Virtual Sports Betting Guide For 18+ Players

Virtual Sports BettingBetting on real sports is always going to be the top draw at sportsbooks and betting sites, but what happens when the game is over or the season is wrapped up until next year? Do 18+ sports betting sites have to close down shop and find something else to offer until competition resume? No way! And that’s where betting on virtual sports can come in for the save.

Our virtual sports betting guide for 18 and over gamblers will profile the best sportsbooks on the net, what promotional offers they provide, and what games can be found there. We’ll detail the legal aspects of 18 and up sports gambling and give some advice on how to best manage your bankroll.

Best 18+ Virtual Sports Betting Sites For 2024

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What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports are computer-generated competitions that are powered by random numeric data, or random number generation (RNG) technology. This data is inserted into the software, which in turn creates results that can be wagered upon.

These results are displayed via a stat line and a video interface, and the games themselves feature generic athletes and teams that are not truly reflective of any real-life counterpart (though they are referential to existing real teams). These games are like entertainment betting and offer limited historical data to allow for more educated wagers.

There are statistics for the current “season” of your virtual sport of choice that you can consult to get a small edge, but that’s it, and team performances do not predictably get better or worse season to season. Every season is a fresh start, and new seasons begin each day.

The team sports are shown in a brief compilation of highlights, but full horse and greyhound races are shown due to their natural brevity. The virtual games begin anew every 3-5 minutes, which allows for multitudes of betting opportunities per day.

Virtual Sports vs. eSports

eSports are another betting option seen at popular sportsbooks that feature simulated sports play. Virtual sports use audited RNG software that doesn’t seek to recreate any real human players or teams. eSports, on the other hand, use popular video game franchises such as Madden 21, FIFA 20, or NBA 2K20, which utilize virtual players and teams that feature the attributes of their real-life counterparts. The odds are partly constructed on these attributes.

Another significant difference between virtual sports and eSports is that human players control the teams and athletes in the latter. The odds will thus also reflect the skills of the gaming professionals playing against one another. eSports games are full-length, with live betting options included, though virtual sports are too short to offer in-game wagering.

Virtual Sports vs. Video Game Simulations

Both video game sims and virtual sports feature no human involvement with CPU vs. CPU play, but the software is different. Sims use the same video game software that eSports does (Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA), with digital teams and competitors that look and act like their real-life equivalents.

Simulated sports games are shown in full, which also differentiates them from virtual sports, as the latter merely shows abbreviated games for most competitions. Live betting opportunities are offered for branded video game simulations but not for virtual sports.

Types Of Virtual Sports

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Auto Racing (similar to NASCAR)
  • Motorcycle Racing (Motocross)
  • Camel Racing (LOL)

Virtual Sports Betting Odds Defined

The odds that are available for you to wager on are presented in moneyline style. If an over-under line is offered, it will feature moneyline odds on which side the final total will fall on. For example, if you are familiar with betting on the NBA, then many of the virtual basketball lines will look similar. The same is true for the other sports on offer.

Team competitions provide odds for final scores, halftime totals, winning margins, and more. Races offer betting odds that are more in line with what you would see at a racebook. Players can gamble on a variety of final position rankings (Win/Place/Show) and exotics like exactas and trifectas.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Strategy

One of the best tips is to set a wagering limit for yourself. Experienced gamblers agree that setting a boundary is key to gambling longevity and bankroll management.

Of all the tips we can offer 18 and up players, none are more critical than determining a discretionary budget for wagering. This means that the money used must come from an amount that has been set aside after all bills and other vital payments have been accounted for. Using crucial funds for gambling that were intended for other purposes is irresponsible gaming and not advisable under any circumstances.

Otherwise, the only real advice we have for betting on virtual sports is to wait until a few games of the current season have elapsed before jumping in. This lets you see which teams are the stronger units and which are the weaker clubs, and it’s the only valuable historical data you can use to make informed wagers. Otherwise, virtual sports betting is effectively random.

Where Can I Bet On Virtual Sports At 18?

Currently, the only outlets that offer betting on virtual sports are offshore gambling sites. We’ve included a list of top-rated offshore sites on this page that have passed the exhaustive review of our team, and we recommend that these sportsbooks be the first stop for any prospective 18 and older player. For further information on the sites listed above visit our sportsbook reviews for 18+ players.

Are 18+ Sportsbooks That Offer Virtual Sports Safe?

The websites we recommend that offer virtual sports betting are protected by the latest cybersecurity technology and data encryption methodologies for a safe and secure wagering experience online. Their security measures rival the banking industry so you can feel protected when performing an online transaction with them. The virtual games are regulated by the same standards that govern the gaming industry as a whole and can be depended upon to provide reliable and trustworthy results.

Deposit And Withdrawal Options

Online virtual sports betting sites that allow for 18 and over members have kept up to date with the latest trends in international financial markets and offer a bevy of 18+ sportsbook banking options to support their robust operations. Below is a list of available currencies that are accepted by most major offshore sportsbooks, but this is by no means a complete listing.


  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more)
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Person-to-Person Services (MoneyGram etc.)
  • Zelle (Cash to Cryptocurrency Conversions)


  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Courier Checks
  • Money Orders

Same-Day Payouts For Virtual Sports Betting

The best part about being the victor of a virtual sports bet is collecting the winnings, so why use a payout method that is anything but immediate? The only financial option that allows for a same day payout at top-rated offshore sportsbooks is cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC) and various altcoins. These virtual currencies come with no fees and are unregulated by any nation or government, and the lack of regulatory hurdles allows for the quickest transactions with offshore betting sites.

All other payout methods include waiting times of roughly 2-5 days, and most come with added transfer fees that eat into your profit margin. (Some sites do offer free courier check payouts once a month or every 90 days.)

Mobile Sports Betting Apps

If betting on the go is a must, then seek out the web apps offered by our recommended sportsbooks on your Android device or iPhone. 18+ gamblers won’t have to download any applications, just click on one of our recommended virtual sports betting sites using a current mobile web browser such as Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, or Firefox, and find the game you intend to wager on.

Once there, the graphics will conform to all mobile screen size dimensions and offer live button play for ease of operation. The best part is, using a web app allows for heightened security measures that a downloadable app cannot provide, and there are never any downloads or updates to worry about.

Bonus Offers For 18+ Gamblers

Promotional welcome bonuses are offered to new members by the top-rated sportsbooks listed on this page. Most of these are deposit match bonuses, which add a percentage of your deposit to your bankroll to give you more money to get started wagering at your new book.

Most bonus offers have terms and conditions attached to them that need to be read before agreeing to one. Taking a bonus is not mandatory.

Live Betting On Virtual Sports

There is no opportunity for live betting on virtual games, as they are designed for brief, condensed action, with contests starting again every few minutes at all hours of the day. After placing your wagers within the allowed time allotment, the game’s results are immediately available, and many sites allow you to watch a short video highlight reel of the simulated game. The frequency of games will satisfy the gambling needs of any live betting fanatic.

Is Virtual Sports Betting Rigged?

The games that are featured in the virtual sports section of the online sportsbooks listed on this page are regulated by certified, audited RNG (random number generation) software. The game results are created by the use of numeric data that has not been tampered with and offers completely reliable outcomes. We do not offer a guarantee on all betting sites on the net but completely stand behind the sportsbooks recommended in our guide.