First Presidential Debate Betting Odds Forecast A Trump Win

Trump and Biden debating
  • The First 2024 Presidential Debate Airs On CNN On June 27th At 8 PM
  • The Debate Will Last 90 Minutes With Two Commercial Breaks
  • Both Trump And Biden Are Favored In The First Debate Odds

On June 27th, CNN will host the first Presidential Debate of the 2024 election. This unprecedented time in political history will certainly result in enormous viewership, as Trump is coming off of 34 guilty convictions for financial tampering in New York.

Both candidates’ acceptance of CNN’s terms has prompted a flurry of debate prop bets – way too many to list here. Below, we cover the meat and potatoes of what’s posted currently.

Who Will Win The First Debate: Biden Or Trump?

Many of the 18-friendly political betting sites that we’re members with have created lines for the winner of the first debate. A grade for a win will be awarded by the results of a post-debate CNN poll.

CNN June Debate Odds To Win

  • Joe Biden -160
  • Donald Trump +120
  • Bovada

One of our top books, Bovada LV, has Biden favored to come out on top and ahead of Trump by 80 points. The next two entertainment gambling sites, BetOnline AG and BetUS, have Trump favored to win by 20 points, with both candidates listed below even.

CNN Presidential Debate Winner

  • Donald Trump -130
  • Joe Biden -110
  • BetOnline


  • Donald Trump Sr. -130
  • Joe Biden -110
  • BetUS

BetUS has also created a political prop bet for who will win in a FOX News poll. Naturally, Trump is ahead, but what’s surprising is that his lead is so narrow.

Who Will Be Declared The Winner By FOX News Poll?

  • Joe Biden +110
  • Donald Trump -150
  • BetUS

What Will Trump And Biden Say?

The best-reviewed 18+ sportsbooks are taking action on Biden and Trump catchphrases. The next two props are over/under lines that imply Trump will say “stolen” or “rigged” 9 or fewer times, and Biden will say “here’s the deal” at least once.

The Number Of Times Trump Says Stolen Or Rigged?

  • Over 9.5 +175
  • Under 9.5 -240
  • Bovada

Will Joe Biden Use The Phrase “Here’s The Deal”?

  • Yes -240
  • No +160
  • BetUS

Each candidate’s microphone will be muted while they are not recognized to speak, but interruptions are still possible because there’ll be no studio audience in attendance. The Trump odds of interrupting first are favorable, so look for him to yell over the muted mic first.

Who Will Interrupt First?

  • Joe Biden +105
  • Donald Trump -145
  • BetUS

Will Any Other Candidates Join The Debate?

The only other 2024 Presidential Candidate within sniffing distance of a podium is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He is on the ballot in a few states as an independent candidate that would be worth 89 electoral college votes if he won them all.

Qualification for the debate stage requires being on the ballot in enough states to tally 270 electoral college votes, the amount required to secure the Oval Office.

Will Robert F Kennedy, Jr Qualify And Participate?

  • Yes +1200
  • No -6600
  • Bovada

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