NFL Prop Bets At 18-Friendly Sportsbooks

NFL betting oddsOne of the most popular NFL bet types that frequent online 18+ sportsbooks are propositions. NFL prop bets at 18-friendly sportsbooks cover any element not contained within futures odds or game lines and allow for wagering on anything that happens inside a pro football broadcast.

Read this guide to learn more about over 18 NFL betting sites that offer propositions to their members. We also cover what can be included in an NFL prop bet and whether or not it is legal in the United States. Don’t partake in NFL prop betting without learning this playbook first.

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What Are NFL Prop Bets?

Proposition bets in the realm of pro football cover everything outside of game lines (point spread, moneyline, over/under) and futures odds for division, conference, and Super Bowl winners. They primarily consist of player and team stats and performances but can include anything trackable that occurs on or off the field.

Here are a couple of NFL prop bets for reference:

Washington Commanders’ Regular Season Win Totals

  • Over 8 -105
  • Under 8 -125

Will The Baltimore Ravens Make The NFL Playoffs?

  • Yes -190
  • No +145

Most Passing Touchdowns (Regular Season)

  • Justin Herbert +550
  • Josh Allen +600
  • Tom Brady +650
  • Patrick Mahomes +900
  • Matthew Stafford +900
  • Joe Burrow +900
  • Aaron Rodgers +1000
  • Dak Prescott +1400

First Type Of Score In Game

  • Touchdown -120
  • Field Goal +125
  • Safety +1500

Color Of Drink Poured On Winning Coach

  • Clear EVEN
  • Orange +200
  • Green +225
  • Blue +350
  • Yellow +450
  • Other +500

Types of NFL Prop Bets

The only limit to what pro football props might be offered on a given week is what the oddsmakers can dream up. Here are the most common types that can be found in online sportsbooks.

NFL Player Props

  • The number of yards, touchdowns, interceptions, receptions, sacks, and tackles a player will total in a game or during a season
  • Player-vs-player matchups for certain stat totals where the top accumulator wins – can last for one game or the entire year
  • Off-the-field props for player activities, comments, or gestures

NFL Team Props

  • NFL team props stat totals (over/under) for NFL games
  • NFL team betting for scoring the most points, fewest points, most wins, fewest wins
  • First type of score
  • Total wins

NFL Prop Bets For Coaches

  • First coach to get fired
  • Coach of the Year odds

NFL Playoff Props

  • NFL Playoff betting on whether a team will qualify
  • Props for if a team will miss the playoffs

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Tips For NFL Prop Betting

The odds posted for pro football props are enticing for a reason – oddsmakers intend to attract their members to lay some action. While we don’t advise against indulging, we offer the following guidelines for safe gambling.

  • Don’t overindulge – Sort through the list of props on the board and identify two or three that stand out as the most winnable. Discard any lines that feature undue risk.
  • Stay within your predetermined gambling budget – No single wager should amount to over 5% of your total bankroll. All sports betting funds should be culled from disposable income after all bills have been paid.
  • Avoid risky parlays – Online sportsbooks offer massive payouts for NFL parlays. The reason is that they rarely win. Don’t ruin a solid Sunday of betting by tanking a parlay, and never use combination wagers to chase losses.
  • Use a prop builder app – Many of our most recommended sportsbooks feature prop builders that aid in searching through and compiling all available props that are on the board. These apps make it a lot easier to browse through all player and team props available without having to scan through several pages.

Are NFL Props Live Betting?

Live betting on NFL games entails placing wagers after kickoff, between the first and fourth quarters. While live NFL odds are usually intended to describe in-play wagering on the point spread, moneyline winner odds, and the over/under, props are also included.

The reason is that propositions can be bet on until one of the options in the line is a winner. That can happen anytime during the game and sometimes after, which qualifies props as live betting.

Sportsbook Promo Codes

The over-18 sports gambling websites that are endorsed on this page offer sportsbook bonuses when members make their first, and sometimes follow-up, deposits. Each site differs in how they deliver the bonus cash, but each entails matching a percentage of the deposit and adding the funds back to accounts.

Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tends to up the bonus cash levels and feature easier terms to complete. Regarding terms, read through all conditions attached to a bonus before accepting one. If you can quickly meet the requirements, then there’s really no reason not to accept the free cash.

18-Friendly NFL Betting Apps

Our top NFL betting sites can be accessed with all major Apple and Android smartphones and tablets from anywhere inside the USA. While domestic gambling apps require a download, offshore NFL betting applications use mobile browsers to grant access to Americans that have reached the age of 18.

All of the NFL prop bets offered at the desktop sportsbook sites can be wagered on using iPhones, iPads, and all other popular web-ready devices. Mobile sports betting at 18 doesn’t get any simpler or better than when opting for our top sportsbooks for propositions.

Depositing And Withdrawing At Online Sportsbooks

One of the biggest perks of joining an offshore sportsbook site is the ability to deposit using cryptocurrency. Sure, there are plenty of standard US dollar deposit options offered depending on where you’re placing bets, but consider crypto for the following reasons.

  • Cryptocurrency deposits travel faster and more securely than USD uploads
  • Sportsbook bonus cash offers are typically larger than when using USD and feature easier completion terms
  • Same-day withdrawals are the standard when it comes to requesting payouts in cryptocurrency
  • USD withdrawals take at least 48 hours to complete
  • Blockchain processing alongside state-of-the-art cybersecurity makes cryptocurrencies the safest online sportsbook banking options

NFL Prop Betting FAQs

Prop bets for the upcoming NFL season can be released prior to the current year’s Super Bowl. Typically, the bulk of NFL props will be unleashed upon the betting public in mid-July, but gamblers can find them all year long at 18+ sportsbook sites.
Yes, Bovada, as well as the other online sportsbooks we mention on this page, will publish hundreds of NFL draft prop bets between them. Propositions for betting on the NFL Draft tend to appear around November as the college football season is wrapping up and typically remain on the boards until the selection is made in April.