Betting On Jake Paul vs. Andre August At 18+ Sportsbooks

Jake Paul and Andre August fight promo

It may have taken a bit for Jake Paul to find an opponent, but he’ll step through the ropes this Friday and face Andre August. Sure, Jake Paul is a household name to anyone under 30, but yell, “Andre August is at the food court” at any mall in the country, and nobody will make a move in that direction.

Why does this Jake Paul fight matter? There are several reasons. First, you can bet on boxing matches, even ones featuring goofs like Paul. There are 18-friendly sports betting sites that post Jake Paul odds for each of his fights.

Another qualifier for tuning into Paul vs. August is the potential for Jake to finally get knocked out. Who could possibly be rooting for Jake Paul to win? He has a record of 7-1, and his only loss came during his last fight against Tommy Fury.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the brother of Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight boxing champion. Tommy does not possess his brother’s skill, size, or strength, but he was still able to beat Jake Paul by decision.

We say all that as a preamble to Andre August. He has a record of 10-1-1, with five of those wins coming by knockout. August is 35 years old, only entering the ring four more times than Paul despite the nine-year age gap.

Andre’s status as a legit pugilist removes the bout from the spectrum of entertainment and celebrity betting and places it in the realm of boxing gambling.

Paul has a three-inch height advantage, but with both combatants coming in at just over 200 pounds, Andre’s punches should have more power behind them.

Due to August’s advanced age for a burgeoning professional, the time is now for putting his name out there. He needs to move up the championship ranks immediately, and a win over Jake Paul will at least get the attention of promoters.

The odds that have been posted at sites included in our list of 18+ sportsbook reviews suggest that August doesn’t have much of a chance to win. Jake Paul is listed as high as a massive favorite at online betting sites, placing August as a heavy underdog.

Jake Paul vs. Andre August Betting Line

  • Jake Paul -650
  • Andre August +425

One-dollar bets on Andre August will cash out at $5.25, while wagers placed on Jake Paul will need to be at least $6.50 just to get a dollar in profits.

If you want to see the Jake Paul fight in person, tickets are still available at Orlando, Florida’s Caribe Royale. The pay-per-view can be purchased on DAZN for $59.99.

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