Jeff Bezos Odds For Buying An NFL Team And 18+ Prop Bets For Marriage

Bezos Betting Odds To Buy Broncos Or Washington Football Team

The rumor mills have been swirling that billionaire Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is interested in purchasing an NFL franchise, with the Denver Broncos and the Washington Football Team as the most likely candidates.

Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is attempting to cling to relevancy by putting his former Washington Football Team connections on blast by outing Jeff Bezos as a potential buyer.

While Bezos has yet to confirm or deny those allegations, his name was not among four potential buyers for the Denver Broncos that were recently reported by Pro Football Talk’s Peter King.

However, that doesn’t rule him out of a potential Broncos purchase. It merely means that he is not at the bidding table at the moment, and no one can deny Bezos’ expertise in buying tactics.

NFL betting sites produced odds earlier in the year asking which team he would purchase, and Washington was leading the way at that time. Perhaps where there is smoke, there is fire, and the follow-up signals were just simply forwarded on by Jon Gruden as a message of honesty and goodwill.

The connecting thread between Gruden and the Washington Football Team is his relationship with current owner Dan Snyder, a bond that was strengthened when his brother, Jay Gruden, served as the head coach there from 2014 to 2019.

Now, it appears that Jon Gruden wants to get even by proving how other league executives and coaching staffs sunk to his level rather than doing some soul searching and getting his head straight.

Should we have expected any less from a neanderthal like Jon Gruden? It says a lot when you bring a dismal franchise like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their first-ever Super Bowl championship only to receive walking papers a few years later.

Unfortunately, this is likely the first of many idiotic endeavors for Gruden, as he tries to remain in the spotlight.

If anyone needs a recap of what resulted in Gruden’s firing, here’s a refresher:

  • Racist comments shared over company emails at ESPN condemning the then head of the NFLPA
  • Homophobic language directed at gay players in the NFL
  • Homophobic and misogynistic language directed at the Commissioner of the NFL for enacting policies that are aimed at reducing concussions
  • Sending emails containing nude photographs of Washington cheerleaders to team executives

Those items represent what was revealed initially and do not paint the full picture of what was discovered in Gruden’s inbox, so it can be safely assumed that there is more where that came from.

While Gruden’s stance is not noble in the slightest, if Syder and others are guilty of similar behavior, then they should be held accountable.

If we assume that what Gruden is saying about Dan Snyder is true, will the NFL take actions that would force his ouster? That could be a likely outcome, and its suggestion by Gruden would be further cemented if an investigation reveals unsavory correspondences from the Washington front office.

While we wait for Bezos odds to emerge for betting on NFL teams, the following prop bet has been on the boards for months taking action on which billionaire playboy will be the next to get married.

Jeff Bezos Or Bill Gates To Remarry First?

  • Jeff Bezos -400
  • Bill Gates +250

Bezos is in the lead at the moment, and if you’re desperate enough, perhaps these odds will hold folks over until more intriguing lines are produced on purchasing an NFL franchise.

Something to remember is that these odds could expire without ever paying out, so be cautious before investing any bonus promo cash on wagers like this. It could tie up those funds for long enough to ruin your rollover requirements.