18+ Fan Controlled Football Betting

FCF logoFan Controlled Football called it quits after Season V2.0, announcing that their 3.0 campaign is on an indefinite hiatus. FCF was the professional league where fans of each team have a say in how the plays are called. They added teams for the 2022 FCF season, but were unable to keep it together for a third season of 18+ Fan Controlled Football betting.

This guide delves into the details regarding whether betting on FCF odds is legal in the United States at 18 and over and how and where Fan Controlled Football gambling can be done safely. We also provide insight into what Fan Controlled Football is, where it can be seen, and what fans can expect for the upcoming season.

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What Is Fan-Controlled Football?

Fan Controlled Football is a professional football league that played its second and final season in 2022. FCF games are 40 minutes long with seven-on-seven football

Just like the league name says, FCF lets fans of each team call the plays via their official website after registering with the team of choice. The plays are called in-game online, with the one receiving the highest tally getting preference.

The teams all compete on the same field just outside of Atlanta, GA, and can be seen on the Fan Controlled Football Twitch Channel.

Because 6 new teams have been added to FCF in 2022, the league has yet to announce official playoff qualification rules or a date for the Fan Controlled Football Championship Game. We’ll post details here as they emerge.

Can I Bet On FCF Games? How To Bet On Fan-Controlled Football

Yes. Betting on Fan Controlled Football games is just like betting on the NFL or any other major form of organized sport with point spreads, moneylines, and the over/under.

  • FCF Point Spread Betting – Each FCF team will be granted either a positive point spread for the underdog on a negative spread for the team that is projected to win. In order for bets on Fan Controlled Football teams against the spread to win, they must win by more or lose by less than the number.
  • FCF Moneyline Betting – Moneyline odds are for betting on FCF teams to win the game and do not involve spreads. Negative moneylines indicate the favorite and positive moneyline odds are given to the team expected to lose. Payouts are based on the moneylines as well (ex. $1 wagers win $2 for +200/$3 wagers are required to win $1 for -300).
  • FCF Over/Under – The third betting option in FCF game lines is the over/under, which is a total that allows action on whether both teams combine to score more or less than the line.
  • Fan Controlled Football Futures – Moneyline odds are granted to all remaining eligible FCF teams that are still in play for division titles or a Fan Controlled Football Championship.
  • FCF Prop Bets – Statistical performances for teams and players and anything else related to a Fan Controlled Football game that isn’t covered by the above wagering options are considered prop bets.
  • Betting On The Fan-Controlled Football Playoffs – At the conclusion of the FCF season, playoff betting lines will be produced for each postseason Fan-Controlled Football game leading up to the championship.
  • FCF Championship Game Betting – While betting on the FCF Champion can occur all year long by wagering on futures odds, game lines will be produced once the final two teams qualify for the FCF Championship Game at the end of the year.

For further breakdown of each FCF wagering variety, read our 18+ guide to NFL bet types.

FCF Betting Odds

2022 FCF Champion (via Bovada)

  • Bored Ape Football Club+230
  • Knights Of Degen+500
  • Shoulda Been Stars+500
  • 8oki Football Club+1000
  • Beasts+500
  • Zappers+600
  • Glacier Boyz+500

FCF Special – -Terrell Owens 40-Yard Dash Time (via Bovada)

  • Over 4.95 Seconds -120
  • Under 4.95 Seconds -120

Where To Bet On Fan-Controlled Football At 18 & Up

The sites linked to above earn our review team’s highest recommendation for betting on Fan Controlled Football at the age of 18 or older. Each of these FCF betting sites have been thoroughly vetted and are presented for our reader’s convenience – the hard work has already been done for you.

Of course, we do not expect readers to take our word for it. We advise all potential FCF bettors to click on each of the links in the 18+ sportsbook table above and review what each of them have to offer.

FCF Betting Apps For Eighteen And Over

The online eighteen and over sports betting sites that top our list of sportsbook reviews can be accessed using the latest mobile phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, and other popular vendors. These mobile betting apps for gamblers who are 18 and up are optimized for portable screens with touch-button controls that mirror the performance of a downloadable app.

All that is required to bet on sport odds using iPhones, iPads, and Android devices is to click on a sportsbook link within this page and watch as it transforms into a handheld FCF betting kiosk in the palm of your hand.

Fan-Controlled Football Schedule

  • 2023 FCF Season V3.0 Has Been Canceled For 2023
  • FCF Playoffs: Canceled
  • Fan Controlled Football Championship: Canceled
  • FCF Twitch Channel

Sportsbook Deposits And Withdrawals For FCF Betting

Offshore FCF betting sites for eighteen and up are more diverse than domestic books because they allow for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals in addition to the US Dollar.

That’s important because Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals can complete within fifteen minutes, while USD payouts often require a minimum of 48 hours to transact.

Check out our 18+ guide to sportsbook banking options to learn more about why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are so beneficial when betting on Fan Controlled Football.

Over 18 Sportsbook Promo Codes For FCF Betting

We’re often asked by 18 and over football bettors, “should I accept a sportsbook bonus offer?” The answer is only if you think the conditions can be completed based on your anticipated FCF betting activity.

If the terms are met, sportsbook bonus offers turn into legit betting cash that can be withdrawn at will. If you don’t plan on long-term betting, then perhaps a sports betting bonus cash offer should be bypassed – but remain on the lookout for promo codes with little to no rollover attached.

18 & Up Fan Controlled Football Betting FAQs

FAQ'sHow To Watch Fan-Controlled Football

Fan Controlled Football games can be seen via their official Twitch Channel. The FCF is hopeful to air their Season V2.0 games on Peacock/NBC.

When Does The Fan-Controlled Football League Start?

FCF is no longer operating but there is a chance that the league could return should crypto markets regain strength or enough investors step forth to support a third season

How Much Do Fan-Controlled Football Players Make?

FCF players earn between $450 and $750 per week and are also provided room and board.

Who Owns Fan Controlled Football?

The FCF was founded by the company Project Fanchise, and each Fan Controlled Football Team is privately owned – mostly by celebrities, current and retired professional athletes, and musicians.

Where Is Fan-Controlled Football Played

All Fan Controlled Football games for season V2.0 will be played at Pullman Yards near Atlanta, Georgia.