Ohio To Become A Major Player In The 18+ Sportsbook Industry

Ohio is welcoming a large variety of 18+ sports betting operators in January.

Ohio is planning to launch one of the country’s most extensive gambling expansions and locals couldn’t be more excited. With up to 25 online operator licenses up for grabs and 40 for retail, 18+ OH sports bettors will find endless opportunities to wager on their favorite sports.

Ohio Licensing Types

The state plans to offer three different types of sportsbook licensing for prospective operators. Type A certification gives operators the ability to host online betting services. Type B certification covers retail betting as provided by stadiums and casino locations.

Type C sportsbook licensing is somewhat unique to Ohio and allows local bars and restaurants to host small-scale betting via kiosks distributed by approved vendors. State gaming officials have already published the names of the approved kiosk manufacturers. They are listed below:

  • Elys Gameboard Technologies, LLC 
  • Green Bear Gaming Development, LLC
  • Intralot Inc.
  • Skybox Sports Network Inc.
  • Iron Gate Gaming Inc.
  • J&J Ventures Gaming of Ohio, LLC
  • Gold Rush Amusements, LLC

Over 1000 small businesses have pre-qualified for kiosk betting licenses though only 150 have submitted Type-C applications so far. But don’t get too excited, not everyone who qualifies will earn operator privileges. 

A Saturated Market

The window for sportsbook applications has closed as regulators prepare for the state’s universal launch on January 1st, 2023. However, those that missed out on the initial licensing opportunity will still have the chance to make their case next year. 

Even still, the operator spots are expected to fill up fast. Several national online gambling conglomerates have already applied for 22 of the 25 digital licensing positions. Likewise, more than half of the available brick-and-mortar licenses could be taken by the start of the New Year.

The state has taken longer than most to launch its retail and mobile sports betting services. However, it is important to note that the wait is well-warranted. With so many providers to vet and prepare, gaming officials need time to ensure things go off without a hitch.

Fortunately for state legislators, losing out on fall sporting events won’t leave too much of a sting in terms of revenue.

If all of the applicants listed so far can manage to secure sportsbook operator privilege, Ohio’s total earnings could quickly get on par with the more seasoned 18+ sports betting states.

18+ Betting In Ohio

Of course, residents will still miss out on local betting options for events like the FIFA World Cup and MLB World Series. But that doesn’t mean the access to these lines is completely cut off. 

Eager Ohio bettors can still place their fall wagers using online offshore sportsbooks. All of the providers reviewed on our website are experienced and reliable businesses.

If you’re looking for more information to get started with an 18+ online sportsbook, look no further. We have all the tools you need to become a sports betting pro.

Source: Saturday Tradition