Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets At 18+ Sportsbooks

LVIII logoSome of the earliest NFL odds to cash in on the Super Bowl prop bet schedule each February are wagers placed on the commercials that air during the big game. Commercial prop bets at 18+ sportsbooks offer up plenty of excitement on SB Sunday, so read on to learn more about what they are and where they can be gambled on.

Betting on Super Bowl props at 18 years of age and up is definitely possible, and a readthrough of this playbook will direct you to the top online NFL sportsbooks accepting 21 and under members in the USA. We also detail the types of commercial prop bets Super Bowl sportsbooks to provide and how to decipher the odds that are being offered.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites With Commercial Props

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What Are Commercial Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Prop bets are wagers produced at online NFL sportsbooks that can take action on any trackable outcome. When applied to betting on Super Bowl commercials, prop bets can be created for the first brand to air, the content of the commercials, overall running time, or anything else that oddsmakers deem worthy of posting.

SB props can entail NFL bet types with yes-or-no outcomes, a list of potential winners, or over/under totals. Most often, the options for betting on SB commercials include moneyline odds for each outcome which let gamblers know which option is favored to win and how much money is at stake versus the amount risked.

Here is an example of a Super Bowl commercial prop:

Which Brand Will Air First During The Super Bowl?

  • Budweiser -150
  • Apple +200
  • Cheetos +350
  • Ford +350

According to the above prop bet, Budweiser is favored to air a commercial first during the game and is listed with a negative moneyline. That means more money must be risked than can be won (a $1.50 bet is required to net a payout of $1).

All other above options are listed in the positive and will reward gamblers wins that are exponentially larger than the amount wagered. Bets on Apple will pay out at 2-to-1, with Cheetos and Ford paying out at 3.5-to-1.

In addition to commercial props, there are a bunch of other proposition betting options, including SB game MVP odds, National Anthem props odds, Super Bowl coin toss odds, and other various SB halftime odds.

Current Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets 2024

  • Coming soon!

Types Of Superbowl Commercial Bets

  • Which brand will air first?
  • Total number of Super Bowl ads
  • Race or gender of actors
  • What will be said?
  • Odds on the appearance of certain actors or celebrities

Mobile Betting On Super Bowl Commercials For Over 18

The Superbowl is an occasion that calls for venturing outside the house and heading to a watch party or a sports bar to enjoy the big game with like-minded fans. Mobile sports betting is possible using any of the NFL sportsbooks listed on this page using current smartphones and tablets.

All gamblers need is a web-connected Apple or Android device and an onboard Internet browser app to connect to the planet’s best options for mobile NFL betting on Super Bowl commercial props. These web-based apps don’t require a download and allow members to gamble on SB props remotely from anywhere in the country at the age of eighteen or older.

In-Game Super Bowl Betting

Live NFL betting is usually referring to wagering on game lines after the kickoff has happened. In the case of commercial bets, Super Bowl props can be wagered on throughout the entire game up until a conclusion has been reached.

Commercials air throughout the Superbowl and even before kickoff, so betting on related props can be considered live because the outcome doesn’t occur until the game has already begun in most cases. All of the sites we recommend here offer props for SB ads, but they will differ in the amount of time they remain active and on the boards.

Sportsbook Bonus Cash Offers

Just about any time a deposit is made at an 18-friendly NFL sportsbook site, promo codes can be entered that add extra cash to accounts based on a percentage of the transaction. Welcome bonuses are offered in all cases, but reload sportsbook promos are also common.

We suggest combing through all of the promos offers at each of the sportsbooks we recommend for 18 and over gamblers to ensure that you’re getting the most bonus cash for your dollar. Most sportsbook bonuses feature rollover terms, which is the number of times the funds must be wagered through before a payout can be requested.

Banking Options

Funding your account at the top online sportsbooks can be done using a variety of different sportsbook banking options. Credit and debit cards are some of the most common forms of deposits you’ll encounter, but there is also an option for Bitcoin betting at most books that we recommend.

While USD deposits are fine, we must insist that our readers investigate the benefits of adding funds with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, and others. Here are some reasons to deposit and withdraw with crypto:

  • Faster deposits and same-day withdrawals
  • No additional fees
  • Superior online security
  • Higher sportsbook bonus cash offers

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