Georgia Trump Indictment Odds Debut Following Election Tampering Charges

Trump yelling inside an outline of Georgia in front of a GA courthouse

Former US President Donald Trump has been indicted for a fourth time in 2023. This time the charges are being issued in Georgia state court for attempting to tamper with the 2020 election results.

Trump and eighteen of his associates now have ten days to turn themselves in for arrangement. Here are Trump’s alleged accomplices.

Trump Associates Also Charged In Georgia Election Tampering Case

  • Robert Cheeley – GA-based attorney
  • Kenneth Chesebro – attorney for Trump
  • Jeffrey Clark – former Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division under Trump
  • John Eastman – attorney for President Trump
  • Jenna Ellis – Trump’s attorney
  • Harrison William Prescott Floyd – accused of attempting to influence the testimony of a Fulton Country election worker
  • Rudy Giuliani – personal attorney of Donald Trump and former Mayor of New York City
  • Scott Graham Hall – GA-based bail bondsman who allegedly tried to break into voting machines
  • Misty Hampton – accused of tampering with ballot operations in GA
  • Trevian C. Kutti – accused of attempting to influence the testimony of a Fulton Country election worker
  • Cathleen Alston Latham – former Chair of the Coffee County GOP who allegedly attempted to allow Trump supporters access to voting machines
  • Stephen Cliffgard Lee – accused of attempting to influence the testimony of a Fulton Country election worker
  • Mark Meadows – Trump’s White House Chief of Staff
  • Sidney Powell – an attorney who targeted Dominion Voting Systems
  • Michael Roman – Director of Election Day Operations for the 2020 Trump campaign
  • Ray Stallings Smith III – Trump attorney based in Georgia
  • David Shafer – Georgia Republican Party chair
  • Shawn Micah Tresher Still – an alleged false elector

18+ political betting sites have acknowledged Trump’s latest round of charges with a set of odds on his Georgia indictment. These props will only be posted for a limited time because of the ten-day deadline in play.

Georgia: Trump’s Weight At Arrest/Surrender

  • Over 262.5 lbs -120
  • Under 262.5 lbs -120

The arraignment of Trump and his associates will involve the same processing as any alleged criminal walking in off the streets. That means Trump will be weighed, fingerprinted, and have a mugshot taken of him prior to his arraignment.

Trump has always eaten a high-calorie diet, and the above political prop bet suggests that his over/under weight as of his arrest will be a stout 262.5 pounds.

Georgia Surrender/Arrest – Trump’s Primary Color of Tie

  • Red -200
  • No Tie +425
  • Black +800
  • Blue +800
  • Any Other +1000
  • Yellow +2000
  • Green +2500

Red is Trump’s power color and is most often the shade of tie he wears when making public appearances. The odds imply he’ll wear a red tie to his GA court appearance, but the moneylines are forgiving and only require double the risk of what books will payout.

Georgia: Will Trump Smile or Smirk in Official Mugshot

  • Not Smiling Or Smirking -500
  • Smiling Or Smirking +300

While Trump has been defiant on social media, in the press, and at rallies, his demeanor during his various legal processes in 2023 has been somber. The above odds project that his mug shot in Georgia will be a serious one that does not feature a grin or smirk.

While sports betting in Georgia has not been approved by local lawmakers, domestic venues wouldn’t offer political odds anyway. The same holds true for all states in the USA, as none of them provide opportunities for betting on election outcomes or, in this case, indictment odds.

Because of this, the best option for betting on politics is with a gambling site that operates overseas. They feature election betting lines for races occurring in the United States and internationally.

While many offshore books require a minimum age of 21 to join as a member, the sites included in our online sportsbook reviews are all 18-friendly and routinely offer Trump odds on his every move.

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