Betting On UFC 269: Dustin Poirier And Amanda Nunes Projected To Win

UFC betting odds for Poirier Oliveira

When light heavyweights Dustin Poirier and Charles Oliveira enter the Octagon this evening after the hour of 10 PM, fans, judges, and oddsmakers alike are not expecting the winner to be declared based on the tallying of points following five full rounds of action.

No. One of these guys is going down within regulation at some point after the third, and the odds for betting on UFC 269 suggest it will be Dustin Poirier that knocks out Oliveira and captures his Light Heavyweight championship.

The Poirier vs. Oliveira odds posted at Bovada for straight-up winners features a separation of 65 points in the moneyline in favor of the challenger.

Charles Oliveira (Champion) vs. Dustin Poirier Odds To Win

  • Charles Oliveira +120
  • Dustin Poirier -145

MMA gamblers that are hopeful for another match between Poirier and Conor McGregor should be rooting for Charles Oliveira to retain his title. The reason? McGregor will likely have to win at least two fights to even contend for a title at this point, and that could take years.

Most of the sportsbooks featured in our list of 18+ sports betting site reviews have posted positive moneyline odds for Oliveira to retain his title at UFC 269, so it is definitely worth line shopping to find the highest payout if you intend on betting on him to win.

Also up for grabs tonight at UFC 269 is the Women’s Bantamweight Championship when “the Lioness” Amanda Nunes matches up with ” “The Venezuelan Vixen” Julianna Peña.

Amanda Nunes (Champion) vs. Julianna Peña Odds To Win

  • Amanda Nunes -950
  • Julianna Peña +575

Julianna Peña is a promising up-and-coming mixed martial artist sporting an 11-4 record, but UFC oddsmakers are not giving her much of a chance to earn a victory against champion Amanda Nunes.

For bettors that smell an upset, a hefty payout can be earned by laying some action on Peña’s +575 moneyline to win. A one-dollar wager on Julianna Peña to win at UFC 269 will net $5.75 if she defeats Nunes.

The differing styles between Nunes and Peña could even the playing field. Nunes is more of a striker whereas Peña wins a majority of her fights via submission holds.

Amanda and Julianna are roughly the same size save for a 2″ advantage in the height department for Nunes. That height differential is negated due to Peña’s grappling style where keeping low is beneficial – it allows her to slip under Nunes’s strikes and take her to the ground.

A method of victory UFC prop bet is offering a +1600 moneyline for Julianna Peña defeating Amanda Nunes via submission. Round betting options for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship seem to suggest that the fight will end somewhere within round two.

If you are on the go this evening but still want to wager on UFC 269 odds, there are 18+ mobile sports betting options available anywhere in the United States with a connection to the web.

Just use your onboard mobile browser to click on any of the UFC betting sites we suggest for access to their entire gambling operations on your iPhone or other major devices.