UFC Legend Tito Ortiz wins City Council Seat In Huntington Beach

Bad Boy Tito Ortiz

The 2020 election has been a wild ride so far with no clear winner on who will be the next President of the United States. However, UFC legend Tito Ortiz has won a city council seat in Huntington Beach, California, after touting his “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again” campaign. 

The City Council seat in Huntington Beach saw 15 hopefuls battling it out for just three seats. Ortiz beat out all competitors with 34,901 votes that equaled 14.3% of the total vote. Current Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Dan Kalmick finished second with 11% of the vote while entrepreneur Natalie Moser filled the last available seat with 10.9% of the total votes cast. 

After official confirmation, Tito tweeted, “Not a seat but #1 for the community and future of our children!”

Tito Ortiz has made it clear that he is a Trump supporter with his recent tweets and “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again” campaign. 

Tito Ortiz rose to fame alongside the popularity of the UFC, making his octagon debut 5/30/97. After garnishing a professional record of 20 wins, 12 losses, and one tie, Ortiz retired from the UFC in 2017. While he is still active in his community helping train the next wave of professional fighters, he has now switched his focus to politics.

Known as the Huntington Beach bad boy, Tito is now taking his talents to the city council, where he hopes to give back to his community by making Huntington Beach a safer place. According to City-Data.com, Huntington Beach is one of the safest places to be outside of Los Angeles, but they have had a fair share of crime, including robberies, property crimes, rape, and other various crime. 

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Tito was a beloved UFC champion during his ten-year with the sport, but now he has chosen to represent his city by pushing papers and making his community safe again. We have learned about Tito over the years that he never gives up, he might get defeated from time-to-time, but he is always in the fight. Good luck, Tito!