Betting On Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury At 18+ Sportsbooks

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury getting pulled apart at a press conference

This Sunday marks Jake Paul’s return to the ring, as he’ll be squaring up against Tommy Fury on ESPN+ pay-per-view. The fight can be purchased for $49.99 and features a full card of bouts leading up to the main event.

The fight is happening in Saudi Arabia following licensing issues in domestic states. Because of the time zone differential, the bell is expected to ring for Paul vs. Fury at 2:30 PM Eastern.

Fury vs. Paul odds have been posted at all of our top 18+ boxing betting sites. Although Jake is favored to win, his margin is one of the slimmest we’ve seen thus far in his career.

For instance, here is the current line posted at Bovada:

  • Jake Paul -165
  • Tommy Fury +135

The -165 Jake Paul moneyline implies a 62% likelihood of winning. Jake Paul bets of $1.65 will earn $2.65 payouts if he beats Tommy Fury. Since Fury is the underdog, his odds of winning are paying out exponentially. A $1 wager on his +135 money line will payout at $2.35.

Speaking of bets, at the press conference, both fighters agreed to an all-or-nothing wager on the fight where the winner takes the other’s prize purse. This adds to the already high stakes of both combatants risking their undefeated records.

Who Is Tommy Fury?

Fans of professional boxing will be familiar with Fury’s brother, Tyson Fury, who is unquestionably the top heavyweight boxer on the planet. Tyson could retire today and be considered the best of the past 15 years, but Tommy is new to the sport, with only eight fights under his belt.

There is also a significant size difference between the two brothers. Tyson is 6’9″ and roughly 270 pounds, whereas Tommy is 6’0″ and 180 pounds.

Outside of Tommy’s familial connection to boxing greatness, 18-friendly sports betting sites could be keeping the odds close because of his unusual reach advantage over Paul. Although Fury is one inch shorter than Jake, his reach is 4 inches longer.

Fury is currently 8-0, and a win against Paul on Sunday will place him on a path to becoming a legitimate cruiserweight contender.

Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul Prop Bets

Beyond the standing boxing betting lines, there are prop bets offered for Sunday’s fight that cover most in-ring outcomes. One common boxing prop we often see includes odds for how the fight will end.

Fury vs. Paul Method of Victory

  • Paul By KO, TKO, Or DQ +215
  • Fury By KO, TKO, Or DQ +250
  • Paul By Decision Or Technical Decision +250
  • Fury By Decision Or Technical Decision +400
  • Draw Or Technical Draw +900

Jake Paul currently holds the edge to win the fight via knockout, TKO, or disqualification. Fury, however, only trails Paul by 25 points in the moneyline, suggesting that Sunday could be the day that Jake finally gets his clock cleaned.

Another popular boxing gambling option that can prove lucrative is round betting. If bettors select the correct winner and the round it happens, huge payouts are the norm. There are also options for betting on the round the fight ends, regardless of who wins.

At the moment, all round betting odds are listed at north of +2000, save for Paul or Fury winning by decision or the fight resulting in a draw.

Whether you plan to bet on the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight on your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android, be sure to do business with one of the reputable eighteen-friendly sportsbooks we recommend here.

Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul Betting Odds – Bovada.LV

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