18 And Up Bettors: How To Wager On Your First Election

donald trump and joe biden in front of the american flag and stacks of money

If you’re between 18 and 20 years old, the 2020 Presidential tilt is the first big political event in which you can legally participate.

But it’s not just the first election you can vote in – If you’re a member at any of the top 18 and up sports betting sites, it’s also the first election you can bet on!

To that end, you have significant options at all the best online sportsbooks serving 18+ bettors.

And remember, election odds are not available domestically. Due to various traditions and state betting laws, you can only bet on politics at licensed sportsbooks operating legally outside of US jurisdiction.

And if you do so, you won’t be the only one.

Indeed, many industry insiders and gambling analysts believe that the 2020 Presidential election between incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden is the most bet on event in history.

Per CNN, the various land-based UK sportsbooks taking action on the election have seen nearly $300 million spent so far, and bookmakers there expect the total handle to exceed $500 million by the time betting closes tomorrow.

And of course, that’s just one market. It doesn’t account for all the action in the rest of the world, nor does it account for the action at the best 18+ offshore sportsbooks serving US customers. And these books take lots of legal bets from US residents.

It isn’t a stretch, then, to imagine that more money has been wagered on this election than is typically risked on the Super Bowl, which the AGA estimates hauled in some $6 billion in bets last year.

All that is to say that, if you’re 18 or older, you can participate in this historic election both at the polls and at the sportsbooks. Just remember that your approach should be different depending on where you’re placing your bet.

If you’re placing a wager at the polls with your vote, you’re going to vote with your conscience. Do that at a sports betting site, and you might lose your entire bankroll. Betting requires you to put money on who you think will win, not who you hope will win.

Keep that in mind, and you can clean up on the various 2020 election betting odds.

For the best election props in the run-up to tomorrow’s throwdown, you’ll get the most options at BetOnline. While the famous 18+ sportsbook offers a host of state betting odds on electoral outcomes and US Senate races, what interests us the most – and what probably interests you the most – are these political props from the operator:

2020 Presidential Election Prop Bets

Via BetOnline Sportsbook

Voter Turnout in the U.S Presidential Election

  • Over 149.5 million voters -500
  • Under 149.5 million voters +300

This one will be close. In 2016, just under 138 million people voted. Very rarely has an election – especially with an incumbent on the ballot – seen an increase of over 10 million voters in terms of participation cycle over cycle. It could happen this time, but then again, maybe not.

We like the under for the payout, because the favorite is by no means a lock. 

Voter Turnout in the U.S. Presidential Election

  • Over 60.5%-300
  • Under 60.5% +200

Take the over. In 2016, 55.5% of registered voters cast a ballot, but the 60% threshold is not unattainable. It’s rare, but it definitely seems like this year will have a slightly higher than average rate of the electorate participating in the process. 

Democratic Party Election Sweep

  • Yes -140
  • No +110

We like the no at +110. It seems unlikely that the left will take the Senate. 

House Seats Won by Democrats

  • Over 209½ Seats -1000
  • Under 209½ Seats +550

The Democratic Party currently controls 232 seats. They should easily take 210 seats or more in 2020. The odds don’t pay out much, but they’re as close to a lock as anything this cycle. 

Majority Control of the U.S. Senate

  • DEM Senators in 117th Congress -150
  • REP Senators in 117th Congress +110

We think the GOP will keep the Senate in 2020, so we’re putting a few bucks on that +110. 

Number of Votes for Donald Trump

  • Over 69.5 Million Votes -130
  • Under 69.5 Million Votes -110

Trump earned roughly 63 million votes in 2016. Whether or not he’ll be able to attract 10% more this time around is a tough call. With both lines in the negative, we’re saving our money, and you should too. 

Number of Votes for Joe Biden

  • Over 79.5 Million Votes -145
  • Under 79.5 Million Votes +105

Hillary Clinton won just under 66 million votes in 2016. It seems immensely unlikely that Biden will trump Clinton’s numbers by the 14 million needed for this to pay out. Take the under. 

On which day will the loser concede the election?

