Litecoin For 18+ Sports Betting

Litecoin BettingThese days, online sports bettors are starting to find more and more cryptocurrency support at their favorite gambling sites. That said, your online sports betting funding options are still going to be limited to a selection of only the most popular crypto coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. And while you can’t go wrong with any of these, one of our favorite cryptos for betting is actually Litecoin, partially because of how easy it is to use and partially because there are some premium Litecoin sportsbooks that have become mainstays in our sports betting arsenal.

When you use Litecoin for 18+ sports betting, you can actually make your money go even further compared to other crypto options because the Litecoin blockchain is faster and cheaper than most others. With Litecoin sports betting, you aren’t limited to a small selection of sites, either, as all the top online 18+ sportsbooks support Litecoin deposits and withdrawals. To pick the right book for your needs, we’ve put together this guide to the best Litecoin sports betting sites.

Best 18-And-Up Online Sportsbooks That Accept Litecoin In 2024

If you’re interested in Litecoin betting at the top-rated 18-and-up online sports betting sites, you’ve come to the right place. There are countless gambling venues on the Internet, but there aren’t many that can truly be trusted to provide access to thousands of daily US and international betting odds, live betting lines, and – most importantly – fair bet values and guaranteed payouts.

All the vendors we recommend in our 18+ online sportsbook reviews below have been in the industry for years, with online reputations to match. Each site lets you sign up for free and bet Litecoin on every contest imaginable, and navigating is a breeze whether you’re on PC, Mac, or mobile. And if you sign up at several different sites, you can shop lines for the best gambling edge possible. Outside of betting with Litecoin, that is!

SportsbookBitcoin BonusUSARatingVisit
Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Bonus
Up To $1,000
5/5Visit SiteReview
BetUS logo125% Bonus
Up To $3,125
4.8/5Visit SiteReview Logo50% Bonus
Up To $500
4.1/5Visit Site

What Is Litecoin?

Litecoin (ticker symbol LTC) is one of the earliest so-called “Bitcoin spinoffs,” created as a fork of the Bitcoin Core client. Essentially, Litecoin sought to solve some of Bitcoin’s biggest issues, such as block verification capacity and cost. If you want to dive deeper, there are numerous in-depth Litecoin-vs-Bitcoin and Litecoin-vs-Ethereum analyses out there.

Of course, for Litecoin betting (and Litecoin investing and trading), it’s enough that you understand the coin to be a valid, trusted mode of payment for any lawful online transaction and that the LTC blockchain is quantum-hacking-resistant. This makes it a great option for betting on sports online because LTC transfers allow 18-and-up gamblers to get their accounts loaded up quickly, cheaply, and reliably.

Is Litecoin Legal For 18+ Online Sports Betting?

Yes! You can gamble with Litecoin at any legitimate international online sportsbook, as there are no US federal gaming restrictions that address these kinds of services. Litecoin itself is similarly legal to use because no American laws bar LTC in any way.

In fact, one of the chief benefits of using an offshore sportsbook is that they all accept LTC and other cryptos, which is something that domestic USA sportsbooks can’t do. Whether or not this will ever change is unknown, but for the best betting experience right now, using crypto to wager online is your ace in the hole and your ace on the mound!

How Does Litecoin Work To Fund Online Sports Bets?

Once you buy Litecoin and have access to LTC trading, it’s extremely easy to use. Many potential gamblers are skeptical about crypto due to its learning curve, but if you can buy a pizza online with your credit card, you can fund your online sportsbook with Litecoin. For those who have never purchased LTC before, we’ll walk you through the process.

First things first, before you actually buy LTC, you’ll want to make sure you buy it at a good price. That said, you should never worry about buying in at the best price because crypto is volatile, and the Litecoin price can fluctuate by 10-20 percent every day. Just read a few Litecoin predictions, follow the Litecoin news, and buy in when the Litecoin value is trending lower than its weekly average.

Please be aware that most exchanges institute a 5-10-day wait for first-time buyers before they can actually send their crypto to off-platform sites like online sportsbooks.

Once your crypto is eligible for transferring off the exchanges, all you need to do is follow the directions at your sportsbook’s Cashier page to top off your betting account and go full speed ahead with your LTC betting.

