College Football Playoff Rankings And CFP Betting Odds Solidify Following OK Loss

SEC odds to win NCAA Title 2021-22 Alabama

The top handful of teams in the latest CFP rankings remain unchanged after a weekend of NCAAF action that saw another Power 5 Conference leader lose a game.

The Oklahoma Sooners were unable to get by the Baylor Bears on Saturday, removing themselves from College Football Playoffs consideration for the 2021-22 season.

Current CFP Rankings

  1. Georgia 10-0
  2. Alabama 9-1
  3. Oregon 9-1
  4. Ohio State 9-1
  5. Cincinnati 10-0
  6. Michigan 9-1
  7. Michigan State 9-1
  8. Notre Dame 9-1
  9. Oklahoma State 9-1
  10. Wake Forest 9-1

The odds for college football betting align with the CFP rankings for the top two spots belonging to the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The College Football Playoffs Selection Committee and the NCAAF futures begin to disagree at the number three spot and onward, and for some reason Oklahoma is still in play in the following line.

2021-2022 NCAA Championship Winner

  • Georgia -120
  • Alabama +350
  • Ohio State +400
  • Oregon +1800
  • Michigan +2500
  • Oklahoma +3000
  • Cincinnati +3500
  • Michigan State +8000
  • Notre Dame +8000
  • Oklahoma State +8000

The Bulldogs are the last remaining undefeated Power 5 Conference team, a designation that CFP voters and NCAAF National Championship betting sites expect them to retain into the postseason.

With Alabama and Georgia both coming from the SEC, does the above CFP betting line suggest that both teams will earn a spot among the final four teams competing for a NCAA Football National Championship?

Possibly. It would seem that the only way Alabama could make it into the College Football Playoffs is for them to defeat Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, because a second loss by the Crimson Tide would likely place them below other one-loss teams, or an undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats program that are desperate to test their might against the nation’s best.

What happens if Georgia loses to Alabama? The top 18+ sportsbooks that are listed in our online sports betting site reviews seem to be unified in their suggestion that the Bulldogs would still earn a top 4 seed in the playoffs as a 1-loss SEC team.

Based on what our staff is seeing posted across the board at online college football sportsbooks, the odds suggest the following teams will make it into the 2021-22 CFP.

2021-22 College Football Playoff Projections

  • The Georgia Bulldogs
  • The Winner Of The Big Ten (*Ohio State)
  • Oregon If They Win Out/Cincinnati If They Win Out
  • Alabama If They Win SEC/Cincinnati If They Win Out

The Bearcats appear to need a little bit of help to get a chance to win a title this year, but with each weekend bringing new surprises, Cincinnati has plenty of reason for optimism.

Any other teams not mentioned above could end up ranked behind a 2-loss Alabama team, granting them a little extra wiggle room to gain entrance to the CFP if Cincinnati slips up before season’s end.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are still alive in the hunt for a National Championship, but their head-to-head loss to Cincinatti has relinquished control of their own destiny. All Notre Dame can do is keep winning and hope for the best, but they’ll have a tough time surmounting the Bearcats or Alabama.

The college football betting odds will pull closer to even for each program listed above as the season progresses so if you’re considering placing a bet, do it before this weekend.

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