Fun NFL Prop Bets: Odds To Replace Jon Gruden & Team That Will Sign Cam Newton

Newton Gruden prop bets 2021

After six full weeks of play in the 2021-22 pro football season, several developments have already gone down that are impacting the odds posted at online NFL sportsbooks that cater to 18 and over gamblers.

While major events such as firings, injuries, and scandals can affect NFL betting lines for individual games, as well as Super Bowl futures, sportsbooks have gotten crafty as of late and are now producing odds directly involving the occurrence itself.

Jon Gruden’s resignation from his head coaching post at the Las Vegas Raiders sent shockwaves across the league with pro football staff now likely questioning the content of their personal email communications.

The following NFL prop bet asks which candidate is most likely to secure the Raiders head coaching gig for the 2022-23 season, and interim status does not qualify for a win when wagering on this betting line.

Who Will Be The Next Raiders Head Coach

  • Rich Bisaccia +150
  • Eric Bieniemy +300
  • Kellen Moore +450
  • Joe Brady +500
  • Don Martindale +800
  • Nathaniel Hackett +800
  • Gus Bradley +1200
  • Todd Bowles +1200
  • Lincoln Riley +1500
  • Matt Campbell +1500

The early odds suggested that Eric Bieniemy, offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs and orchestrator of the Patrick Mahomes led Super Bowl 54 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, would be the next play-caller in Vegas.

One week later and a win over the Denver Broncos has placed interim head coach Rich Bisaccia firmly in the lead with a 150 point edge in the NFL moneyline odds.

Online sportsbooks are also offering up lines for betting on NFL teams and their intentions to sign certain free agents. The following Cam Newton prop bet asks 18 and over gamblers to wager on the next pro football franchise that secures the services of the former Heisman-Trophy-winning quarterback.

NFL Team To Sign Cam Newton Next

  • Seattle Seahawks +175
  • Washington Football Team +500
  • Houston Texans +500
  • Dallas Cowboys +800
  • Miami Dolphins +800
  • New York Giants +800
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +800
  • Indianapolis Colts +900
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1200
  • Carolina Panthers +1400
  • New York Jets +1600
  • Cleveland Browns +1600

The rumor mill has been swirling, and those whispers are reflected in the above Cam Newton odds as the Seattle Seahawks are the number one team on the boards at the moment.

Betting on Cam Newton and his next team may need to be done sooner than later because the Seahawks are anxious to take a look at another QB after disappointing results from backup Geno Smith.

Smith played better than expected over the last two weeks, however, both contests resulted in a loss and the Seahawks are now in the NFC West cellar just six weeks into the 2021-22 NFL Season.

Seattle starter Russell Wilson is expected back within weeks, but the remainder of the NFC West could be too far gone by his return for it to matter.

Speaking of the AFC West, leading the division are the Arizona Cardinals who appear positioned to take a 7-0 record into their Week 8 game against the Green Bay Packers, assuming they can get by the Houston Texans this weekend.

So, who will be the first team to beat the Cardinals in 2021? Green Bay is the most likely contender upcoming on Arizona’s schedule, and with the level of play that the Cardinals are executing at, anyone that knocks them off will certainly be a contender in the odds for betting on Super Bowl 56.

Arizona Cardinals First Loss Of The Regular Season

  • Green Bay Packers +135
  • San Francisco 49ers +250
  • Seattle Seahawks +700
  • Carolina Panthers +800
  • Houston Texans +900
  • Chicago Bears +2200
  • Los Angeles Rams +2500
  • Dallas Cowboys +4000
  • Detroit Lions +5000
  • Indianapolis Colts +5000
  • No Regular Season Losses +6500

Taking the low road and providing an alternative option is the following prop bet on the Detroit Lions and their continuous futility.

While fans watch in disgust at the results of their offseason trade that sent Matthew Stafford, their franchise quarterback, to the LA Rams, NFL gamblers can earn hefty payouts by accurately predicting the first team Detroit beats in 2021.

Detroit Lions First Win Of The Season

  • Philadelphia Eagles +180
  • Chicago Bears +500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +550
  • Los Angeles Rams +800
  • No Wins In Regular Season +850
  • Minnesota Vikings +1100
  • Cleveland Browns +1400
  • Denver Broncos +2000
  • Arizona Cardinals +2500
  • Atlanta Falcons +2800
  • Green Bay Packers +5000
  • Seattle Seahawks +5000

Right now the odds on favorite are the Philadelphia Eagles who face the Lions on Halloween day, but Detroit has a chance to satisfy the above line by reeling off a win against the Los Angeles Rams this weekend and exact immediate revenge against Stafford and company.

The Rams are favored by 15 points at home, but NFL bettors can dream.

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