Euphoria Odds And Predictions For The Season Finale, Prepare For Heartbreak

Euphoria betting odds

*Warning, this article contains spoilers from Euphoria S.2 Episode 7 and speculation on the trailer for Episode 8*

If you caught this week’s episode of HBO’s Euphoria, you might have wondered if you had accidentally turned on some hazy, confusing David Lynch film.

A Brief Review of Episode 7

The hour cycled between three plot elements: Lexi’s heartbreaking (albeit, destructive) play, Nate’s disturbing dream sequences, and the increasing sense of danger at Fezco’s house. Of course, we were given a couple of moments of reconciliation—though it didn’t last.

The plot’s intensity just seemed to grow with every passing moment.

But, of course, the Euphoria’s charm broke through in the final minutes of the show when Austin Abrams took on the task of Ethan’s hilariously phallic and over-the-top performance of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero.”

While Lexi’s play brought an added sense of nuance to all of our characters’ backstories, the episode failed to deliver much of any update on the real-time issues happening in the show.

No matter how many times you paused the show or re-watched a scene, there were hardly any indicators of what’s to come on Sunday. And if you’re as engaged in this show as I am, I know you’ve got some predictions for the finale.

Predictions Coming Into Season 8

Fortunately for you, here at SB18, predictions are the name of our game. We’ve drawn up some entertainment betting lines to gauge what Episode 8 will look like.

Fez To Be Confirmed Dead By End of Season 2?

  • No -300
  • Yes +250

When it comes to Euphoria betting, the situation with Fezco is the first thing that needs to be addressed. The fate of our beloved drug dealer has always hung in the balance. But it’s beginning to look like Ashtray can’t save him from what’s to come.

In a preseason interview, Angus Cloud revealed that the decision to keep Fezco alive after Season 1 was a choice made after production had ended.

But with the recent announcement of Euphoria Season 3, it’s very plausible that a “death or no death” could be the Episode 8 cliffhanger to keep the crowds watching next year.

Maddy & Cassie Get Into a Physical Altercation At Lexi’s Play?

  • No -150
  • Yes + 110

Cassie & Lexi Get Into a Physical Altercation At Lexi’s Play?

  • No -150
  • Yes +110

Between the final shot in Episode 7 in which we see a feral Cassie huffing and puffing behind the door to the auditorium and the glimpses from Episode 8, we know Cassie is about to start a riot.

But who will face the brunt of this brawl? And will we be as underwhelmed as we were during the highly-anticipated Maddy/Cassie Super Bowl Showdown?

Kat Gets Back Together With Ethan?

  • No -1000
  • Yes +500

Rue To Go To Rehab By End of Season 2?

  • No -200
  • Yes +100

Okay, these two sportsbook predictions are a shot in the dark. In a perfect Euphoria-verse, both of these things would occur and all of East Highland’s problems would be solved (aside from Nate’s desperate need for counseling and jail time).

Still, Sam Levinson has proven that life can be better for his characters and could very easily do it again. In Episode 6, for example, Maddy had completely hit rock bottom. On Sunday, her character came out on top with a new dress and plans for the future.

Who’s to say Sam won’t do it again?

Laurie To Appear On Screen Again in Episode 8?

  • Yes -300
  • No +250

Cal To Appear On Screen Again in Episode 8?

  • Yes -300
  • No +250

Closing out our lines for Episode 8, here are the Euphoria odds for appearances from Laurie and Cal.

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about the suitcase. We’ve gone without an appearance from Laurie or the suitcase since Episode 5. Having been a priority plotline this season, it’s difficult to imagine that the issue wouldn’t come up again.

Still, there are a lot of parts of this show that have yet to come up again. Ultimately, Sam could be holding out for Season 3.

But it’s also hard to believe that Cal is gone for good this season. His presence in the show is still very much alive, as seen with Nate’s dream sequence. Even so, Episode 8 could be a chance to refocus the show on Rue.

Where To Bet On Euphoria

Euphoria betting odds have yet to appear on any 18+ sportsbooks, though the recent spike in viewership could very well change that. Sportsbooks will often accept and upload requested wagers if fans demonstrate enough interest.

Bovada, for example, frequently hosts HBO odds on its entertainment page. With a little push from the people, Euphoria odds could be posted by the end of the week!

Just some food for thought.

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