WrestleMania Odds Suggest The End Of Roman’s Reign

WrestleMania XL promo featuring Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns

The Super Bowl of professional wrestling is happening this weekend, as WrestleMania is scheduled to air on Peacock this Saturday and Sunday. This event has historically been where storylines and feuds come to an end or are settled.

One such rivalry coming to a head this weekend is that of Cody Rhodes and current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Cody and Seth Rollins will face Roman and the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in the main event on Saturday.

The final match on WrestleMania this Sunday is for the whole ball of wax, placing Cody and Roman against each other. This is the second Mania in a row that Cody and Roman have main-evented.

Last year, the focus was on the sale of World Wrestling Entertainment, an arrangement that resulted in a merger with the UFC to form the publicly traded entity TKO.

12 months later, former WWE owner Vince McMahon is gone from the company following a series of sexual allegations that were made public. McMahon still owns a sizable portion of TKO shares but has been selling them off gradually since he departed from the company in January.

Perhaps April 2023 was not the appropriate time to dethrone Roman. The sale/merger talks were ongoing, and Reigns was in the middle of a lengthy and historic march toward 1,000 days as champion.

This year, 18-friendly entertainment betting sites feel differently about the outcome of Reigns vs. Rhodes. In fact, gamblers will need to bet $5 at Bovada just to net a dollar on Cody beating Roman.

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns Betting Line

  • Cody Rhodes -500
  • Roman Reigns +300

Placing a $1 WrestleMania bet on Reigns will earn gamblers profits of $3 if the referee raises his arm at the conclusion of the match.

Searching through the gambling sites featured in our 18+ sportsbook reviews reveals that multiple venues have created WrestleMania betting odds. Here is what BetUS has available for Cody vs. Roman.


  • Cody Rhodes -400
  • Roman Reigns +250

In this case, earning a dollar by betting on Cody is $1 cheaper than at Bovada, but payouts for Roman Reigns are $0.50 less on the dollar. BetOnline AG also has a line posted for Roman vs. Cody.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match Odds To Win

  • Cody Rhodes -425
  • Roman Reigns (c) +265

While the moneyline odds for both wrestlers are different from those of the first two WrestleMania prop bets, neither offers higher profit margins for winners.

These WrestleMania 40 odds can and will change between now and Sunday night’s main event match. Live WrestleMania betting lines may also remain active after the opening bell rings for each contest.

WrestleMania broadcasts from Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field this Saturday and Sunday on Peacock, starting at 7 PM.

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