18+ Madden 23 Betting Options

Madden 23 cover artMillions of people around the world today are both sports betting fans and video-gaming enthusiasts. Wagering on virtual sports in simulation games and eSports games has risen in popularity throughout the United States and internationally. When it comes to sports sim betting for 18 and up, Madden is by far the most popular simulated wagering game.

Sports sims and esports have definitely gained momentum in the sports betting market, paving the way for 18+ Madden 23 betting lines being added to the leading online sportsbooks.  While it may not be as common to find sports sim betting options at domestic sports betting outlets as it is to find NFL betting lines, it has become a staple at most of the international sportsbooks like the ones you see in this guide.

Read on to discover how and where eighteen-plus players can bet on the most robust Madden 23 sims and eSports odds.

Best 18+ Madden Sim and eSports Betting Sites For 2023

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Is It Legal To Bet On Madden 23 At The Age Of 18?

Currently, there are no federal laws that prohibit 18+ bettors from wagering on Madden23 sims and eSports at sportsbooks that are operating legitimately within the industry domestically or outside of the United States.

Washington is the one state that outlaws online gambling of any kind and other domestic sportsbooks either prohibit 18+ bettors or simply do not offer lines on Madden 23.

It is legal for 18+ bettors to sign up with an international sportsbook in 49 out of 50 states, and there is no history of a federal or state institution penalizing an 18+ player from placing bets with our recommended online betting sites.

How To Get Started With 18+ Betting On Madden 23

If you are ready to wager on Madden 23, then there are just a few important steps to take.

  1. Sign up and fund your account – The first step is to create an account with an online betting site and choose a funding method. The sportsbooks require you enter verifiable information for billing purposes.
  2. Once your account is created, navigate to the Madden 23 sports sim lines or the Madden 23 esports events, whichever is applicable.
  3. Complete your bet slip and submit it. As you do this, you will see the amount you stand to win if your bet is successful.

Banking Options For 18+ Madden Bettors

There are several ways for 18+ bettors to deposit and withdraw funds. Using Bitcoin is the most sought-after method of deposit and withdrawal. Bitcoin provides bettors with secure deposits and faster withdrawals.  Note: you can only withdraw using BTC if you used BTC to fund your account.

The actual banking options available will vary by site, but here are the most commonly found options:

  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.
  • Credit/Debit Cards (deposit only): Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card
  • QB Direct
  • Matchpay
  • Zelle
  • Wire Transfer
  • Money Transfer
  • Voucher

Madden Sports Sim Betting Explained

Popular offshore betting sites offer lines on simulated games using the latest Madden23 software. Simulated sports involve no human players and are matches where gameplay is automated by computers. Just as if you were to simulate a game on your Madden 23 in-game league, the sportsbook will simulate the game for bettors.

The sportsbook will decide on the different parameters, including weather, quarter length, and stadium. The sportsbook always discloses the varying conditions as they can affect the outcome. Sports betting sites sometimes stream the simulated games but often use streaming websites such as Twitch.

A simulated game will be shown in its entirety, offering live Madden 23 betting throughout the match. The lines provided for Madden 23 sims include the standard sports betting lines, including props, straights, totals, and spreads. The sportsbook utilizes the real-life performance metrics of the simulated players when offering odds on Madden 23  sims.
Tom Brady Tampa Bay

Madden eSports Betting Explained

Madden23 eSports provide bettors and Madden 23 gaming fans with another option for betting on the game. Madden 23 eSports matches are virtual competitions played between real gamers.

Video game competitions have become insanely popular events. The world’s best Madden gamers participate in the Madden NFL 23 Club Championship Series, playing as their chosen teams, and winners of the championship can make up to $750,000.

Players use either standard or All-Star team rosters for eSports betting events, although they do have the discretion of using their choice of settings for weather and quarter length. The sportsbook streams the entirety of the game on their website or a popular streaming platform.

Madden23 esports betting lines include totals, point spreads, straight bets, and props. Moreover, they offer live betting for Madden23 eSports games.

Current Madden23 Sims and eSports Betting Lines

You can find the current odds for Madden23 sims on your sportsbooks of choice. These games happen multiple times a day, and the odds are always changing. Here’s an example of a recent Madden23 sim betting line:

Weather = Random
Chargers Updated Rosters: +3½ | -120 | O 52
Eagles Updated Rosters: -3½ | -170 | U 52Futures odds will be posted in the weeks before Madden23 eSports events.

Madden Sims and eSports Mobile Betting

Sportsbooks offer the option of mobile betting for 18+ Madden 23 sims and eSports. Mobile betting requires no app download and can be accessed through web-based sportsbook applications using the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari.

Mobile betting apps allow on-the-go access to Madden23 betting lines. The sportsbooks’ mobile applications are robust, visually appealing, and compatible across whichever operating software your mobile device uses (Android, Apple, Windows).

Madden Live Betting

Our recommended sportsbooks also offer live betting for Madden23 sims and eSports—traditional sportsbooks close action on the betting lines before the game starts. Live betting on a simulated or eSport Madden23 game operates the same as live betting on a real-life football game.

Sportsbooks update sims odds throughout the game, offering wagering opportunities for things such as player performance and scoring leaders for individual quarters.