Litecoin 18+ Sports Betting Deposits

With your LTC in hand, it only takes a few minutes to top off your account at any reputable 18-and-over online sports betting site. Regardless of the operator you choose, the process will work the same.

  1. Follow any link here and sign up with a trusted online sportsbook that accepts 18-year-old players.
  2. Click or tap on the “Join,” “Join Now,” or “Sign Up” button.
  3. Enter in all the required data, being sure to use your actual real information. The best sites use industry-standard KYC protocols to ensure that you (and only you) have access to your funds, bet slips, and payouts.
  4. Select the Litecoin deposit option.
  5. Copy down the site’s Litecoin receiving address.
  6. Open your Litecoin exchange account or Litecoin wallet, and select the “Send” option.
  7. Enter in the above LTC address along with the Litecoin amount you wish to transfer to your 18+ sportsbook.
  8. Submit the ticket.

Your deposit will clear in under 10 minutes, after which time you’ll be able to wager on NFL odds, NBA odds, college football lines, all kinds of international sports, and more. You’ll even have access to markets you can’t find anywhere else, such as entertainment betting, political betting, and eSports betting.

Litecoin 18+ Sports Betting Payouts

Claiming Litecoin betting payouts is even easier than depositing because all the setup is already done. You now have an LTC wallet or an exchange account where you can receive LTC transfers, which means the withdrawal process is extremely simple. Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the Cashier page at your Litecoin gambling site of choice and select the LTC withdrawal option.
  2. Open your Litecoin wallet or Litecoin exchange account and select the “Receive” option.
  3. Copy down the unique Litecoin receiving address provided by your wallet.
  4. Back at your sportsbook, enter the above Litecoin address into the appropriate field. Also, include the amount of LTC you wish to pull out of your 18+ sports betting account.
  5. Submit your request.

Litecoin gambling payouts at 18-and-up betting sites can take up to two hours to be processed by your sportsbook, though some sites process these much more quickly.

Regardless, once your request has been approved, your Litecoin will show up in your crypto wallet within about 3-5 minutes. There are no added fees, and the native LTC blockchain fees are among the smallest in the industry.

2024 Litecoin 18+ Sports Betting Bonuses

Another reason sports bettors aged 18 and up prefer to use Litecoin is that it allows them to take advantage of the best possible sports betting bonuses. At the most reputable sites, online sportsbook promos already give players great bang for their buck, but crypto bonuses add even more free money – in this case, free Litecoin – to your betting account.

While typical promos might match your deposit by 50% to 100%, Litecoin deposit bonuses will match your funds by 100-200%. In effect, you get twice as many free play opportunities with crypto than you do when topping off your bankroll with traditional transfers (i.e. credit, debit, bank wire, money order, etc.).

Most sites have the following bonuses available year-round:

  • Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonuses
  • Sports Betting Account Reload Bonuses
  • Sports Betting Special Event Bonuses
  • Sports Betting Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Important: Sports betting bonuses come with rollover requirements. At most betting sites for 18-plus players, these will be between 5X and 15X, meaning you must wager your deposit + bonus amount that many times before being able to withdraw any associated winnings.

These are fair, low rollovers, so we recommend all players accept them whenever they’re offered. It’s also worth noting that LTC bonuses carry the same rollover rates as standard bonuses, which makes them even more attractive.

Litecoin Benefits For Online Sports Betting

There are a number of excellent reasons to use crypto to bet sports online. Similarly, there are a number of excellent reasons to bet with the Litecoin cryptocurrency specifically. Whenever your top off your betting account with LTC at any respected sportsbook for 18+ players, you can take advantage of these perks:

  • Quantum-hacking-resistant blockchain technology for incredible financial security
  • Deposits and withdrawals are guaranteed to go through 100% of the time
  • Access to the best online sports betting bonuses and promotional offers
  • Eligibility for same-day payouts on all LTC/crypto withdrawals
  • No added fees of any kind
  • The highest deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Lower native blockchain fees than most other supported crypto options
  • Faster verification and processing times than most other cryptocurrencies
  • Sportsbook balance goes up when LTC goes up
  • Sportsbook LTC payouts can appreciate significantly, giving you even more money when you win
  • Excellent investment potential for the LTC crypto asset

How To Use Litecoin For Online Sports Betting

You already know how LTC works and how to use LTC for making online betting deposits and claiming payouts. However, to streamline the process further, we explain where to actually get your hands on the Litecoin crypto coin. Fortunately, that’s easy enough, and you can learn all about it in the sections below.

