Guide To 18+ Mobile iPhone Sportsbook Apps

18+ iPhone SportsbooksJust about everyone that is over the age of 18 in the United States carries a mobile phone or device with them whenever they leave the house, and more of them are made by Apple than any other brand. iPhone dominates the cell phone market, and each year, their share of smartphones in the USA continues to grow.

That said, most mobile bets placed on sports are made using an Apple product. Because of that, this 18+ guide to mobile iPhone sportsbook apps is a must-read if you are a bettor on the go that wants to know what their best options are for placing an on-the-go wager and securing the fastest payout.

The Best Betting Apps For iPhones For Over 18 In 2024

As suggested in the passage above, the best betting apps on iPhones and other Apple devices are provided by the offshore sportsbook sites that we recommend for 18 and over gamblers.

The absolute best iPhone betting apps can be discovered by clicking on any of the below online sportsbooks with a modern Apple tablet or smartphone.

Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Bonus
Up To $1,000
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BetUS125% Bonus
Up To $3,125
4.8/5Visit SiteReview Logo50% Bonus
Up To $500
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Betonline Sportsbook Logo50% Bonus
Up To $1,000
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Up To $1,000
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What Is The Minimum Age To Bet On Sports On An iPhone?

18 Plus AcceptedOffshore sportsbook sites like the venues featured in the table above accept members at the age of 18 and allow them to bet on popular sports occurring around the globe via their iPhones and iPads.

Some US states that feature their own downloadable iPhone or Android sportsbook applications allow for 18 and over bettors, but most of them feature a minimum age of 21 to place a bet on sports.

Advantages Of Betting Apps For iPhones

Sports betting apps for iPhones are advantageous for a number of reasons. Sports gamblers that are 18, 19, and 20 years old are often out and about, and more often than not, are carrying a mobile Apple product (iPhone, iPad) in their pocket or purse.

As long as the iPhone or iPad is in use and able to accept iOS updates, then it will be able to handle any of the web-based sportsbook applications offered by our top-rated online sports betting sites for 18+.

Speaking of web-based, that means there are no downloads when doing business with an offshore under-21 sportsbook app on an iPhone or iPad.

There is never anything to download, ever, and the latest betting lines are just one click away using a modern mobile browser (Safari, Google, Firefox, Opera, Chrome).

iPhone Sports Betting Options

When most gamblers that are over 18 want to place a mobile bet, iPhone is the device that is used more often than not. The best football betting apps for iPhone are listed in the table above, but what else is offered for Apple devices and tablets?

The best iPhone or iPad sports betting apps – offer the following options for mobile sportsbook action:

iPhone Sportsbook Banking Options

Domestic sportsbooks thus far are limited to standard USD methodologies such as credit and debit cards. International sportsbook sites that offer their services via iPhone allow for 18 and over customers in the USA to bet on sports using USD as well, but prefer the use of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

When choosing which sportsbook banking options are available to 18+ bettors, our team suggests using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for depositing and withdrawing your winnings.

No other sportsbook funding method is more secure, and they are the only withdrawal method that can transact in less than a day. Also, as you will see in the following section, sportsbook bonuses are higher when crypto or BTC is used.

iPhone Sportsbook Bonus Offers For July 2024

Almost all online sportsbooks based overseas will extend bonus offers to their 18 and over patrons when they make a deposit into their online account, but some of them will utilize special promotions for mobile sports betting.

These offers will match a percentage of the deposit total and place that amount into members’ bankrolls following the transaction. This special iPhone sportsbook bonus offers for 20 and under gamblers feature requirements that we strongly advise reading through prior to accepting.

Free Betting Apps For iPhone

Our staff has yet to encounter any sportsbook apps for iPhone that require a purchase to simply access. Domestic sports betting apps can be downloaded to iPhones or other Apple products without cost to the user.

We can’t account for every online sportsbook in existence, but the over 18 betting sites that we’ve listed in the table above provide their web-based mobile iPhone betting apps free of charge. If any 18 and over sports gamblers encounter a betting app asking for an access fee, avoid it!