  • Nov. 4 +200
  • Nov. 3 +225
  • December 1 or later +250
  • Nov. 5 +500
  • Nov. 6 +1000
  • Nov. 7 +1200
  • Nov. 8 +1600
  • Nov. 10 +2500
  • Nov. 11 +2500
  • Nov. 9 +2500
  • Nov. 12 +2800
  • Nov. 13 +2800
  • Nov. 14 +3300
  • Nov. 15 +3300
  • Nov. 16 +4000
  • Nov. 17 +4000
  • Nov. 18 +4000
  • Nov. 19 +4000
  • Nov. 20 +5000
  • Nov. 21 +5000
  • Nov. 22 +5000
  • Nov. 23 +5000
  • Nov. 24 +5000
  • Nov. 25 +5000
  • Nov. 26 +5000
  • Nov. 27 +5000
  • Nov. 28 +5000
  • Nov. 29 +5000
  • Nov. 30 +5000

December 1 or later, all day, every day. If the loser doesn’t concede by Wednesday, they aren’t conceding until the courts force the issue. 

Percentage of Popular Vote for Donald Trump

  • Trump to get 45.00% to 47.49% +185
  • Trump to get 42.50% to 44.99% +235
  • Trump to get 47.50% to 49.99% +250
  • Trump to get 50% or more +375
  • Trump to get 42.49% or less +800

Trump got 46.1% of the popular vote in 2016. We think he’ll do better this time around. Take option three above at +250. 

Percentage of Popular Vote for Joe Biden

  • Biden to get 52.50% to 54.99% +175
  • Biden to get 50.00% to 52.49% +250
  • Biden to get 55.00% or more +250
  • Biden to get 47.49% or less +525
  • Biden to get 47.50% to 49.99% +525

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won 48.2% of the popular vote. Biden should do better than that, but not by a great margin. We like the last option, here, and its massive +525 payout. 

Percentage of Votes for Howard Hawkins

  • Under 0.5% -250
  • Over 0.5% +170

The Green Party took just over 1% of the vote in 2016. However, in 2016, they had ballot access in 45 states. This year, they’re on the ballot in far fewer states. As a result, we’d bet the under if we had to. 

Percentage of Votes for Joanne Jorgensen

  • Under 2% -210
  • Over 2% +160

Take the over. The Libertarian Party consistently siphons off 2.5-3.5% of the vote. 

Percentage of Votes for Kanye West

  • Under 0.5% -1500
  • Over 0.5% +600

Kanye West and his Birthday Party are on the ballot in at least 11 states, but not many more. As such, the under is easy money here. Frankly, it’d be easy money if Ye were on the ballots in all 50 states. 

Total Electoral Votes for Joe Biden

  • Under 310½ Electoral Votes -150
  • Over 310½ Electoral Votes +110

All it takes is 270 electoral votes to win the Presidential election. If Biden wins, we doubt it’ll be a landslide. Trump won with 304 electoral votes in 2016, as a point of reference. Take the under at +110. 

Total Vote Percentage for 3rd Parties

  • Under 3% -300
  • Over 3% +200

Take the over. And over. And over again. 

U.S. Presidential Election Special

  • Biden to Win Presidency & Popular Vote -170
  • Trump to Win Presidency & Lose Popular Vote +240
  • Trump to Win Presidency & Popular Vote +450
  • Biden to Win Presidency & Lose Popular Vote +2000

We like the payout on option two, but this one’s up to you. 

Will Trump lose every state he lost in 2016?

  • Yes -210
  • No +170

Probably not. This is a tossup, so take the better payout. 

Will Trump win every state he won in 2016?

  • No -650
  • Yes +375

See above. 

Winner of popular vote wins electoral college

  • Yes -270
  • No +210

When Trump won in 2016, he did so without winning the popular vote. If he wins again in 2020, we see history repeating. This one’s really asking if you think Biden’s going to win outright. As such, don’t waste your money. Instead, bet on the election line itself at BetOnline, which has Biden at -190 vs. Trump at +165. That’s a much better Biden payout than -270 for effectively the same outcome. 

Source: CNN