Entertainment Odds Heat Up At 18+ Online Sports Betting Sites

Bet on it alien odds

If you do not plan on betting on the Super Bowl, don’t worry; plenty of entertainment odds are available online at 18+ sportsbooks for 2024.

Online entertainment odds from offshore sports betting sites are plentiful and do not face the same betting restrictions many states impose on their sportsbooks. Since 18+ sports betting sites don’t have to play by state restrictions, you can find odds for politics, college sports, and any other sporting event worldwide.

In recent years, entertainment lines have expanded to include popular TV series, movies, awards shows, celebrities, etc. Below, we will discuss how you can get in on the action and win real money betting on your favorite entertainment odds.

How To Bet On Entertainment Odds Online

Betting on entertainment odds is very similar to betting on any other sport, except that there are no game lines. Most entertainment odds are future odds; however, depending on the show, you can also find proposition bets for popular events.

Entertainment odds reflect widespread and garnishing attention, so below, you will see that the odds we pulled from BetOnline’s sportsbook encompass many different entertainment areas.

Height of Miami alien

  • Over 8’7″ -120
  • Under 8’7″ -120

Sex of Miami alien

  • Non-Binary -200
  • Male +250
  • Female +300

Robin Gunningham confirmed as Bansky by 1st June

  • No -550
  • Yes +325

Snoop Dogg

  • To be at Super Bowl LVIII -300
  • To release self-branded edibles +475
  • Release a song with the word ‘smoke’ in it +800
  • To endorse a stop-smoking product +1000

As you can see, entertainment odds are all over the place and offer something fun for bettors who follow popular culture. As for the Miami Alien, those bets will likely be voided after it’s proven to be a hoax.

Can You Bet On Celebrities?

Yes, many legit sportsbooks accept bets on celebrities and generally cover everything from who will star in the next movie to who will Kim Kardashian date next. Celebrity odds are very popular online and a great way to score extra cash if you know a celebrity’s tendencies.

Other celebrity betting options include Award show winners and nominations, court cases/outcomes, the royal family, and pope odds.