March Madness 2020: Early Favorites

March Madness Picks

March is here, and only one thing is on the common College Basketball bettor’s mind, Madness! 

The 2020 March Madness college basketball tournament is scheduled to begin on March 15th and will include 68 teams from across the league. Once the March Madness selection committee selects the 68 teams, each team will be assigned a seed and placed into one of four regions. To reward better teams, top seeds will face lower seeds in the region. Selection Sunday is March 15th, 2020.

The Final Four games and the NCAA Championship game will all be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 4th-6th. The games will be broadcast on CBS Sports and Turner South. 

Online sportsbooks offer game lines and future odds for the March Madness tournament. Sportsbooks like Bovada will accept Americans over the age of 18 unless specific state laws forbid their use. Despite the common misconception, US gambling laws do not prohibit access to offshore online sportsbooks. 

In recent years multiple states have begun offering domestic sports betting services in addition to online sportsbooks. Some states allow their state services to provide online betting services as well, but the majority of state-based services are only offered at brick and mortar locations. Three states currently offer domestic sports betting services to legal US citizens over the age of 18: Montana, Tennessee, and New Hampshire. 

With the NCAAB season winding down, sportsbooks are selecting their favorites going into the tournament. Kansas is the current favorite at +500 odds to win the National Championship. Gonzaga and Dayton have the second and third best odds and are currently tied for the best record in the NCAA with 29 wins and 2 losses. 

Kansas is currently 28-3, with their only losses coming from the hands of Duke, Villanova, and Baylor. With the exception of Baylor, each of those losses were less than 3 points.

Betting on College basketball can be one of the most entertaining betting options each year for fans who love the game. The fact that every game counts and that anything can happen genuinely makes it an enjoyable gambling experience. Professional sports bettors tend to place multiple bets on different teams they follow during the regular season. 

Below are the current odds offered at BetOnline’s Sportsbook to win the NCAAB National Championship.

Odds to win The NCAAB National Championship

Kansas +500
Gonzaga +800
Dayton +1000
Michigan State +1000
Baylor +1200
Duke +1200
Kentucky +1400
Florida State +1600
Louisville +2000
Maryland +2000
San Diego State +2000
Arizona +2500
Auburn +2500
Creighton +2500
Oregon +2500
Seton Hall +2500
West Virginia +2500
Ohio State +3300
Villanova +3300
Virginia +3300
Michigan +4000
Penn State +4000
Texas Tech +4000
Wisconsin +4000
Butler +5000
Iowa +5000
Purdue +5000
BYU +6600
Colorado +6600
Florida +6600
Houston +6600
Illinois +6600
Alabama +8000
Iowa State +8000
Marquette +8000
Utah State +8000
Arizona State +10000
Arkansas +10000
Indiana +10000
LSU +10000
Memphis +10000
Mississippi State +10000
NC State +10000
Providence +10000
Rutgers +10000
Saint Mary’s +10000
Stanford +10000
UCLA +10000
VCU +10000
Wichita State +10000
Xavier +10000
Northern Iowa +12500
Cincinnati +15000
Connecticut +15000
East Tennessee State +15000
Notre Dame +15000
Oklahoma +15000
SMU +15000
South Carolina +15000
Syracuse +15000
Texas +15000
Texas A&M +15000
USC +15000
Clemson +25000
Liberty +25000
Minnesota +25000
New Mexico State +25000
Rhode Island +25000
TCU +25000
Temple +25000
Tennessee +25000
Tulsa +25000
Virginia Tech +25000
Pittsburgh +30000
Richmond +50000
UMBC +50000
Vermont +50000
Winthrop +50000
Wright State +50000