Betting On NFL Parlays At 18+ Sportsbooks

NFL betting oddsOne of the most popular types of NFL bets at online 18+ sportsbooks are parlays, allowing gamblers to combine wagers and increase the payout potential. This guide to betting on NFL parlays at the age of 18 reveals how combination wagers are created and discloses the safest and most legitimate pro football sportsbook sites on the web today.

If you want to know more about placing these kinds of wagers at eighteen-friendly NFL betting sites, you’ve found the right place. Keep reading this playbook and learn how to become an expert at the world’s top pro football sportsbooks.

Best 18+ Online Sportsbooks For NFL Parlays

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What Is A Parlay?

Simply stated, a parlay is when two or more wagers are included in the same bet. When multiple outcomes are combined, the odds become lower, which allows for higher payouts.

The more wagers that are added to the Parlay bet, the probability of winning decreases while the amount that can be won increases. All elements of the NFL parlay must win, or the entire combination wager will fail.

Each NFL sportsbook site will have its own rules as to how many legs can be added to a pro football parlay and what kind of odds can be included (point spreads, moneylines, totals, etc.).

How Do Football Parlays Work?

Any NFL odds not listed as “singles only” can usually be parlayed and included in a combination football wager. Logged-in members can click on various NFL lines and select them to be added to the calculator that is included in the bet slip.

Once all elements are added to the slip, you can then take note of the combined moneyline. This NFL moneyline lets you know how much can be won versus the amount of money wagered if successful.

Individuals can remove and add games to tweak the odds to their liking and adjust the amount of money being wagered to see how it impacts the overall payout.

Once the preferred games are included in the parlay and the amount you want to risk has been added, click the “place bet” button to submit. If all legs are winners, then the combined wager will deliver a nice payout to your online bankroll.

What Can Be Included In An NFL Parlay?

Each sportsbook has the ability to create its own rules regarding what it’ll allow into an NFL parlay wager. The most common options for inclusion are:

How Many Legs Can Be Included In A Parlay?

  • Bovada: 12
  • BetOnline: Potentially Unlimited
  • SportsBettingAG: Potentially Unlimited

NFL Betting Apps For Pro Football Parlays

When doing business with the top 18 and over NFL sportsbooks that we recommend, gamblers can access football parlays using smartphones and tablets as long as devices are connected to the web.

Just click on any 20 and under sportsbook site link on this page using Apple or Android products for instant access to the best NFL betting apps on the market.

Skip the download and get straight to the action on iPhones, iPads, and other popular devices using mobile browsers like Opera, Safari, Google/Chrome, and others. The entirety of the desktop sportsbook site is ported to mobile betting apps for unlimited wagering from almost anywhere in the United States.

What Are NFL Parlay Calculators?

Each online sportsbook we suggest to our readers includes a parlay calculator inside their bet slip. By clicking on any odds you want to wager on, the calculator will add them to the slip and reveal updated moneylines.

These calculators tally up the odds and will declare the amount of money that can be won based on how much is being gambled.  Odds can be removed or added with ease with real-time updates.

What Happens When A Parlay Leg Results In A Push Or Tie?

Typically, ties or pushes within a combo simply cause the removal of those odds from the combination wager, thus increasing the probability of winning and lowering the potential cash winnings. Be sure to investigate the parlay rules at each NFL sportsbook to determine the specifics.

How To Research NFL Picks And Parlays

Researching an NFL bet requires knowledge of prior performance, the history between teams, injury status, weather conditions, and all other known factors that can impact a given game. Since NFL parlays involve multiple games and outcomes, the research required is much more exhaustive than when making a single bet. The truth is, the more research, the better, but it must be concluded prior to kickoff time.

What Is The Difference Between A Parlay And A Parley?

A parlay is a combination wager. A parley is another term for a discussion, often between opposing factions.

Examples Of NFL Parlays

Bovada Parlay

BetOnline Parlay

Bovada NFL Parlay BetOnline NFL parlay

What Is The Best NFL Parlay Strategy?

  • Don’t overindulge in football parlays – The escalated odds that combined bets provide are exciting, so resist the temptation to place several wagers and stick to no more than one a week. These types are difficult to hit, so be wise and don’t make them your focus.
  • Be mindful of timelines when including futures – Futures odds may take several weeks or even months to finalize, so think twice before adding them to any combination wagers. Stick to lines that will resolve within the next few days to ensure your wager can conclude sooner than later.
  • Place small dollar bets – Don’t risk an abundance of money on a parlay. Use this kind of wager as a hedge opportunity and think of them as a lottery ticket. Even a dollar can result in a large payout if you hit it just right.