NFL Betting Guide: Keys to 18+ NFL Betting

NFL 100As the most popular professional sports league in the United States, the National Football League receives a lot of betting action during its season. Luckily for sports bettors that are at least 18 years old, online sportsbooks offer a great alternative to wagering that requires players to be 21 and over.

This guide provides all the information needed for NFL wagers by 18+ gamblers, including the best online sportsbooks, tips, and betting lines for Super Bowl LIV. The guide also explains the legalities of sports betting at 18 years old, extremely helpful for beginners.

Is it legal to bet on the NFL at 18 years old?

For Americans wanting to place legal sports bets, there are two options: domestic and offshore. However, for most states that allow sports betting, the required minimum age is 21 years old.

That really only leaves the option of online, offshore sportsbooks for NFL bettors that are 18 and up. But other than needing an internet connection, online sports betting is not an inconvenience. In reality, it might even offer more freedom to 18+ NFL wagerers thanks to the number of online sportsbooks, 24-hour access, and the vast amount of bets available. The best part about online sports betting is that it is legal throughout most of the United States as there are no gambling laws that forbid offshore betting.

For residents of Washington and Connecticut, other concessions may need to be made as both states prohibit all forms of online gambling.

Best 18+ NFL betting sites

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NFL betting odds

Like any other sports league, the regular season is just a qualifier for the championship. When it comes to postseason showdowns, the Super Bowl takes the cake. One of the most popular events in American culture, regardless of a viewer’s age, the Super Bowl amasses droves of bettors every year.

Using online sportsbooks, wagers are available to be placed by anyone 18 and over. According to one such online sports betting site, the New England Patriots are SB LIV’s favorite. The entire list of teams and Super Bowl betting odds are below.

Odds to win Super Bowl LIV


  • Kansas City Chiefs -127
  • San Francisco 49ers +107

Tips and tricks for 18-year-olds betting on the NFL

One of the most important tips for 18+ NFL gamblers is: “If you are afraid to lose it, you should not bet it.” Bankroll management is one of the most important parts of sports betting for anyone, newbie or pro alike.

Another savvy tip for betting on the NFL is to shop the odds. With the number of safe sportsbooks available, players should check as many sites as they can to ensure that the bet the plan on making gives them the best odds.

Finally, for 18 years old starting their NFL betting experience, finding a niche can be key. Some players may do their best on spreads while others play prop bets exclusively for the joy of it. It’s all personal preference, which can equate to more wins with the right amount of research and experimentation.

Types of bets common in NFL wagering

  • Point spread– The margin of victory that the favored team must win by in order for the bet to win. (ex. Houston 3.5; Houston must win by 4 or more points.)
  • Money line– A bet placed on the winner of the game regardless of any spreads. To determine favorites and underdogs, odds are given on each team’s likelihood of winning. (ex. Baltimore -250, Miami +150; Baltimore is favored to beat Miami.)
  • Total– Also known as the over/under, totals are bets made on the amount of points scored by one or both teams. (ex. O/U 56.5 points; the teams must score 57 or more for the over to win.)
  • Prop bet– These are bets that do not directly affect the outcome of the game, such as who wins and loses. (ex. Total number of times Mahomes is sacked.)
  • Parlay– This is the process of betting on multiple lines in order to secure a greater payout. All bets must win for the entire parlay to hit.
  • Future– Betting on futures involves making longer-term predictions, such as placing a wager on Super Bowl LIV odds.

What is NFL live betting?

Another style of NFL betting is known as live betting. With the introduction of so many trusted online sportsbooks, live betting has become even more accessible. But what is it exactly?

Live betting, also called in-play betting, involves placing a wager on a game that has already begun. As the game plays on, the odds can change to reflect each team’s play. Most live betting options still offer the traditional-type bets, such as money lines, spreads, props, and totals.

Bonuses and promotions at NFL betting site for players 18+

Another huge benefit of online sportsbooks is their bonuses and promotions. Depending on which sportsbook is chosen, welcome bonuses can be anything from a 50% deposit match, to free betting vouchers, or added mobile betting benefits. Below is a selection of the most popular sportsbook and some of their promotions:

  • MyBookie– 100% match on initial deposit, up to $1,000
  • BetOnline– 50% welcome bonus, 25% lifetime bonus guarantee.
  • Bovada– 50% match on initial deposit, up to $250.

Are 18 and over online sportsbooks safe to use?

As long as the chosen online sportsbook is licensed and regulated, they are safe in regards to legalities and security. Some of the best online books are listed in the next section, all of which hold operation licenses.

Security and privacy are held in the highest standard for these regulated sites. Each one featured below uses customer support staff, data encryption, and cryptocurrency depositing methods to keep users safe when gambling online through their books.

NFL resources

To better understand the NFL, get information on stats, or just follow teams, a couple of resources are below. These links are key when doing research for betting as scores and statistics can make or break a wager.

Statistical database: Pro Football Reference
Scoring histories and updates: ESPN’s NFL index