Monday Night Football Betting: The Patriots Are Heavy Favorites Over The Bears

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick and Bailey Zappe

This Monday, the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots will face off at 8:15 pm, rounding out Week 7 of the NFL schedule. Both teams have been struggling this season, with the Patriots ranked fourth in the AFC East and the Bears ranked third in the NFC North.

The Current Status Of The Bears And The Patriots

The Bears currently possess a 2-4 record. Matt Eberflus recently addressed corrections that need to be applied to the team, specifically with QB Justin Fields. The main concern with Fields is the need to improve his footwork and decision-making while in the pocket.

Fields is currently ranked 30th in passer rating, 31st in completion percentage, and 29th in yardage. Fields also has the highest interception ratio in the NFL, with 4.3% of his passes resulting in a turnover.

The Patriots also have also had issues with their starting QB, Mac Jones.

New England is 3-3 and has a marginally better record than the Bears. The Patriots beat the Cleveland Browns last Sunday by a score of 38-15, with rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe posting a 309-yard, two-touchdown performance in relief of Jones.

Mac Jones has been out since his injury in September, which has reportedly further strained an already rocky relationship with the Patriots. It is still uncertain whether or not Jones will return to play for Week 7. Jones now runs the risk of losing his starting gig if Zappe can continue his hot streak.

The Odds For The Bears – Patriots Game

Despite the quarterback controversy, the Patriots still sit as the favorite against the Bears, according to the betting lines for this game.

  • Spread: Chicago Bears +9.0, New England Patriots -9.0
  • Win: Chicago Bears +300, New England Patriots -400
  • Total: 40.0

The Patriots have the superior offense statistically, with a total of 141 points scored compared to the Bears’ 93. The NFL moneyline odds  of -400 reveal that the Patriots are near certain victors, implying a narrow chance of losing to Chicago.

Where To Bet On The Patriots Vs. Bears Game

Whether you’re a Patriots or a Bears fan, there’s plenty of action to get in on this coming Monday. If you’re unsure of how sports betting works, an NFL betting guide is a good place to start. Those that are already acquainted with sports betting probably belong to a favorite sportsbook where you place your NFL wagers.

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Monday Night Football Betting Line: Bovada

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