18+ Online NHL Betting Options

NHL logoOver the course of 82 regular season pro hockey games and four rounds of best-of-seven playoff series, betting on the NHL reigns supreme at offshore sportsbook sites. Online NHL betting at 18 years old is available across the entire United States, but it is best done with the top sportsbook sites we endorse here at SB18.

Not only will we direct readers to the best eighteen-friendly online sportsbooks, but we also detail why they are legal to use in the United States. Don’t place a pro hockey bet in the USA at 18, 19, or 20 without reading this playbook first.

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NHL Bet Types Explained

The most common form of hockey betting involves placing a wager on NHL betting lines. Here is an example of what a game line for the NHL looks like for reference.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche

  • Puck Spread: Lightning -1.5, Avalanche +1.5
  • Moneyline: Lightning -185, Avalanche +145
  • Over/Under: 5.5

The puck spread in the above NHL game line favors the Lightning by 1.5 goals. Tampa must win by 2 or more in order to cover the spread against Colorado. The underdog is the Avalanche, and they must lose by one goal or less to cover.

The NHL moneyline odds within the hockey game line let gamblers place bets on which team will win with no consideration for point spreads.

The NHL team with the lowest odds is favored to win. Bets made on negative moneylines require more risk than reward ($1.85 bet on -185 to net a one-dollar win). Positive moneyline odds payout at more than the amount wagered ($1 bet on +1.45 nets $1.45).

The NHL over/under is what bookmakers have set as the total number of goals that both teams will combine to score. Winning bets will be placed on the correct side of the line.

NHL futures entails a list of eligible teams for division, conference, or league championships with moneyline odds listed next to each. Winning hockey futures bets simply select the franchise that will achieve the outcome that’s in play.

All other NHL betting opportunities are covered by NHL prop bets, or propositions. While this category largely involves team and player statistics, the activities occurring on the sidelines and within the crowd can also be bet upon.

NHL parlay bets involve combination wagers where more than one outcome has been included within the same bet. All hockey parlays must win, or the entire wager loses. Adding multiple outcomes into an NHL parlay increases the betting odds, which in turn elevates the payout potential.

Where To Bet On NHL Games At 18

Pretty much any reputable online sportsbook around the world will offer NHL betting lines front and center upon entry into the venue. Where our top offshore sportsbook sites separate themselves from the pack is through their allowance of 18 and over gamblers to join and place wagers from anywhere inside the USA between them.

There’s no need to waste time browsing state-regulated NHL betting options when 18-year-old sports gamblers have all the NHL odds they could ever need readily available across all of our top offshore sportsbooks listed above. Because of their nationwide coverage, offshore sportsbooks create for legal sports betting at 18 in all US states.

How To Bet On NHL Odds Online

NHL bets can be made at all hours of the day, but before any of that can take place, over 18 gamblers must create an online account and deposit funds. First things first, however. Sports bettors must decide which online book to join – and should think about becoming a member with more than one.

Belonging to multiple 18+ betting sites allows for the NHL odds to be shopped so that the most advantageous lines can be secured. After cruising through each of the online sports betting site links provided inside this guide, locate the join button atop any internal sportsbook page and click on it.

After creating a sportsbook login and entering your account profile, it will then be time to upload deposits for NHL betting. Once complete, 18 and over hockey gamblers can enter the sportsbook, navigate to the NHL odds, and lay some action across the entire country.

20 & Under Mobile NHL Betting Apps

The exponential rise in online traffic that is based from smartphones and tablets greatly outweighs that of PCs and laptops. For that reason, our top 18+ NHL betting sites port their services to Apple and Android devices through the use of mobile web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and others.

There is no need to download software when dealing with our top offshore sportsbook sites for 18 and over NHL gamblers – just click any link above, and your web-ready device will literally convert into an on-the-go hocket betting station right before your eyes. Try these mobile sports betting options for yourself and find out!

NHL Live Betting Lines

There is no shortage of reasons why pregame bets are not always optimum, which is why our best NHL betting sites take action on in-game hockey odds that last through all three periods of the contest. The puck line, moneyline, over/under, props, and futures all take action while the NHL game is ongoing.

Once NHL games begin, most of our top online sports betting sites feature the live odds upon entry into the online sportsbook but may require clicking on the hockey or NHL tab to locate them. Live NHL betting odds can last until the end of the game but can be removed without notice at any time.

Funding Your Online NHL Bet

While domestic venues require USD transactions in order to place a wager, the over 18 NHL betting sites that are included in the list above allow cryptocurrency deposits using the most popular altcoins on the planet today.

Crypto deposits using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and others are able to upload to online accounts faster than US Dollar methods and also represent the only option for a payout within 24 hours of its request. The sportsbook banking options differ for each 18+ book, but they all accept at least some form of cryptocurrency.

Sportsbook Promo Codes For Bonus NHL Betting Cash

When new 18 and over members sign up for accounts with the NHL betting sites that we recommend on this page, they are eligible to receive sportsbook bonus cash that matches a percentage of the initial funding upload.

The details are slightly different at each NHL sportsbook, but they all involve a significant portion of the first upload being added to new bettors’ bankrolls. Most sportsbook promos include terms that must be met before deposits can be requested – ensure your bet schedule matches up for accepting.