Where To Buy Litecoin

The best way to Buy LTC is to sign up at a Litecoin exchange. That said, there is no single best exchange to buy Litecoin. As long as you go with a reputable, time-tested, popular crypto trading platform, they all work more or less the same way.

The top Litecoin exchanges for US players (and most international players) are listed here, and we have accounts with all of the following ourselves:

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Coinmama
  • eToro
  • Gemini
  • Kraken

How To Buy Litecoin

The procedure for buying Litecoin cryptocurrency is straightforward. Of course, we recommend taking our prior advice and keeping track of the Litecoin price today, this week, etc., to make sure you’re purchasing the asset at a lower-than-average LTC price. Don’t get too tied up monitoring Litecoin price charts and Litecoin forecasts, though, because you’ll end up waiting too long and missing the boat.

As long as LTC is somewhat off its all-time high, you can rest assured you’re getting a good deal. Litecoin projections show that the crypto is likely to be worth far more in the near future, so it’s a good time to get in.

Once you see a price that works, make an account at any of the above cryptocurrency exchanges. The process is akin to setting up a bank account, so you’ll have to upload some form of ID and submit some other documentation. Once that’s done, simply transfer money from your linked bank account to your crypto exchange account and then convert that to LTC.

Note: Most reputable crypto exchanges will not let you buy Litecoin with credit card options. Debit cards and ACH transfers (i.e., direct bank transfers) are required.  

New For 2024: You can now request Litecoin payouts regardless of how you’ve deposited into your sports betting account. This means that even if you’ve never used crypto before, you can get on the LTC bandwagon by depositing into your 18+ online sportsbook with credit/debit/etc. and then claim your winnings in the Litecoin crypto. Just remember that you still need a Litecoin wallet to do this (see below).

How To Mine Litecoin

Crypto mining is a popular pastime for some enthusiasts, but Litecoin is far too mature at this point to make Litecoin mining an attractive proposition for beginners.

Mining Litecoin is resource intensive and requires a significant financial outlay to get started, and for most 18+ sports bettors, it’s far more cost-effective to simply buy LTC on the existing exchanges.

If you absolutely insist on mining LTC, however, there are plenty of online tutorials in Litecoin Reddit rooms, Litecoin Twitter feeds, and Litecoin YouTube channels.

Best Litecoin Wallets For Betting Sports Online At 18-Plus

To send and receive LTC, you need a Litecoin wallet. And though it’s important that you get a reputable LTC wallet, there’s no need to dig too deep to find the best Litecoin wallet. As long as it has a strong user base with good online reviews, any Litecoin wallet should be plenty good enough.

That said, not all LTC wallets are good for sports gambling. Since bettors want to make rapid deposits at a moment’s notice, so they don’t miss out on a valuable line, it’s critical that they use a wallet that’s already connected to the Internet (aka Litecoin hot wallets).

Hot wallets come in the form of exchange account wallets, downloadable browser extensions, and even Litecoin wallets for Android, iPad, and iPhone. LTC wallet apps are especially convenient given the fact that most players at the sites we recommend already participate in 18+ mobile sports betting. Being able to handle everything on a single device is a winning play.

If you want extra security and don’t mind jumping through a few hoops, you can use a dedicated Litecoin hardware wallet. Meanwhile, LTC paper wallets are the most secure options, but these are never recommended for active trading or online betting. Crypto paper wallets are for offline cold storage, and they’re only used by long-term investors.

Litecoin Exchange Wallets – Fastest Transfers, Least Secure

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • Other LTC Exchanges

Litecoin Software Wallets – Fast Transfers, More Secure

  • Atomic
  • Electrum
  • Exodus
  • Guarda
  • Jaxx
  • LiteWallet Android
  • LiteWallet iOS

Litecoin Hardware Wallets – Slow Transfers, Highly Secure

  • Ledger Nano S
  • Ledger Nano X
  • Trezor One
  • Trezor Model T

Litecoin Paper Wallets – Slowest Transfers, Most Secure

Note: Please only download LTC software wallets from their official app store postings or developer websites. Similarly, please purchase LTC hardware wallets only from their official manufacturer storefronts. Never use third parties to download or buy crypto wallets.