NFL’s 2020 Season Kicks Off With Futures, Prop Bets, And Game Lines

NFL Season opener

The 2020 NFL season officially starts Thursday, September 10th, 2020, when the defending Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans. In addition to the Thursday night kick-off, there are 13 games scheduled for Sunday with two additional games to follow on Monday night.

The 2020 NFL season will be interesting, to say the least. With so many offseason trades and a new class of athletes coming into the league, it will make the betting on the NFL a lot less predictable compared to previous years. With that said, let’s get into the betting options for the upcoming 2020 NFL season.


A futures bet is betting on future events like NFC division winner, Rookie of the Year, or anything that takes place in the future, hints the name. Since betting on the Super Bowl is so popular, there are year-round odds for the next NFL Super Bowl winner. Depending on the online sportsbook you choose, there will likely be other futures, including NFC/AFC division winners, Conference winners, Statistical futures, etc. Below are some of the futures offered at Bovada’s online sportsbook.

*Atlanta Falcons – Julio Jones – 2020-2021 Regular Season Receiving Touchdowns
Over 6.5 -180
Under 6.5 +135

*Dallas Cowboys – CeeDee Lamb – 2020-2021 Regular Season Receiving TDs
Over 4.5 -170
Under 4.5 +130

*SUPER BOWL 55 (2021) – Odds To Win
Kansas City Chiefs +600
Baltimore Ravens +650
San Francisco 49ers +900
New Orleans Saints +1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

Prop Bets

Proposition bets, better known as Prop bets, are bets placed on events that do not directly affect the game’s outcome. Prop bets are a lot like futures except that sometimes prop bets don’t have anything to do with the game itself. Popular prop bets for the Super Bowl include betting on the national anthem performance, Gatorade bath color, and the halftime performance.

Ex. Will Demi Lovato mess up the words to the National Anthem?
Yes +800
No -500

Game Lines

Betting on game lines are the most traditional form of betting on the NFL. Game line bettors typically have three options to choose from, including betting on the spread, win, or totals.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is betting on a team to cover the spread giving by the sportsbook. Below you will see the spread for the matchup between the Bucs and the Saints in week one. If you were to bet on the Bucs to win the game by more than 3.5 points, a $115 bet (-115) would pay out $215 total (including the initial $115 wager).

*Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5 (-115)
New Orleans Saints -3.5 (-105)

Win Betting

Betting on the win is betting on the game’s outcome no matter the score or the points spread. Odds are giving for each team, and the winning bet is calculated from the odds giving. Below you will see the win line for the week one matchup between the Bucs and the Saints.

*Tampa Bay Buccaneers +155
New Orleans Saints -175

With the odds giving above, a $100 bet on the Bucs to win the game would payout $255 (with the original $100 wagered). A $175 bet on the Saints to win would win $100 with a total payout of $275 (with the original $175 wagered).

Over/Under Betting

Betting on the over/under is for bettors looking to wager on the number of points in the game. When betting on the over, you are betting that the game will have more points scored than the line offered. Betting on the under is betting that there will be fewer points scored than the line provided.

*Tampa Bay Buccaneers O48.0 (-110)
New Orleans Saints U48.0 (-110)

For week one, the Bucs and Saints are giving a total of 48 points scored. Bettors can choose to bet on the over or the under. A $110 bet on the over (-110) would pay out $210 total after the initial $100 bet.

There are many games to get excited about this season, and winning money while watching football is just icing on the cake. No matter how you decide to bet on football, make sure that you never wager more than you can afford to lose.

*Odds provided by Bovada’s Sportsbook.