COVID-19 Now Threatens To Impact CFP Betting Odds As Omicron Variant Spreads

COVID-19 2021-22 College Football Playoffs betting odds

Now may be a good time for the NCAA to reconsider their scheduling policies for CFP Semifinals and the National Championship Game, as their current lack of flexibility may lead to disaster come December 31 or January 10.

The NFL has already renewed the process of moving games back in order to keep schedules intact and avoid any cancelations or forfeitures. As the Cotton and Orange Bowl draws near, what preparations are in place for the games to occur as scheduled?

The entire Michigan Wolverines football team is getting the COVID-19 booster shot in advance of their Orange Bowl CFP Semifinal against the Georgia Bulldogs, but will it make a difference.

“The booster’s out there now, we have a full team booster shot tomorrow, so that’ll be good. I think everyone understands the gravity of the situation, to have an outbreak now would be devastating to a lot of people. Understanding the concern there is a big thing, so we’ve taken the proper precautions there.”

Michigan Wolverines Offensive Lineman Andrew Stueber

There’s plenty of evidence out there to suggest that the booster and/or the COVID-19 vaccine has limited efficacy when attempting to stave off the Omicron variant.

The fortunate aspect of the latest coronavirus variant is that it has proven to be weaker than prior strains, however, with policies that have not been updated in months, cancellations are still in play for the 2021-22 NCAAF National Championship.

The number one ranked University of Alabama Crimson Tide are also playing it safe leading up to the College Football Playoffs. The team has now reinstated mask-wearing policies and is also reporting that 90% of the team has been vaccinated.

“I’m always concerned when there’s an issue out there, and we want to do the best we can to help our players be concerned about the issue and respect it so they have the best opportunity to stay safe.”

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

College Football Playoff betting sites can do nothing but hold their collective breaths and hope that all CFP games continue as planned while keeping current lines and futures on the boards.

Right now, Alabama is still a slight favorite to win it all, with Georgia coming in a close second at MyBookie.

2021-22 CFP National Championship Betting Odds

  • Alabama Crimson Tide -102
  • Georgia Bulldogs +116
  • Michigan Wolverines +580
  • Cincinnati Bearcats +1525

Of course, if either of the underdog teams can spoil the all-SEC CFP National Championship Game that oddsmakers are suggesting, large payouts are in order for those brave enough to lay some action now.

Because of the bifurcated nature of NCAAF Conferences and their scheduling, there is not enough cross-sampling to get a full picture of how good Michigan or Cincinnati is in comparison to SEC’s programs.

There’s no question that both the Bearcats and Wolverines are good, but whether or not they have what it takes to play with the big boys is another consideration altogether.

Another factor that is not in doubt is that both Alabama and Georgia possess superior talent that is more NFL-ready, so Michigan and Cincinnati will need to collectively have the games of their lives in order to overcome these herculean SEC opponents.