XFL Betting Returns As 18+ Sportsbooks Roll Out Week 1 Lines

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This Saturday marks the long-awaited return of the XFL, the pro football league that has been dormant since March 2020. This time, the league is operating under the command of new ownership that is hoping to reverse the less-than-stellar trend the XFL has set so far.

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Dany Garcia (The Rock’s ex-wife), and RedBird Capital Partners now control the destiny of the XFL. They purchased the league from Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in late 2021 out of bankruptcy in hopes of its revitalization.

Our top 18+ XFL betting sites have weighed in with game lines for Week 1, with pro football odds that can be shopped to the advantage of our readers.

Vegas Vipers @ Arlington Renegades

  • Vipers Point Spread: +2.5 (BetOnline), +3.0 (Bovada), +3.5 (BetUS)
  • Vipers Moneyline: +125 (Bovada)
  • Renegades Point Spread: -2.5 (BetOnline), -3.0 (Bovada), -3.5 (BetUS)
  • Renegades Moneyline: -145 (Bovada)
  • Over/Under: 37.0 (All)

The Vipers have relocated to Las Vegas after playing half a season in Tampa in 2020. If you want to bet on Vegas to cover, the friendliest spread is at BetUS (+3.5).

The Arlington Renegades haven’t gone anywhere, but they’re no longer designated as being from Dallas. The easiest cover on the boards is -2.5 offered at BetOnline.

Orlando Guardians @ Houston Roughnecks

  • Guardians Point Spread: +3.0 (Bovada and BetOnline), +3.5 (BetUS)
  • Guardians Moneyline: +125 (Bovada)
  • Roughnecks Point Spread: -3.0 (Bovada and BetOnline), -3.5 (BetUS)
  • Roughnecks Moneyline: -145 (Bovada)
  • Over/Under: 35.5 (All)

The Houston Roughnecks were a perfect 5-0 when league operations ceased nearly three years ago. Their quarterback from 2020, PJ Walker, has had some success in the NFL as a member of the Carolina Panthers.

Despite Walker’s absence from the Roughnecks’ lineup, they are still favored to beat the Orlando Guardians at the sites listed in our online 18 and up sportsbook reviews. The Guardians moved to central Florida in 2023 after formerly calling New York City home.

If you’re betting on Houston to cover, do it at Bovada or BetOnline. If wagering on the Guardians’ odds, the best option is BetUS.

St Louis Battlehawks @ San Antonio Brahmas

  • Battlehawks Point Spread: -2.5 (All)
  • Battlehawks Moneyline: -140 (Bovada)
  • Brahmas Point Spread: +2.5 (All)
  • Brahmas Moneyline: +120 (Bovada)
  • Over/Under: 36.0 (Bovada) 36.5 (BetUS) 37.0 (BetOnline)

The St Louis Battlehawks featured arguably the most rabid fanbase in the XFL last season Who could blame them after the loss of the NFL’s Rams in 2016?

Another NFL-free area of the country is San Antonio, Texas. The Brahmas played in the AAF (Alliance of American Football), a league that folded after less than one season in 2019. The Rock and the XFL adopted the Brahmas for 2023, thus eliminating and replacing the Los Angeles Wildcats.

There’s no variance in the point spreads offered on this game, but the over/under can be adjusted to each bettor’s liking depending on where they shop.

Seattle Sea Dragons @ DC Defenders

  • Sea Dragons Point Spread: EVEN (Bovada), -1.0 (BetUS), +1.5 (BetOnline)
  • Sea Dragons Moneyline: -110 (Bovada)
  • Defenders Point Spread: EVEN (Bovada), +1.0 (BetUS), -1.5 (BetOnline)
  • Defenders Moneyline: -110 (Bovada)
  • Over/Under: 35.5 (BetUS) 36.0 (Bovada) 36.5 (BetOnline)

Neither of the teams in this matchup of changed locations, but Seattle has added “Sea” to their name to become the Sea Dragons. Variances in the point spread and over/under are in play at all three books listed here.

The only site offering XFL moneyline odds this week is Bovada. We expect that to change as the season goes on and each book is able to gather more data about each team and their rosters.

Although enthusiasm is high, this is a make-or-break year for the XFL. By the end of the 2023 season, they’ll be in direct competition with the USFL, another renewed league that is pushing a major marketing campaign at the moment.

Of course, once April rolls around, USFL betting will return as well. This means there’ll be year-round pro football gambling until one of these leagues merges or folds.

2023 XFL Odds For Week 1: Bovada, BetUS, BetOnline

Source: Pro Football Talk