Best 18+ Online Sportsbook Reviews – Most Reputable Sports Betting Sites

Review IconSports betting is the one of the most popular forms of gambling, but it’s also one of the most profitable for players. That’s why so many 18 and up players gravitate toward the pastime, and it’s why we’ve put together this list of the best 18+ online sportsbook reviews.

Here, our goal is to help 18 and up bettors find reputable, trustworthy Internet destinations that give them the convenience of online and mobile sports betting access in one nice, neat package.  Fortunately, there are several top-quality options out there when it comes to 18+ sports betting sites, which means that you can shop lines between all the the top brands in the business to get the biggest payouts every time!

Bovada 18+ Online Sportsbook

Bovada bonus

Since 2011, Bovada has led the online sports betting industry in nearly every respect. Bovada currently caters to the 18+ USA online sports betting market and continues to push the boundaries on competitive betting options.

While most brick and mortar sportsbooks impose a 21 and up minimum age requirement, Bovada opens its doors to anyone who is at least 18 years of age. But Bovada LV isn’t just a great place for new bettors to learn the ropes, it also has more betting options across more supported sports leagues than any other international betting site. Just visit the following Bovada review to learn more!

Bovada Sportsbook Review

MyBookie 18+ Online Sportsbook

MyBookie Sportsbook

When MyBookie exploded onto the gambling scene back in 2014, it quickly rose up the leaderboard to become one of the top-rated 18+ online sportsbooks. MyBookie AG welcomes 18 and up bettors, offers some of the best betting promotions and bonuses around, and boasts diverse odds on everything from sports and entertainment to politics and religion.

MyBookie is also bit “edgier” than some of the other brands we recommend for 18 and up sports betting sites, as they regularly offer lines on events otherwise considered controversial. Of course, these are also among the most fun betting lines anywhere, with celebrity divorce odds and celebrity death pools getting top billing. Check out our 18+ MyBookie review to see how this brand pushes the online gambling envelope.

MyBookie Sportsbook Review

BetOnline 18+ Online Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook

Experienced gambling professionals have managed BetOnline AG since the 1990s, making it one of the most resourceful and respected sportsbooks for 18 and over bettors in the USA and abroad. BetOnline is one of the most trusted Internet gaming operators, and the site models its interface after classic Vegas betting vendors.

The comprehensive coverage of international sports at BetOnline – and their lifetime reload bonus options – are just a few things that make the site a popular sportsbook destination for both casual and serious bettors. Our 18 and up BetOnline review shines even more light on this trusted industry leader. If you can bet on it online, you can bet on it at BetOnline!

BetOnline Sportsbook Review

Xbet 18+ Online Sportsbook

Xbet Sportsbook

Xbet AG is MyBookie’s sister site, and the destination similarly provides 18 and up sports betting to both US and international bettors. Xbet also provides attractive sports betting promotions and bonus offers to boost your bankroll, though its smaller limits and rollover requirements make it even better for first-timers. But despite being beginner-friendly, Xbet is no slouch on the odds boards.

Indeed, with a wide range of betting lines on sports, eSports, politics, and entertainment, Xbet offers year-round coverage on popular events both on and off the field (or rink, or court) of play. We like Xbet’s vibrant mobile app experience, and we appreciate the site’s large social media presence. Where else can you recommend a betting line on Twitter and see it posted just a few minutes later?

Xbet Sportsbook Review

SportsBetting AG 18+ Online Sportsbook

SB Sportsbook

SportsBetting AG was purchased by BetOnline in 2012, making one of the best sports betting networks around even better. Of course, SportsBetting AG has retained much of its own personality, and its reputation of being a unique and fun-filled operator has remained through the acquisition. 18+ sports bettors can sign-up and wager with SportsBetting AG freely and safely through its mobile portal or via laptop/desktop computers.

Overall, SportsBetting AG has been one of the most trusted 18+ online sportsbook sites in the business, providing sports betting odds and lines since 1991. The site is a reputable and reliable online sportsbook with tons of wagering options covering major US and international sporting events, and there are live betting options available for just about every game of the day. To learn more, our SportsBetting AG review covers all the benefits of the reputable gaming site.

SportsBetting Sportsbook Review

BookMaker 18+ Online Sportsbook

Bookmaker Sportsbook

BookMaker is the top dog – and betting favorite! – of the BetCRIS family of gambling websites. Since 1985, BetCRIS has been an industry authority, as it was one of the first betting vendors to establish legal licensing and registration within the online sports betting industry.

At BookMaker, sports bettors who are at least 18 years of age can wager with guaranteed safety, enjoying access to some of the most comprehensive and timely betting lines on all US and international sporting events. Our BookMaker review covers the site’s origins and discusses how the operator has long been an online betting trailblazer. You’ll also learn why its catchphrase, “Where The Line Originates,” is as true today as ever!

Bookmaker Sportsbook Review – Coming Soon

Reviewing the Best 18+ Online Sportsbooks

Here at SB18, our team takes extra care to vet every 18+ online sportsbook using the highest standards. The sports betting industry is growing rapidly in the online space, and that can make it difficult for many new online sports bettors to pick the best sites. But though there are literally hundreds of books out there, there are only a few truly worth your time.

We bet sports with the best, and the sites we recommend are the operators we’ve trusted for years. We won’t touch any sports gambling site unless it’s operating legally within the industry, pays out winnings quickly and accurately, and offers betting lines that are more varied and more valuable than any of our domestic in-state options.

Not only do we evaluate these sites using a rigorous review process, but we also regularly bet with each brand, literally putting our money where our mouth is. We know every reputable vendor’s operational standards and performance metrics because we’ve experienced them first hand. In other words, we know what to look for in these sports betting sites, and we think you’re looking for the same.