Betting On Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva And The Arizona Department Of Gaming Investigation

betting on Jake Paul boxing at 18 years old

The Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva celebrity boxing match scheduled for this Saturday is now under scrutiny due to reports of knockouts occurring during sparring sessions leading up to the fight.

The odds at boxing betting sites have placed Jake Paul as a favorite, with some sportsbooks posting lines that imply Anderson Silva is a nearly two-to-one underdog.

Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul Betting Line

  • Anderson Silva +165
  • Jake Paul -205

Jake Paul’s odds of winning increased by roughly 20 points in the moneyline across the board after reports that Anderson Silva had suffered multiple knockouts during his sparring sessions while practicing for his match with Jake Paul.

The Arizona Department of Gaming is now investigating these sparring sessions to find out if Silva was indeed KO’d. If their findings match Silva’s original statement, Saturday night’s fight could be called off.

For those that have already placed a bet on the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva fight, it may be prudent to venture over to the sportsbook in question and find out what their policy is for boxing matches that are canceled or postponed.

Most of the sites included in our online 18+ sportsbook reviews will simply refund the bet in the event of a cancellation.

What Did Anderson Silva Say?

During the interview, which is now known to have been conducted in September, Silva admitted to being knocked out two times while sparring against seasoned MMA opponents.

Arizona regulations require that any boxer over the age of 36 must detail prior knockouts of any kind, no matter if they occurred during practice or amid a professional bout. Silva is currently 47 years old.

Following the turmoil surrounding Silva’s September interview, he issued a follow-up indicating that his prior statements were simply exaggerations.

“After seeing the reports and concern for me, I’d like to clarify… I was NEVER knocked out in sparring.”

Anderson Silva

The AZ Department of Gaming is ethically inclined to investigate any potential knockouts regardless of Silva’s explanation.

“We are looking into the matter and have no further comment at this time.”

The Arizona Department of Gaming

With just over 48 hours to go before the opening bell rings, gamblers and fans cannot rely solely on Silva’s statements to gain confidence in his availability for the match.

Luiz Carlos Dorea, Silva’s boxing coach, has sided with Anderson and recently issued a statement in his defense.

“What I can say is [the sparring knockouts] didn’t happen. Thank God we follow all the steps in training, and Anderson did excellent sparring. He’s 100 percent for the fight.”

Luiz Carlos Dorea

How Will The Fight End?

While boxing fans await a decision regarding Saturday night’s bout, there is plenty of betting intrigue surrounding the fight that can be explored to great profit potential.

Examining the prop bets for Paul vs. Silva, odds suggest the following:

  • Jake Paul will win the fight via decision (+160)
  • There will be zero knockdowns in the fight (+160)
  • The fight will go the distance (-115)

If you will be attending the fight in Glendale, you can bet on sports in Arizona at the age of 21 using in-person, online, and mobile domestic sportsbooks. For gamblers aged 18 to 20 in AZ or around the United States, offshore sportsbooks can handle your Anderson Silva vs. Jake Paul bet.

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