Betting On Super Bowl Player Props At 18+ Sportsbooks

LVIII logoAfter the National Anthem is over and the coin toss is complete, Super Bowl player prop bets take center stage and begin paying out 18+ gamblers within the game’s first few minutes. Betting on Super Bowl player prop bets at 18 is legal in the USA, and we’ve provided a list of the best sportsbooks that cater to the under-21 NFL gambling market.

Super Bowl prop bets take up a bulk of the gambling activity for the final NFL game of the season, so read on to learn more about what they are and where to wager on them. We also detail what these offshore sports betting sites offer their eighteen and older patrons, including sportsbook bonus cash offers.

Best NFL Betting Sites For Super Bowl Player Props

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What Are Superbowl Player Props?

Prop bets for players that are participating in the Super Bowl can cover anything that the player does or is involved in for the entire duration of the game’s televised broadcast. Player props take up a sizable chunk of the entire proposition market at Super Bowl betting sites.

NFL player prop bets primarily focus on statistical achievements but also include off-the-field activities like whether they’ll propose to their girlfriend after the Super Bowl or whether they’ll make a bone-headed comment in their postgame presser.

Current NFL Player Props For Super Bowl LVII

Coming soon!

Super Bowl Player Prop Bet Types

  • The first player to score
  • Statistical over/under betting
  • Super Bowl MVP odds
  • Total touchdowns scored
  • Total passing yards
  • Total passing TDs
  • Total passing completions
  • Total interceptions
  • Total rushing yards
  • Total rushing attempts
  • Total rushing touchdowns
  • Total receiving touchdowns
  • Total receiving yards
  • Total receptions
  • Total tackles
  • Total sacks
  • Total fumbles
  • Head-to-head stat props facing off two players of the same position

More Super Bowl Prop Betting Options

Super Bowl Player props offer tons of action as you can see from the list above; however, there are also tons of other prop betting options for those who do not want to choose the winner of the contest.

Super Bowl Betting Apps

The offshore sports betting sites that we recommend to our 18 and older readers can be used to gamble on Super Bowl props using smartphones, tablets, and other web-ready devices in the USA. Domestic betting apps require a download, but the international gambling sites that we prefer are web-based and only require a click on any link we’ve provided here.

These NFL betting apps offer all the same odds, lines, props, and futures that are offered on the desktop sportsbook site. As long as your iPhone, iPad, or Android is connected to the Internet and you are at least 18 years old, mobile sports betting is possible from anywhere in the country.

Do Player Props Count As Live Betting?

Live betting on NFL games usually refers to placing in-game wagers on the moneyline odds to win, the point spread, or the over/under. Technically, all prop bets can be considered “live” because they can be wagered on until a conclusion is reached, which occurs during the game.

For instance, if you are betting on a player to top 100 yards rushing, that outcome will occur at some point between the first and fourth quarters. That rushing prop bet will remain on the boards and continue to take action while the game clock ticks away, but it can also be removed at any time oddsmakers choose.

Super Bowl Prop Builder Apps

A new phenomenon in the realm of sports betting is prop builder apps that bring hundreds of propositions together into an easily searchable interface. Eighteen and over bettors no longer need to search through pages of props because the builder app has convenient drop-down menus and subcategories for player and team prop odds.

As of this writing, the only 18 and up sports betting site on our list that includes a prop builder is Bovada, but we’ve seen them appear elsewhere on the web and expect more books to join the fray soon.

How To Deposit Funds And Withdraw Winnings

Funding sportsbook accounts must be done before any wagers can be placed online. No Super Bowl sportsbook site can be included in our top rankings unless they accept US dollars and cryptocurrency as a form of deposit. Credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers, and person-to-person options are popular for USD funding.

Depositing with cryptocurrency has many benefits over using USD. Because of excessive regulation and governance, US dollar transactions can sometimes be canceled outright because of a sportsbook’s international status. That’s not the case with crypto, as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other popular altcoins process via the blockchain and travel back and forth quickly and securely.

Because chargebacks aren’t allowed on credit/debit cards, the options for USD withdrawals are somewhat slim. Once again, cryptocurrency is the superior option for withdrawing winnings because they can be completed within the same day they were requested and arrive securely in crypto wallets.

Sportsbook Bonus Cash Promos

Just about any sports betting site that you come across will offer bonus cash promos to new members signing up for the first time. For example, a standard sports betting site bonus that we’ve seen is a 50% match up to $250 on a first-time deposit of $500.

Who doesn’t like free cash, right? The only thing 18+ bettors need to remember is the conditions attached to the sportsbook bonus, which usually requires a certain number of times that the money must be wagered through before being withdrawn.

For instance, if there are 10X rollover terms for the bonus, that means the funds must be bet in the sportsbook ten times over before requesting a payout.