18+ Political Betting: State of the Union Bets For Tonight’s Address

President Biden delivering the State of the Union in front of an American flag

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address is his opportunity to fire the first shot in the battle between him and Donald Trump for the Oval Office. Now that Nikki Haley has suspended her campaign, Trump is a lock to secure the 2024 Republican Party’s nomination, and tonight’s address may be Biden’s chance to get a leg up.

18-friendly political sporstbook sites have created props for the SOTU, with questions ranging from total viewership to mentions of “cognitive ability.” A majority of the options presented in the Biden betting lines possess odds that will reward gamblers with exponential payouts, even though many of them seem like subjects that have been on his mind as of late.

State of the Union Prop Bets

Online gamblers aged 18 and up can bet State of the Union odds at most of the sportsbooks we recommend. That speaks to the broad scope of what political betting sites will offer.

In fact, election gambling used to be included in the entertainment betting category just a few years ago, but now commands its own section due to the explosion in popularity that’s occurred since Trump entered the political spectrum.

Just like game lines for pro and college sports, State of the Union betting features over/unders where wagers can be placed on either side of a total. For instance, here are two sets of State of the Union betting odds that project the total length of the SOTU and how many people will watch.

Length Of Biden’s March 2024 State Of The Union Address

  • Over 65 Minutes -115
  • 65 Minutes Or Under -115

How Many People Will Watch Biden’s State Of The Union Address?

  • Over 35 Million -115
  • Under 35 Million -115

What’s sad is that viewership is projected to be less than half of the amount of total votes that were cast for Biden in 2020. 65 minutes would be 8 fewer than Biden spoke during his 2023 address, so we like the over here considering the weight of this particular SOTU.

Biden Props For State Of The Union Mentions

  • Israel -1500
  • Palestine -1000
  • Border -200
  • Build The Economy From The Bottom Up And The Middle Out -200
  • God -200
  • Dreamers -150
  • Insulin -150
  • Advance Liberty And Justice +300
  • Attack On Democracy +300
  • Reach Across Party Lines +400
  • Threat To Democracy +700
  • Triumph Over Tyranny +800
  • Denver Nuggets +1000
  • Kansas City Chiefs +1000
  • Texas Rangers +1000
  • Let’s Do This +1500
  • Chinese Proverb +5000
  • Too Bad Nikki +5000
  • I Offer My Resignation +8000

This Biden State of the Union prop offers a free-for-all of conclusions where all options are not mutually exclusive. Translation – multiple outcomes can win, and judging by the odds, Israel, Palestin, the border with Mexico, and the economy will garner specific mentions.

Dreamers, insulen, and God are also holding favoring odds for a Biden mention. 80-to-1 odds are being offered for a Biden resignation.

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