Elon Musk Twitter Odds Arrive At 18+ Sportsbooks

Musk buys twitter

Elon Musk’s recent move to buy Twitter has caused major rifts in the social media sphere.

Some are overjoyed and think that the new management will prompt positive changes on the platform. On the other hand, some fear that Twitter will become even more unhinged than it is right now.

Elon Musk does not yet “own” Twitter. The two parties have agreed on the acquisition, but there remain many piles of paper that must be sorted through with legal aides.

Some outlets have claimed that Musk already violated the terms of Twitter’s purchasing contract by tweeting comments of disapproval about the staff.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the best 18+ online sportsbooks from posting odds for the occasion.

Let’s check them out!

Trials Between Twitter and Trump

Will There Be A Tweet From Donald Trump By Dec 31, 2022?  

  • Yes    +800
  • No    -3000

Trump’s return to Twitter has been long-anticipated, even before Musk’s purchase of the site. However, Musk’s model of “free speech” seems to include lifting bans on figures such as the former President.

Nonetheless, Trump has already addressed the question of his comeback with reporters from Fox News. Although he supported the move by Musk, Trump added that he had no intention of returning to the social media platform.

Instead, Trump claims that he would prefer to stay on his own network coined TRUTH Social. The platform launched earlier this year with the promise of securing free speech in the digital space. In a comment Trump says,

“We’re taking in millions of people, and what we’re finding is that the response on TRUTH is much better than being on Twitter… Twitter has bots and fake accounts, and we are doing everything we can.”

Sticking with TRUTH could help Trump’s odds on the 18+ political betting lines. Nonetheless, TRUTH will never have the same reach as Twitter which could bring about a change of heart later in the year.

But while many are concerned with who will come back to Twitter, others are concerned with who will leave the platform.

Giving The Times A Reason To Stay

Will The New York Times Leave Twitter By Dec 31, 2022?

  • Yes    +800
  • No     -3000

The odds displayed above lean heavily against any sort of departure, at least this year. And rightfully so. It would be unwise of The New York Times to leave Twitter, especially as an act of defiance.

With recurrent accusations of bias by the news outlet, logging off of the site would simply add fuel to the fire. But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading.

As a means of controlling the narrative, The New York Times published several opinion pieces framing Musk’s Twitter acquisition in a positive light. Closing his opinion piece, Farhad Manjoo writes,

“I can’t promise that Musk will similarly revolutionize Twitter. But I can think of many less-skilled and more troublesome owners for the site. And as billionaires go, there are many I worry about much more.”

You can find odds like these at most 18+ entertainment betting sites. MyBookie, for example, has a slew of current events lines based on the Twitter/Musk drama. Be sure to get in on the action before it’s too late!

Source: The New York Times, Fox News