18 & Up NCAA College Football Playoffs Betting Guide

NCAAF logoAt the end of each NCAAF regular season, the College Football Playoffs begin in an effort to determine the National Champion. This 4-team bracket of elite NCAA pigskin programs inspires many to visit online sportsbooks and place a bet, and this 18 & up NCAA College Football betting guide gives sub-21 bettors the winning playbook.

Read on to find out what legal options are available to CFP bettors that are 18 and over, which sports betting sites allow for members that are under 21, and other tips and tricks for navigating the immersive world of betting on College Football and their 4-team postseason series.

Best 18+ College Football Playoff Betting Sites

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College Football Playoff Odds

For most of the NCAAF regular season, the CFP odds are posted as futures with each contending team listed with moneyline odds on their chances. The National Championship betting line below is a prime example.

  • Alabama +275
  • Clemson +450
  • Georgia +600
  • Ohio State +650
  • Oklahoma +800
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • Iowa State +3000
  • Florida +3300
  • LSU +3300
  • Texas +3800
  • USC +4500
  • North Carolina +5000
*More odds available online

There are other betting lines, such as conference futures, that can provide an indication of teams that have the potential to reach the final four CFP bracket, but ultimately, this betting line, and the opinions of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, are the best indicators.

Once the College Football Playoffs begin, there’ll be individual game lines and loads of CFP prop bets to keep everyone busy, but those cannot be determined until the final teams have been announced in late December.

How To Bet On The CFP

Once the four College Football Playoff teams have been announced by the CFP Selection Committee, betting lines will drop at over-18 sports betting sites almost immediately. These lines will offer point-spreads, money line odds, and over/under totals for each CFP game.

Point Spread – This is a positive or negative number that shows how many points a team is predicted to win or lose by. Bets must be placed on the favorite or the underdog to cover the spread, which means winning by a larger margin, or losing by a smaller margin than the spread.

Money Line – If you’re an under-21 sports bettor that just wants to wager on which team will win the game, moneyline odds are for you. Three-digit odds are placed next to each team’s name that shows how likely they are to win or lose and how much can be won by betting on them.

Over/Under – Another simple bet that is a part of any standard CFP betting line is the over/under, which reveals how many points that the over-18 online sportsbooks think will be scored in total by both teams. Bettors just need to select if it will be higher or lower than the over/under.

Prop Bets – Because the NCAA College Football Playoffs are so popular, sportsbooks are eager to take in more action than the standard betting line allows for, and often produce prop bets that can include anything that happens on-air, from total incomplete passes to the content of the commercials.

Futures – A perfect example of a CFP futures line is the National Championship Winner odds that are posted in the section above. Because the CFP only lasts for a couple of weeks, most of the action is laid on futures because they are available in various forms throughout the year.

Tips For 18+ CFP Betting

Ignore Loyalties – Emotional ties must be abandoned, and fan cards must be ignored when making bets on College Football Playoffs. Bet with your mind and not with your heart, or you may end up sharing the same fate as your favorite team.

History Matters – Alabama and Clemson make it to the CFP often for a reason. They are the top programs in NCAAF and produce a championship product each fall, and any bets against them in the CFP is a considerable risk. Clemson and Alabama’s respective conferences, the ACC and the SEC, respectively, are also dominant. Should Alabama or Clemson not make it to the CFP, the same respect should be granted to the representative from their conference.

Bankroll Management – Remember, there are three games in the CFP so save some bankroll for all of them. Create a CFP betting budget and don’t blow it all on the first game. Also, don’t bet the rent money on the College Football Playoffs. Take care of #1 first, and only use leftover cash to fund your NCAAF Playoffs bankroll.

Mobile Betting Apps

The CFP betting sites we recommend can be accessed on the go with Apple or Android tablets and smartphones by clicking on our 10+ sportsbook links featured on this page using a current mobile browser. That’s because these mobile betting apps are web-based and do not require a download.

Over-eighteen CFP bets can be placed quickly on iPhones, iPhones, and other popular mobile devices, whether you are at the game, or at the dorm. Nothing’s off-limits either. These mobile CFP betting apps offer all the betting lines that are featured on the main sportsbook site.

Over-18 Sportsbook Funding Options

Bitcoin (BTC) is the top funding option at all of the 18+ CFP sportsbooks we recommend because of its unregulated status which provides for the quickest transaction times in the online betting industry. Bitcoin deposits can be made within minutes, and BTC withdrawals complete in less than a day.

Other 18 & up sports betting site funding options include:

  • Deposit: Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Zelle, Money Transfer Services, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano (ADA), Ripple, Litecoin)
  • Withdrawal: Wire Transfer, Cashier’s Check By Courier, Cryptocurrency* (Same Day Payouts!)

2021-22 College Football Playoffs Dates

2021-22 College Football Playoff Selection Committee Final Rankings Release
Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021-22 College Football Playoff Semifinals

CFP Semifinal
The Cotton Bowl, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Friday, December 31, 2021

CFP Semifinal
The Orange Bowl, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
Friday, December 31, 2021

2021-22 National Championship Game
Monday, January 10, 2022 – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana

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