CFP Odds For College Football National Championship Game Favor Georgia By A Field Goal

Alabama Georgia odds for betting on the CFP National Championship 2021-22

The University of Georgia Bulldogs were unable to win the SEC Championship when they last faced the Alabama Crimson Tide on December 4th, losing by a score of 41-24 even though they were favored at College Football betting sites.

Because the Bulldogs were undefeated up to that point, the loss didn’t remove them from the top four teams selected for the 2021-22 College Football Playoffs.

The bracket ended up setting up perfectly for Alabama and Georgia to have a rematch if they were able to win their semifinal games, and that’s exactly what happened last Friday in the Cotton and Orange Bowls.

Now, there are odds for betting on the CFP National Championship Game that once again favor the Georgia Bulldogs to beat Alabama, but Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are intent on having their cake and eating it, too.

CFP National Championship Odds

Alabama vs. #3 Georgia

  • Alabama Point Spread: +3.0
  • Alabama Moneyline: +120
  • Georgia Point Spread: -3.0
  • Georgia Moneyline: -140
  • Over/Under: 52.5

It is tough to defeat any top team twice in a given season, however, this is the defending National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide. Consider them akin to the New England Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – think twice before betting on them to lose.

Georgia was a -6.5 point favorite just one month ago against the Tide but the Bulldogs ended up getting blown out by 17. Why are oddsmakers once again setting a line where Georgia is favored?

Whoever ends up winning the game, Bovada Sportsbook is suggesting via the following college football prop bet that one of the teams will score three times in a row at some point during the contest.

Either Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times

  • Yes -300
  • No +220

Whether the three scores suggested above result in 9 points or 21, one team moving into the other’s territory and placing points on the board three times consecutively indicates that they’ve taken control and are imposing their will.

The +220 moneyline odds for “no” will more than double the net payouts for those that are willing to take the risk.

CFP betting sites are also offering plenty of large moneylines for the big game. Check out the following Alabama vs. Georgia odds for some of the biggest payout potential we’ve seen on the boards for the CFP Championship Game.

Will The CFP Championship Go To Overtime?

  • Yes +900
  • No -2900

If the National Championship game results in a tie at the end of regulation, $9 for every $1 wagered can be earned by betting on that outcome.

There are also numerous prop bets taking action on the initial touchdown scorer of the game with massive profits awarded to gamblers that can correctly select the first player that takes it to the house.

All players listed reward at least 5-to-1 net profits, with Alabama’s Jamieson Williams leading the way with a +500 moneyline.

Do you believe that the CFP Title Game will go down the way the SEC Championship did? Well, the following NCAAF betting line may intrigue you.

CFP Odds: Race To 40

  • Alabama (#1) +800
  • Georgia (#3) +500
  • Neither -425

If Alabama is able to once again eclipse 40 points, the above CFP prop is offering a +800 moneyline on their potential to do so.

The game begins on Monday night at 8 PM on ESPN so get your bets in now!