Betting On Virtual Sports, Simulations, and eSports In 2020

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In 2020, betting on virtual sports has become the new normal due to the coronavirus and the stoppage of professional sports in the US and worldwide. However, there is still some confusion between virtual sports, esports, and simulated sporting events. Here we will discuss the difference between these three gaming platforms so that you are better prepared to make educated bets on games and competitions. 

While there are similarities with each of the gaming methods mentioned above some key differences change how bets are placed on each. 

Virtual Sports

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Virtual sports are computer-generated sporting events that use random numeric data to produce an outcome. Virtual sports typically use made-up team names and players with generated ratings that affect the team’s performance. These matchups are popular with 18+ online sportsbooks that offer betting lines on virtual sports, including basketball, soccer, horse racing, etc. 

Another significant part about these virtual games is that they only show a part of the action, the rest is simulated so you can move on and place other bets without having to wait the game out. A typical virtual sports bet can take between 1 to 5 mins depending on when you place your bet. 

Simulated Sports

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Simulated sporting events are similar to virtual sports in the fact that the game uses numeric data to produce an outcome and winner. The main difference is that simulated sporting events use real teams and real statistics based on real player performances other than computer-generated data. Betting on sims has greatly gained popularity since sports were canceled due to the coronavirus. 

Typical games used for simulated sporting events include Madden 21, NBA2k, MLB the show, FIFA 21, and others. These games are super popular in their own right and attract a new fanbase that might be willing to bet on the outcomes. When betting on these events, it is essential to know if the rosters are current since most player deals go down in the offseason. 


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Betting on eSports is just as entertaining as betting on sports for some people. Esports is competitive and organized video gaming played between teams or individuals. Popular esports games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Counterstrike, Overwatch, DOTA 2, and Madden 21. Esports competitions are usually played on gaming computers geeked out to offer an optimized visual and gaming experience. 

When betting on eSports, it is important to know the team and who is behind the controls. These games can take hours to complete, and teams are rewarded prize money to give both teams an incentive to win. Over the last few years, eSports has gained popularity and is now looking at expanding into new untapped gaming markets. 

Betting On Sports In 2020

Now that the world has learned to live with COVID-19, many sporting leagues are starting to resume operations without fans. The NBA is currently trying to salvage their 2020 season by operating in a Disney World bubble and playing a shorter than usual season. The MLB is presently playing a shorter season without fans in attendance. The NFL is expected to start a little late and limit the number of fans allowed to attend the games. 

Betting on the NFL or other traditional sports is like betting on virtual sports and sims; however, esports add another element into the mix. It goes without saying that esports is an acquired taste, but the league has seen substantial growth due to games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others. Despite what happens with the “Rona”, virtual sports betting is here to stay.