How To Bet On Super Bowl 57 At 18 To 20 Years Old In Your State

a hand full of cash reaching out to a Super Bowl LVII logo

The current betting lines for Super Bowl LVII favor the Philadelphia Eagles over the Kansas City Chiefs by a point spread of -1.5. There are also thousands of prop bets that have been created for the big game, as well as moneyline winner odds and the over/under.

Gamblers that want to bet on the Super Bowl in the United States at 18 to 20 must find a reputable and convenient venue to do so. Bettors must meet the minimum age requirement, which varies from state to state.

At the moment, there are only seven US States that allow for domestic sports betting at the age of eighteen.

18+ Domestic Sports Betting States

  • Montana – Online, Betting Apps
  • New Hampshire – Brick-And-Mortar, Online, Betting Apps
  • New Mexico – Brick-And-Mortar
  • Rhode Island – Brick-And-Mortar, Online, Betting Apps
  • Tennessee – Online, Betting Apps
  • Washington, D.C. – Brick-And-Mortar, Online, Betting Apps
  • Wyoming – Online, Betting Apps

If you are located in one of the above states, you can visit a regional sportsbook or access one using a web-ready device to bet on Super Bowl LVII.

The states that allow for 18+ mobile sports betting apps only permit wagering inside of their borders. The apps cannot be taken into another state and used to place a wager on Super Bowl odds.

For the remainder of the country, 18-to-20-year-old gamblers can bet on the Super Bowl by becoming a member with an offshore sportsbook site.

There are no gambling laws that govern sports betting sites that operate overseas. Washington state did pass a law that prohibits Internet gambling of all types, but that is expected to be repealed once they enact legal online sports betting legislation.

The following sites are our top recommendations for NFL betting at 18 and over in the USA.

18-Friendly Super Bowl Betting Sites

  • Bovada.LV – (does not allow betting from inside Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Nevada)
  • BetUS
  • BetOnline – (does not allow betting from inside New Jersey)
  • SportsBetting.AG – (does not allow betting from inside New Jersey)

Readers will also notice that there are certain states where each online sportsbook does not allow betting to occur. These restrictions have nothing to do with local gambling laws.

Instead, their abstinence from these markets is voluntary and based on a request from state lawmakers.

Also, while BetUS does not restrict wagering from inside any US states, its terms and conditions mention that members must take responsibility for any and all regulations.

All of these offshore books offer game lines, NFL futures, and specialize in Super Bowl prop bets. Odds are available for betting on NFL champions all year long, and there are betting lines provided for all 32 teams’ games.

These over-18 Super Bowl sportsbooks can be pulled up on laptops and personal computers, but they are also accessible on tablets and smartphones.

These 18 and up sports betting apps operate via mobile web browsers. They are download-free and can be pulled up instantly. Unlike domestic betting apps, these mobile NFL sportsbooks can travel across state lines with continued use. Just be mindful of restricted states from each vendor.