Betting On The NFL Playoffs Divisional Round At Sportsbooks For 18 & Over

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The NFL franchises in the running for a Super Bowl LVIII championship have been winnowed down to the final eight. Four lines for betting on the NFL Playoffs are now posted for the 2023-24 Divisional Round, where each winner will advance to the Conference Championship Game in either the AFC or NFC.

Houston Texans (4) vs. Baltimore Ravens (1)

Starting off the Divisional Round Weekend at 4:30 p.m. are the AFC favorite Baltimore Ravens defending their home turf against the Houston Texans.

  • Texans vs. Ravens Point Spread: Houston +9.0, Baltimore -9.0
  • Houston vs. Baltimore Moneyline: Texans +310, Ravens -415
  • Over/Under: 43.5 Points

18-friendly NFL sportsbooks are favoring Baltimore by over a touchdown, suggesting they’ll dominate the red-hot Texans who just blew out the Cleveland Browns. Prop bets for the Texans vs. Ravens imply that both starting quarterbacks will have productive days.

That projection contradicts the 9-point spread because if Stroud puts up numbers like that on Baltimore’s defense, points will come along with the production.

Key NFL Prop Bets:

C.J. Stroud Prop Bet For Passing Yards

  • Over 250.5 Yards -114
  • Under 250.5 -114

Lamar Jackson Prop Bet For Passing Yards

  • Over 227.5 Yards -113
  • Under 227.5 Yards -115

Lamar Jackson Prop Bet For Rushing Yards

  • Over 52.5 Yards -121
  • Under 52.5 Yards -108

Green Bay Packers (7) vs. San Francisco 49ers (1)

Kicking off at 8:00 p.m. this Saturday in Levi’s Stadium is the #1 49ers against the Green Bay Packers, who may be a year ahead of schedule.

  • Packers vs. 49ers Point Spread: Green Bay +9.5, San Francisco -9.5
  • Green Bay vs. San Francisco Moneyline: Packers +340, 49ers -460
  • Over/Under: 50.0 Points

San Francisco holds the highest odds for betting on the Super Bowl this season, so it makes sense that they’re favored at home against the Packers. We do believe the 49ers will win, but we’re not confident that they’ll beat Green Bay by ten or more points.

Key NFL Prop Bets:

Christian McCaffrey Prop Bet For Rushing Yards

  • Over 88.5 Yards -120
  • Under 88.5 Yards -109

Aaron Jones Prop Bet For Rushing Yards

  • Over 71.5 Yards -114
  • Under 71.5 Yards -114

Jordan Love Passing Yards Prop Bet

  • Over 249.5 Yards -113
  • Under 249.5 Yards -115

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Detroit Lions

The early game on Sunday begins at 3:00 p.m. as the Lions look to establish a playoff winning streak after earning their first postseason victory in over thirty years against the LA Rams last weekend.

  • Buccaneers vs. Lions Point Spread: Tampa Bay +6.5, Detroit -6.5
  • Tampa Bay vs. Detroit Moneyline: Buccaneers +240, Lions -290
  • Over/Under: 49.0 Points

Weather will not be a factor at Ford Field, and the Lions will need to win by a TD or more to cover the spread. We think Detroit will win, but a late rally from Baker Mayfield and company could place the spread in jeopardy.

Key NFL Prop Bets:

Total Passing Yards – Baker Mayfield

  • Over 245.5 Yards -135
  • Under 245.5 Yards +105

Total Passing Yards – Jared Goff

  • Over 272.5 Yards -115
  • Under 272.5 Yards -115

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

Finishing off the 2023-24 Divisional Round Playoff Weekend is a matchup of two AFC juggernauts. Tundra-like weather conditions are once again expected in Buffalo, as Josh Allen and the Bills are favored to notch their first playoff win against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

  • Chiefs vs. Bills Point Spread: Kansas City +3.0, Buffalo -3.0
  • Kansas City vs. Buffalo Moneyline: Chiefs +130, Bills -150
  • Over/Under: 45.5 Points

Any wagers placed on this game represent true gambling, as you’re likely betting on which team’s offense gains possession of the ball last. The winner of this hard-fought battle will most likely have to face the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game.

Key NFL Prop Bets:

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards Prop

  • Over 260.5 Yards -115
  • Under 260.5 Yards -115

Total Interceptions Thrown – Josh Allen

  • Over 0.5 Interception -130
  • Under 0.5 Interception EVEN

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