for a Bitcoin or altcoin deposit for your first one and then use Matchpay for additional deposits.  This way you can take advantage of the offer, which can boost your bankroll, and can use the convenience of sportsbook vouchers once you have completed the bonus rollover requirements.

These 18+ sports betting bonuses are typically deposit-match promos, adding between 50% and 100% to your deposit. Bonuses are optional and come with attainable, fair rollover requirements, so we always recommend that 18+ sports bettors accept these valuable perks. Most sportsbooks offer the following types of sports betting bonuses:

  • 18+ Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus
  • 18+ Sportsbook Reload Bonus
  • 18+ Sportsbook Risk-Free Mobile Bet
  • 18+ Sportsbook Risk-Free Live Bet
  • 18+ Sportsbook Refer-A-Friend Bonus
  • 18+ Sportsbook No-Deposit Bonus

You won’t always find mobile betting promos or live sports betting promos, as these are usually seasonal and offered at the start of a major sporting campaign or tournament (i.e., MLB Opening Day, the kickoff of the next NFL season, the Super Bowl, March Madness, etc.).

Sports betting no-deposit bonuses are even less frequently offered, but when they are, they can be used to get a $25-50 free bet on any game or contest of your choice. Please keep in mind that no-deposit bonuses come with higher rollover requirements than regular bonuses.

P2P Apps And eWallets Compatible With Betting Vouchers

When you use a gambling voucher to make deposits and withdrawals at any participating 18-and-up sportsbook, you’ll be able to use the following services that are otherwise unavailable for direct gambling banking at international betting sites:

P2P App options: 18+ PayPal sportsbook deposits, Venmo deposits, Cash App sportsbook deposits, Zelle Pay deposits
Wallet options: Apple Pay deposits, Google Pay deposits, Samsung Pay deposits

Benefits Of Bet Funding With Gambling Vouchers

There are numerous benefits to the sports betting voucher or player transfer system. Obviously, the biggest perk is that you can use P2P services and eWallet platforms that are otherwise unsupported directly by your 18+ online sports betting site.

These aren’t the only benefits, however, so we’ve outlined all the top reasons to consider using vouchers for your online bet funding needs:

  • Allows for P2P deposits and withdrawals – PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc.
  • Allows for e-Wallet deposits and withdrawals – Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • Vouchers/player transfers have low transfer minimums of just $10
  • Vouchers/player transfers have max transfers capped at $3000 and $15,000, respectively.
  • No added processing fees for a voucher or player transfer deposits
  • No added fees when making private transactions with P2P apps and eWallets
  • Allows for same-day payouts in many cases
  • Zero withdrawal fees for payouts – Keep more of what you win!
  • Voucher withdrawals allow you to be paid out in USD or other fiat currency for immediate cash in hand
  • Secure and guaranteed by your sportsbook and the various supported P2P/eWallet systems.
  • P2P/eWallet services are fully mobile compatible – Use one device for banking and mobile 18+ sports betting!
  • Available to all online sports bettors aged 18 and up